The Controller - Battlefield 3 - Episode 1 "Boot Camp"

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Keep pumping Leroy!
What do I do? Right Shoulder, right shoulder, right shoulder.
Where are the people?
Are you kidding me?
My brain hurts!
This is it!
Oh my god.
My name is Andy and people call me Bravo. I think my fast reaction time makes me the
best at playing shooters.
This is definitely insane.
Hey my name is Kelly and as more formerly known as Mrs Violence. I'm definitely here
to prove to everyone that girls can game.
I want to blow something up.
My name is Tom, my gamertag is T-squared. I won a couple hundred thousand dollars playing
video games with Major League Gaming. I expect to win, I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
Well well well. That guy's orange pants are fly.
Hey I'm Chet, I am here to win some money. I've done challenges before, I got a concussion
on my last one, ready for anything.
My name's Edgar, I'm here to whoop some ass and take the grand prize home.
My name is Alex, I'm here to, you know, compete.
Welcome guys, and girls. I'm Jonny Moseley, and this is The Controller: Battlefield 3.
The Controller brings together six of the gaming world's most elite gamers, that's you
guys, in the ultimate competition. Now you guys are probably wondering, what these gamers
are doing. Well, the truth is, these guys aren't gamers at all.
I'm not a gamer, I have a life, and I enjoy it.
But, they are the key to your team winning up to $50,000.
50 G's? That means I don't have to find a job for a very long time, that means I can
focus on my 3 G's, girls, going out, and the gym.
Now, I did say your team, because you are going to paired up with the noobs for the
duration of the show. You pros, not allowed to touch the controller.
Are you kidding me?
You're here to teach, and coach the noobies, to beat the competition in Battlefield 3.
However, we are out here because we are going to bring Battlefield 3 to life, with a series
of video game tournaments and physical challenges. If your team wins a physical challenge you
get exclusive access to the AMD war room where you can train and coach your noob on an AMD
PC featuring the AMD FX 8 core processer, the same CPU that just set the Guiness World
overclocking record.
Oh my gosh.
Alright, you guys get the program? Awesome. It's time to pair you guys up. In order to
do that, we have two competition laid out. For the pros we have this awesome obstacle
course. For the noobies, a game of Battlefield 3. Your results in these competitions will
determine your match-ups.
My name is Jordan, my gamertag is Proofy. I've won plenty of tournaments, but not as
big as what I'm going to be doing here.
Hi, I'm Ayiiia. My life is all about dancing on tables and getting in to trouble. We'll
see how this goes, I'm a little bit nervous.
My name is Mason and my gamertag is Neighbor. The other competitors should look out for
me because I'm the Muhammad Ali of the gaming world.
I'm Leroy, I was on this season of the Real World Las Vegas. This money is mine, I'm gonna
win it.
My name is Matt, my gamertag is Mr. X. I'm a military shooter guy, this is a military
shooter, so they know I'm it.
My name is Severn Lang. I'm a hair-stylist, but I'm straight.
Alight, pros, noobs, it's time to do basic training. Chet, you going to make it without
your blue blazer?
I don't know, I don't actually think I will.
Alright, let's get out of here, we got to go to basic training right now.
Alright, welcome to your very first challenge on The Controller. This competition will determine
who gets first pick of the noobs, which could very well determine your fate for the rest
of the season.
Winning the physical challenge is huge because I'm going to be able to see the noobs play
and actually pick which one I want to have on my team, it's a huge advantage.
So check it out, two heats of three people competing head to head. Look behind me, see
these three tires? You're going to flip them over end to end for 25 yards til you get to
the finish line. I did it with one head, you guys will need to use two. Once you hit that
finish line you sprint to the wall. You got to climb up and over that wall. Then you'll
run the flag run, all the way to the barb wire crawl. Then you sprint 25 yards to the
finish line. Alright for the first heat I'm just going to pick three at random. How about
Proofy, Mrs. Violence, and Neighbor. Step on up. Gamers, ready!
I sit indoors all day and play video games, so that was the roughest thing I had to do
in my entire life.
Alright heat number two, T-squared, Mr. X, Bravo. Gamers, ready!
I knew when I got here I'd definitely have some tough competition but after seeing what
everyone's got I know that everyone's going to be pretty close when it comes to physical
Alright the results for the first physical challenge of The Controller. In sixth place
she had some trouble with the wall but she finished, Mrs. Violence.
Last feels really awful, I hate physical challenges, I'm not a physical person.
In fifth place, Bravo. In fourth place, Mr. X. Stepping up on the podium in third place,
Coming in the top half definitely shows I can bring my A game. Money's on the line and
I'm here to win.
And just falling short of the top spot in second place, Neighbor. And the winner of
the physical challenge today, T-squared.
It feels so good to win on the first day and get the first pick. I'm stoked baby!
It's a bummer coming in second place, obviously. Next physical challenge my goal is to take
Alright, we've all seen what the pros can do in the physical challenge. Now it's time
for the pros to see what you noobies can do in their specialty, Battlefield 3. In the
battlezone, let's go.
