How to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Uploaded by danimationstips on 14.05.2011

Hi and welcome to danimations digital media tips.
In this episode we're talking about Android smartphones, specifically the Samsung Galaxy
S. Now this is a high-end smart phone and high-end
smartphones draw a lot of power so there are two ways we can tackle this problem.
The first way is by changing the way we consume power, that is to simply use less of it
or be more controlled in the way we use power which I'll go into in another episode
and the second way is to swap out the existing battery
with a replacement battery which holds more charge.
Now, this second option is pretty attractive and pretty low cost
so i'm gonna show you just how that works and just how simple it is.
So the first step is simply to “Power Down” the phone
Hit the button on the side there then “Power Off”
Now we need to remove the phone back. Flip the phone over
Put your thumbnail there in the base of the phone
and prise the lid off. It should come off quite easily
and now we're looking at the stock Samsung battery.
You'll see there that it has a capacity of 1500 mAh of charge.
We can do much better than that, so let's remove that battery
and bring in our replacement battery. I sourced this online, there are a number
to choose from and this is the one that I found with the largest
capacity. I'm also providing a link to this battery
in the description below. You'll see here the battery I've chosen holds
3500 mAh of charge. That's a vast improvement on the stock battery
which we see here.
And again, here's the replacement battery. You'll notice the profile of the battery is
actually twice the thickness of the stock battery.
Now you're probably wondering how that's possibly gonna fit into your Samsung Galaxy S.
Well, the good news is, that the crafty manufacturers have also provided a replacement back for
the phone. So here's the replacement back.
It has a matte finish which I'm quite fond of
and it snaps easily into place.
Now you can power up your phone and the battery should ship with some charge,
so you should be straight back to business.
So now that you've seen the replacement battery installed,
you're probably wondering “How well does it work?”
now we've been using the battery for a month now
and we've gone from charging the phone daily on the old battery
to charging every three days with the replacement battery.
So a fairly obvious improvement. Now the few little trade-offs like the changed
shape of the battery, the added weight to the phone, really don't amount to much in
light of such an obvious power benefit. So all in all, danimations considers this
a cost-effective and worthwhile upgrade for any Samsung Galaxy S user.