Ed1k interwiewed @ Kingston Trilogy Tour

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Feb 4, 2012

- Hello, everybody! We are interviewing M5 captain ed1k.
Hi, ed1k!
- Hello
- What are your impressions of the trip?
Are you here for the 1st time?
- No, I was in Turkey on rest,
but I’m for the 1st time in Istanbul.
Impressions are good.
We were treated very well.
The hotel was awesome.
Food was also awesome.
Everybody looked friendly and helpful.
I enjoyed everything.
It reminded me of Arbalet’s tournaments.
Well, it was actually not as grand as Arbalet did…
and here were only 3 teams…
The atmosphere and the weather were nice.
The temperature in Moscow is -25C.
In Kiev it’s also terribly cold, as far as I know.
It’s so quiet and calm here.
- How do you find tournament’s concept?
There are only three teams here.
Each of them strives for the victory.
How do you estimate your chances?
- Three participants is a drawback.
I’d like to play with more teams despite the prize money.
I can’t say about the result.
We didn’t have practice before the tournament.
We were just resting as we thought
preparation for Hannover was more important.
Let it be!
We want to win of courses.
It however depends on the maps,
on our ability to show a good game.
- You’ve been succeeding lately.
Did you change anything consciously?
- I think it’s because of the experience.
Not all of my teammates performed at the tournaments
of such high level.
Now they gained some experience,
they are not afraid any more.
It’s psychological factor.
If you lose, you definitely analyze your mistakes
and eliminate them.
That’s why we became more stable.
We are not taking the 1st places,
but we were 3rd for 2 times, on WCG, i.e.
Well, not all the top teams were there.
Some of them didn’t qualify, I mean not only Na`Vi.
I actually think Na`Vi should have got slot,
but they didn’t for some reason.
Many teams i.e. Danish ones, didn’t qualify,
but it’s not our fault.
We also took the 3rd place at IEM in Kiev.
I think we could perform even better.
- You have no competitors in Russia.
Virus.pro broke up.
What do you think of it?
- There are no competitors as there are no sponsors
who could help guys to perform abroad.
We are lucky to have Dima
who believed in us no matter what.
As they say practice makes perfect.
There are no such people in Russia as Dima.
‘Overdrive’ could be a sponsor as well
but he doesn’t want to.
There is no such man who could gather a team.
There are enough gamers in Russia.
There were good players in Virtus.pro,
and young talents play for Vifort which is now called GRAND.
They need half a year to show results abroad.
There’ll be many championships soon.
Internet qualifiers for Techlabs,
then Hannover,
and Danish championships are coming.
There are lots of championships.
- Are you planning to participate everywhere?
- Yeah, we are planning to perform everywhere,
but there’s really a lack of sponsorship.
It costs much money.
It’s hard to get profit of it in Russia.
- And what about Moscow 5 under the umbrella of Dima Smelyi?
Don’t you think one day he can get sick of it
and stops sponsoring you?
Do you have any guaranties or contracts?
- We have signed contracts.
I can’t explain it or offend someone…
Yeah, Dima can act as Arbalet did,
but we are not as successful as Na`Vi
and he is still interested in us.
What is more, he tries to make us profitable.
He wants to make money on this business,
not only spend them.
He spends unbelievably much on us.
If he spends million a month, he wants it back.
He is really interested in us.
Not many people know he played CS earlier.
He was also M5 player, so he wants to develop it
and that’s interesting for him.
He follows all the events and is anxious about us as Arbalet was.
Well, I guess Arbalet is anxious about the guys even now.
It’s interesting for him so everything depends on us.
If we show the results, everything is ok.
If we start quarreling and breaking up, everything can change.
If line-up changes and we show worse results, Dima may lose interest…
- Does he help you in gaming process?
Or it’s up to you which strategy to choose?
Does he give you moral support?
- If Dima goes with us on a tournament,
i.e. WCG, he gives us stupendous support.
At WCG he treated us like his own children.
- Did it help?
- A lot.
And if he watches us through the Internet he cheers for us
and swears at us if we lose.
We want him to go with us on important championships, like Hannover.
Then we don’t lose our face and make him happy.
- I got it. And maybe the last words, like hellos and thanks?
- Thanks to all who cheers for us and believes us,
thanks to our M5 organization,
thanks to Dima and his support.
Thanks to all.
- Thank you.
Good luck.
- Thanks