(English subtitles: Law of attraction) Qu'est ce que la Loi de l'Attraction? Noel Wan

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We will discuss now the Law of Attraction with Noel Wan.
What is the Law of Attraction?
There are hundreds of definitions.There is a very simple definition that says that
we attract in our lives the things that resonate with our thoughts and our emotions
which means that we create our lives with our thoughts and our emotions.
This is a simplified definition.
So, both our negative and positive thoughts attract things into our lives.
As we never stop thinking thoughts and feeling emotions, we attract things into
our lives,so we can say that our lives are nothing else than the sum of all that we
have thought until now.
Still, sometimes we have negative thoughts.
Of course,positive or negative,knowing that the difficulty consists of not being
conscious of what we are about to think or what we are about to feel.
So the worry is that sometimes, when we are being negative, we have the tendency
to remain blocked in that state and we accentuate and continue the negative
things in our lives.
But besides this,sometimes we want certain things,
but in the back of our minds we have doubts.
Yes,obviously we all want nice things in our lives,but things change
and some people get what they want but there are also a lot of people that
don't get it.How can we explain that? Firstly,our thoughts develop into habits
so the first step is to break those habits because as long as we don't break them
we will continue getting the same things in life.
For getting good stuff,the first step is to break the bad habits,remove the obstacles
and in fact,replacing them with new, positive habits,
which means thinking and feeling positively.
So the Law of Attraction is an Universal Law,it works always,everywhere.
Of course.I prefer saying that the Law of Attraction is a spiritual law.
On the opposite side we could position the material,the physical.
The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law, so it isn't always easy to explain it in
physical terms,it is a spiritual law that is above any physical,material laws,
and of course,whether we know it or not, it works,it reigns the Universe and
it reigns our lives.
So we can attract anything we want.
Right now,by understanding how the law works,controlling our thoughts and emotions,
we can then create the positive things that correspond to them.
But this is a simple way of saying things. Now,many people have read lots of books
watched the movie "The Secret", but there are still many things not revealed
in the movie and in the books and that is why 99% of the people won't get to
specific results just by reading the books and watching the movie.
But does the movie,this best-seller,that sold millions of copies throughout the world
does it miss any essential elements,or maybe some things are not well explained,
so that people can manifest,attract the life they want?
I teach classes,I trained many people and I can see the difficulties that arise and that
is how I discovered the things that don't work.The film is very good,I salute all the
work that all the teachers of the Law of Attraction did, it is really fabulous in this
world,it is an extraordinary chance that we have today,and they did a great job.
Thanks to it,many people today know the Law of Attraction,even if two years ago
they hadn't even heard of it.
But Einstein had already talked about it a long rime ago.
Yes,obviously,all the great teachers,Jesus Christ,Buddha had always talked about it,
except that they didn't specifically used the term Law of Attraction.
Einstein,a great spiritualist knew this law. To go back to your question,
what the film misses so that people could progress,the film emphasizes
the positive side,how to create new thoughts,the car,the money and all that.
The material side.
The film is not only about the material, there is also a spiritual dimension to it.
But for many people,the first impression is strongly material.
The first difficulty for many people is that if today we live a life that is not satisfying,
we created it by Law of Attraction.
So we are 100% responsible for our lives.
Yes,of course,we are 100% responsible, but the movie does not reveal the method
for exiting that state.This is what we call in the esoteric language the karma,
we have memory in us,the memory that corresponds to all the thoughts and
emotions we had.So the first step is cleaning the memory,the negative karma,
because that is what blocks us.And that is where we need to work.
I read the books,watched the movie,but the problem is that it gives people the illusion
that reading the books and watching the movie will change their lives,but it is not
enough,they have to put it into practice and most of all,there is nothing better than
working with someone who understands, experimented and knows the law thoroughly.
Does it happen by visualizing?
Visualization is a technique that comes later. First,we must clean,remove all the negative
And when this is done?
When this is done,we must bring in the positive.Visualization is one of the techniques,
but it is not the only one I teach,there are lots of techniques.What I tell people,and
I just had a conference on this topic,is that another error is believing that it is only
about thoughts and emotions.So in order to control our thoughts we must go to
the next level.We can't solve a problem at the level where it was first created,
we must go to the next level,and the next level is the conscience.So the conscience
is the level where it happens.So a bigger step,that comes even before the cleaning
I talked about earlier,is opening the conscience,having an open spirit and that
for me consists of metaphorically opening the tap in order to access the source,
because that is where all the good things come from.
Do we have to become conscious of the fact that we deserve all those good things?
For opening the tap,we must,of course, be open,but we must also receive...
Being open means opening to the mystery of life, knowing that there is more than the
physical world to it,that we are more than our physical bodies and this openness
will bring all the rest,but this will also be the most difficult thing for many.
I teach the Law of Attraction to people that reached a certain spiritual level.
The people that are purely materialistic can't understand the things I teach.
