Duck® Tape Clutch Purse

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 20.01.2011

Hi I’m Val and I’m going to show
you a fun tip on using these great
duck tape sheets.
Today we’re going to use this duck tape sheet
to cover a simple composition book.
I’m just going to peel my duck tape away and line it up on the composition book.
Smooth it out and just pull the backing away.
Make sure I smooth it out and have no bubbles.
Next thing I’m going to do is just turn it over open it up I’m going to trim
around the duck tape to clear the edges off.
And then I’m ready to decorate it.
I’ve pre cut some hearts out of other color duck tape sheets.
Simply peel them and stick them on your book and have fun with it.
Here’s some examples of composition books we’ve finished.
There’s this one that I’ve done with a heart on it.
And here’s one with a bird on it.
So have fun with the duck tape sheets. �