Auto-Top: 2012 Volkswagen Golf VI GTD Review (English Subtitles)

Uploaded by AutoTopnl on 19.08.2012

Auto-Top wouldn't be Auto-Top if we wouldn't have some car fun during our vacation
We're on our way to MTM, in southern Germany
Ingolstadt, near the Audi factury
We needed a fast, comfortable and economical car for the job
So we could get there as quickly and comfortably as possible
We chose the Golf GTD!
We've done a few hundred km's
I have to say it is a very good long distance car
I can't think of anything I'm missing
The last time we went to MTM, we brought a Mini Clubman SD
But when you look at power and comfort.. This is the winner
We went of the motorway to see how it handles
And to answer the biggest question...
Is the GTD a GTI with a diesel engine?
to answer that question you have to know it has got the GTI's suspension
It handles almost as good..
It has a diesel engine, which are made from steel.
At lower speeds it has a little bit more understeer than a GTI
A GTI is a little bit more agile
I think it's about 90% of the GTI handling
Which car do you have to pick
It depends on how many km's you drive each year
If it's a high amount, I would take the GTD
I think it is a better business car than the GTI
It is more incognito
It doesn't have dual exhaust, but just two on the left side
It looks great, and I think it's more special than the GTI
GTI's are everywhere
GTD's aren't..
I think thats a plus
We're back in Holland
We've done about 1500 km's with the GTD
1500 km's of comfort, I have to say. This really is a long distance car
There was a surprise.. The DSG gearbox.
We've done many DSG's with 2.0TSI's and V6 engines
It seems that the DSG works better with this Diesel than with those petrol powered engines
With those engines the gearbox is unpredictable in the "D" setting. It changes gear without notice
In this one it changes exactly when it should
My conclusion is that this is a car of contrasts..
which is a positive thing
It has good fuel economy AND fast
We've driven pretty fast on the autobahn, but it never uses a lot of fuel
It is very comfortable...
But is also handles beautifully when you get of the motorway into the forrest
I didn't expect it to do that
The avarage fuel economy was about 7.5l / 100 km..
Try doing that in a GTI!