It's a little nerve wracking to know that the fate of this competition lies in the noobs'
Welcome to the battlezone. Now, it's time to see the noobies perform on Battlefield
3. This is your opportunity pros to watch and see who's got game. Alright noobs you
guys ready? Find a gaming station and get started.
Alright Chet's finally in let's see what he can do.
Where to I go? Where's the combat area?
I don't really know what I'm doing and they're probably saying this guy sucks.
Where are the people?
Can I go on the subway?
It was frustrating because you can hear all the pros behind you just going "aww man, no
no no".
This is a lot harder than it looks.
It's going to be a challenge to teach them to play this game.
I'd rather climb a wall right now.
Actually, it's going to be mind-blowing, I don't know how I'm going to do it.
We got a frag!
If one of the pros wants to get the grand prize I suggest they pick me.
As the only one with a kill right now how does it feel? Feels good.
Alright everybody, put your controllers down, let's line it up. Let's get to the player
draft. This is what we've been waiting for. You had time to look at the noobies. T-squared
you won the physical challenge which gives you the opportunity to have first selection
of which noob you want to partner up with so why don't you come up here.
So, who are you picking as your partner. I'm going to have to go with Edgar.
I just got picked first. This was the reason why, these biceps.
Who do you select. Leroy. Leroy, come on down.
Proofy. Alex.
Alright Mr. X, who you going to take for your team? Ayiiia.
Bravo. I'm going with Chet.
That leaves Mrs. Violence and Severn. Team Dark Blue, come on up.
This line-up was a flashback. When I was in 5th grade, I was a short fat little nerd.
Yeah, it sucked.
Alright you guys, tonight you will be competing as a team, and it's an elimination round.
Oh yeah.
Elimination day already after day one, I can't believe it.
Here's how it works. Lowest ranked player after one round packs their bags and goes
Please try your hardest, do not get us sent home. We got this. Got it.
Before we get started with the elimination round, we have something for T-squared because
he won the physical challenge. Team Read gets to go to the AMD war room and practice before
they go to the elimination round. Why don't you guys head down there and we'll see you
back here.
Let's go baby. Let's do this. Sick set up.
With a game like Battlefield, you want to be able to get on the ground, like instantly.
You know how to crouch right? Yeah.
Being the first team into the AMD war room is a huge advantage because of the fact that
we get our hands on Battlefield 3 before anybody else.
And when you shoot, you can either pop them like that, or you can throw them off and go
right to the ground. Yeah. So the enemy is going to be inside the building or like upstairs,
because that's their base. Hold on I died. When you spawn here, you don't want to ever
stay around in this area. Because you don't find anyone. This is a crazy setup, right?
Welcome back guys. It's time to play Battlefield 3.
I don't know what this is all about, I'll just give it my best shot, but I still don't
know what I'm supposed to be doing.
It's the elimination round, lowest ranking after one round goes home. Get going!
Alright keep going with those guys.
Try and come over here remember? Oh, there's two. There's two. They don't know you're there.
Jump over this thing. We need to kill that guy, go get him.
Go left. Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. You just got a kill.
See that guy right there behind the barracks?
There he is. You got him.
Right there. Shoot him. Shoot him. Shoot him.
That's an enemy. That's what I'm talking about baby.
No remember, put him in the middle. Take your time.
He's on the ground.
Shoot, shoot. Nice!
I'm not trying to make it hectic. Right there. Nice shot.
Take your time, take your time, nice!
Chase him down, chase him down.
There you go, there you go, right there.
Let's go baby, I'll take that. You have been promoted.
That's a teammate. Get back in the same spot.
Watch out they're behind you.
Oh my gosh.
Just keep killing them!
Put your controllers down, line it up.
Moment of truth, moment of truth.
Oh man my skill level sucks. But I really am trying my hardest.
Alright, the elimination round has come to a close. Red Team, you guys have the highest
score. Edgar, T-squared.
We're going to win this thing. Let's go.
But as you know the point of the elimination round is someone's getting eliminated. Lowest
ranking team was...
...the Green Team.
Bravo, Chet, come on up. Sorry to see you go so quickly, what happened?
I wasn't as accurate as I should've been. I feel like I let this guy down. You win some
you lose some, that's how it goes.
Sorry Green Team, game over.
It sucks to be the first one done. We were kind of on a roll, and then it came to a point
where Chet, it was kind painful to watch him play. Maybe it's for the better.
Congratulations everyone else, you're still in the hunt for $50,000 for The Controller:
Battlefield 3. I'll see you for the next challenge.
This season, on The Controller.
Bombs away.
Whoever he goes up against, is going to lose.
Next challenge I'm definitely going against Mrs. Violence. I'm definitely shoving her
face into whatever I can.
Shoot that guy. Keep shooting him. Keep shooting him.
If he didn't get that kill he doesn't deserve to win.
There's no people, there's no street signs, it's just bushes.