OU students give advice on time management

Uploaded by OUlife on 05.03.2009

I have a terrible lack of discipline
so if there's something good on television that I wanted to watch
and didn't want to do my studying or something like that.
But I found that if I did it in short, sharp, little bouts
it meant that I didn't get sick of doing it, it wasn't a chore.
I'll do so much today and I'll do so much tomorrow
and you've got to give it time to absorb it
so you fully understand what you're doing.
I can actually work round it, when my daughter's in bed, for example.
Maybe an hour at lunchtime if I was fortunate,
a couple of hours in the evening.
Thankfully she's quite a good sleeper.
One of the things that I found in the box was a timetable.
I found that very useful
because it had all the dates and where we should be in the book
and what chapter we should be in, what we should be reading,
what date we should be handing in the assignment.
I'd say it takes about 6-8 hours a week to try and study.
But trying to pinch those hours here and there can be quite difficult.
You've got to be disciplined.
If you're not disciplined, you can't do it
because there are other distractions.
Perhaps the wife might come in and say there's somebody at the door
or someone on the telephone and you tell her to handle it, I'm busy.
Instead of getting all het up and getting yourself in a flat spin,
if you just take it step by step then it starts to come.
When I knew that there was something to be handed in,
I worked harder and better and I could focus more at that stage.
Then you realise you've got to work through this
and you start flicking through the assignments
and looking at the TMAs, the tutor marked assessments,
and actually realising this is the work I've got to do
and it started being a bit daunting.
Don't rush it, just take your time with it, absorb it all.
I was really pleased with how I managed the time
throughout the course with the children, with the housework,
with the husband, basically with all the chores.
Make yourself a time plan of when you can study.
Don't be over ambitious because you won't be able to stick to it.
I found it quite difficult sometimes trying to keep up with the study
and trying to keep motivated with the study.
If you hit a hard bit, you just kind of want to give up.
And I did. Several times.
My motivation for the studying is really to see what I can achieve.
What's inside me and what's been there since those days at school.
But the next day I knew I had to get back with it
because if I didn't I'd quit and I really was determined not to quit.
There were times on the course when I thought this is it.
The kids were playing up, there were things that happened in the house
or there were places I had to go and I thought I won't be able to do it.
But you have to be determined and you just have to keep on going.