So being open means going towards the positive things and understanding that
they are not only material things.
So from a spiritual point of view,because when we talk about the spiritual we talk
about the heart,the Universe,another dimension,what do we really look for?
We are looking for the ultimate aspect, the most profound thing we are looking for
people have a lot of names for it,happiness, peace of mind,serenity,plenitude,
all these things are not material.These all happen on the level of the conscience,
and every time we approach the level of the conscience,
we approach the level of the spirit,the spirituality.
And the possibilities are endless there.
The possibilities are obviously endless, because that is where we access the truth,
it is where we understand what unconditional love is,what compassion is,
what gratitude is,what real happiness is. But all these things can't be expressed in
words,these are things that we have to experiment,discover and live oneself.
That is why words are never enough to express these things,and we must trust
the teachings of all the great masters that have been there,and the only thing that
they all say is "You only have to follow and you will all live what I lived".
Can we create through the ego?
The ego is the big obstacle it is what keeps us from opening.The ego took the power.
I have studied,I have studied engineering and all that,but I was never aware of the
reign that my ego had over me.
How can we tell that we are under the power of the ego?
It is very simple,well,simple for me to see in others,someone who starts each
sentence by I,me,someone who always wants to impose their idea,their belief,
someone who wants to dominate others.
Domination through the material also?
Yes,a life dominated by the material,but when we ignore the spirit,the material will
obviously become more present.But the ego will also search the power.
Is power really material?In my opinion,it will become the main goal of the ego.
How can we detach from it in order to really co-create with the Universe?
When we ask for the help of the invisible, little by little we will receive this help,
this force, this necessary energy to overrule the ego,and the practice is meditation.
Meditation is that state of love that covers many things,but it remains,nonetheless,
the ultimate way.
So we replace visualization with meditation, stop the thinking and sink in this
world of silence,is it?
Meditation will start with concentration, a concentration that leads to the void,
but there is also a meditation, if we work for an objective,we can include visualization
in order to accelerate the manifestation of one's objective.
So,we include an image while meditating, or we begin the visualizing,
because at the same time,meditation is stopping the process of thinking,
but you are saying to introduce a little seed that will germinate...or how is it?
There are two things.The meditation of great teachers,they meditate in order to
get to the void,to the silence,where they can experience a state of beatitude.
We are not there yet,we are at that stage "I saw a car,I don't have a lot of money,etc."
Meditation helps us in this matter also. But we have to be able to get rid of the
negative thoughts which generated the unsatisfying situation we are in today.
So the meditation will consist of getting to the void,but then,if we cannot maintain
the void,we will insert right then and there our wish.In the classes I teach,participants
make symbolic cards that they can use in order to visualize,to symbolize their objective.
It is similar to the vision board from "The Secret", except that this is for just one goal.
So can we use the Law of Attraction for the project of our lives or
just for a category of our lives,the job,the romance,can we attract our soulmate?
For instance,how can we attract our soulmate?
We can use the Law of Attraction for anything.Like I just said,
we use it all the time anyway,we just don't know it,but the problem is that
by not knowing it,we risk attracting negative things into our lives.
Obviously we will start using the Law for material things,we need money,we need
all those things for living,so we will start there.We will realize that
it becomes easier every time,the material stuff will not worry us anymore,this is the
first step to take in order to become interested in the spiritual,
because all the people who were interested in the material side only,know it very well:
"I already have this beautiful car...", even relationships...but after a while...
...well...it's temporary...So go there and search for real happiness.
Yes,but there are people who would say that when we are in that state
of the open heart,things come from within, magically,the synchronicity,things that
we have visualized before,how can you explain this scheme between the destiny
and the fact that we create...?
Our thoughts and emotions every day create our destiny.Obviously,if we believe
in the oriental philosophy,our destiny is the sum of all that we have thought,the karma.
But what all the great teachers tell us is that we can change all that in order to
access a better life,and to end the negative schemes,to create a new positive scheme.
The synchronicity is something extraordinary. There is conscience,the idea,the wish
then comes will and then we will build, with our mind,the image of what we want
but on top of that,the emotions,the vibration from our hearts will gain more force
to attract what we really want.It is what Esther Hicks tells us in
The Teachings of Abraham,and I experience it every day,it is fabulous really,to attract
in our lives the very thing that corresponds to our wishes.
So we have to be grateful for all that...
Yes,of course,the gratitude,we must always be grateful because
we won't get anything without it.In order to receive we have to be grateful for what
we have,because the state of gratitude will open the tap I talked about earlier.
It is the main key of the Law of Attraction.
It is the main key,because gratitude is love,we could call it the energy of life,
the energy of light,but I call it the energy of love,love reigns our Universe,everything
is built on love,and gratitude is circulating the energy of love through us, and
the more we do it,the more we will be able to experience extraordinary things and
to create abundance in our lives.
Magnificent.Thank you,Noel Wan.