Breakdancing to Bach - Red Bull Flying Bach European Tour - Switzerland

Uploaded by RedBullMusic on 24.10.2011

It's about dance and music. That's international, everybody understands that. That's the great thing about this project.
It's about love, fight, sadness, fun,...that's international, everybody gets that.
That's so cool. It was just amazing
It's always good to be back where you came from. Zurick is a cool city, I know a lot of people here and the best clubs.
It's my family and friends that make this different for me here. It's very personal.
The Swiss people are very curious. We noticed that.
As soon as a group like us shows up, everybody spotted us thinking "What are they up toา
It's quite a sophisticated combination between breakdance and Johann Sebastian Bach, a highly succeeded combination between high culture and street art.
Let's put it this way: Bach's work often was about fusions.
He took elements from italian compositions, from popular compositions, and church music. He used what he needed. That's the exact same thing that we do.