Gmail Motion: Paralanguage Expert

Uploaded by Google on 30.03.2011

When you’re working with essentially the printed word
and trying to turn that into communication via motion
there’s an inherent problem there.
We’re used to keyboards and we’re used to
the conventions of that mode of communication
and so breaking those conventions and introducing people to a completely new way
to think about how they communicate, on a daily basis,
has been the most difficult part, I think.
The actual technology-- as soon we got started, as soon as
our ideas started to gel-- things fell into place unbelievably well.
You know in our field we deal with research and papers
and theories and that kind of thing,
and I want to say that this has been really fun to work on
particularly the initial gestures that we were working with,
things like emoticons-- those things that you used to put in,
little smiley faces-- now you just do them yourself
and that’s been tremendously gratifying