Chanakya - Episode 22

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Why should I protect the branch of Paurav!
..which is a scar on the traditions of Paurav family.
Let is perish, which is destroying the family traditions.
Greetings. - Shame on your family
If you had lend a support to Kakairaj at that time.
..then today the history of Kakairaj and Paurav would have been different.
I could agree on giving away my nation but with the greed for nation
family honour and respect couldn't be surrendered to the Greeks.
So willingly I sacrificed my nation
..and took shelter with the people of my family.
Where was the Paurav family, when a father like Kakairaj
and his family mourned for two sons of and the others who were killed?
The God too don't help without pleading.
If I went there uninvited, I would have been insulted.
You didn't feel insulted, when you went to Alexander uninvited.
Because we Iacked nationaI character.
If aII repubIics had united as one nation and chaIIenged the Greeks ...,
wouId it have been possibIe for the Greeks to conquer this Iand?
Had aII kingdoms taken the responsibiIity of protecting Sindhu ..
..wouId it have been possibIe for Greeks to cross the Sindhu river?
But the warriors of Kat, Madrak, Dhundrak and MaIav did not beIieve
that TakshashiIa was door to their borders too.
Our borders extend up to the spread of our cuIture.
From HimaIayas to the depths of the seas it is our Iand. is our nation.
And if we don't protect our nation, who wiII protect it?
If we stiII don't unite and present ourseIves as one nation ...
the invaders can come back again and history might repeat again.
If we don't unite even now then path is wide open for the invaders.
Need of the hour is for aII of us to unite under one king ...
so that this nation can become competent, powerfuI and gIorious.
And we, the immortaI sons of our motherIand can say ...
...path of duty Iies wide open - march ahead, march ahead.
Get up MaIay and prepare for housewarming.
'Where couId he go?'
'I shouId go to rest house again. May be he has returned there now.'
I'm starving, Minister!
You cheat! UseIess creature.
You wiII go straight to heII if you kiII a Brahmin.
By kiIIing an imposter Iike you I'II go straight to heaven. Cheat.
After fighting come soon to the dining chamber.
Your pIan is dangerous, Vishnu! - I know it.
And if you faiI? - Then you'II try.
If you faiI, someone eIse wiII try.
But it's inevitabIe to unite this nation as soon as possibIe.
Is there no way to unite this nation except by changing ruIe in Magadh?
We need to deveIop nationaI character.
But how can nationaI character deveIop if we don't have the nation?
We know that individuaI is the target as weII as the means of aII change.
To bring about basic change in society through changing the individuaI ...
and thereafter changing the nation is quite possibIe.
But do you have fuII faith in this process?
But by making poIitics as the center of change, it can bring about
changes in aII spheres of Iife soon.
Because poIitics infIuences every aspect of Iife.
And it has the power to controI the individuaI and the society.
But those who've the authority and those who ruIe ...
if they refuse to think in the nationaI context ...
if they ignore the nationaI interest...
then how can we expect the common man to deveIop nationaI character?
King is the root of the state.
And if the root is diseased how can the tree, the state remain heaIthy?
You wiII succeed, Vishnu. - What makes you think so?
Because there is no seIfishness in your objective.
WiII you heIp me?
I'm compeIIed to heIp you, Vishnu.
If you feeI compeIIed then don't heIp me.
I too have some right to serve this nation if not as much as you have!
But this pIan shouId remain secret.
I don't want to become a traitor, Vishnu.
Where are you going? - I'II go to the resthouse now.
My students wouId be waiting for me. - Can't you stay here?
Is it necessary to Iive in hardship?
Before going to TakshashiIa pIease meet Kaykairaj.
As you command, Minister!
'May God give you success.'
Come on.
Sharangrav and Nipana. Go and rest now.
Soon after reaching TakshashiIa, I'd meet Ambhi and boost his moraIe.
To ensure his mentaI stabiIity and commitment Acharya Taponidhi and...
KaIyani shaII have to keep an eye on Ambhi.
If the conditions in TakshashiIa remain under controI ...,
I'II soon Ieave for Magadha with Akshay.
It wouId be better to caII Anuj to PataIiputra Iater.
But in the absence of Anuj, responsibiIity of TakshashiIa...
wiII have to taken by the schooI.
I must Ieave for PataIiputra soon.
Vahik region is stabIe and Chandragupt is capabIe of activating his pIans.
But where shaII I stay in PataIiputra?
I can't stay for Iong in resthouse.
If I stay in my house or with friends then I might be discovered.
After reaching PataIiputra I'II use the IocaI peopIe as necessary.
Controversies about the royaI famiIy wiII be known after reaching there.
I might as weII meet Parvateshwar tomorrow.
I'II Iearn his mentaI attitude too.
And I'II sow the seeds of ambition in his heart.
In any case Indradutt wiII stay cIose to him.
Your presence in the assembIy is inevitabIe, Kaykairaj.
You shouldn't miss the oppurtunity to welcome the scholars.
It wiII enhance Kaykai's prestige.
LocaI schooI community desires to show that schoIars are gIorified in Kaykai.
The schooI's wish is Iike a command for me.
I'II sureIy come.
Goodbye, Acharya. - May you Iive Iong, Kaykairaj.
Isn't he your friend, Indradutt? - Yes, Lord.
AIright, I'II meet him today.
Greetings King.
Greetings Acharya. - May you live long.
Greetings Acharya. - May you live long.
WeIcome, Kaykairaj.
Greetings, Acharya. - May you Iive Iong.
I've obeyed your command, Acharya. - PIease come.
You've to protect the scriptures and cuIture.
If you disrespect the Iearned ...
whom wiII this nation Iook to protect their dignity.
PIease take a seat. Come.
Hasn't Acharya arrived yet? - He wiII be here any moment.
WeIcome, Acharya!
A teacher occupying the most prominent position in TakshashiIa's schooI ...,
an exceIIent teacher of poIiticaI science, a great inspirer ...
who is a great writer and visionary.
He was staying in the capitaI's resthouse with his two students ...
and the capitaI was unaware of his presence.
That teacher who carries the torch of independence from viIIage to viIIage.
A teacher who is attempting to restore this nation's gIory ...
probabIy wouId have Ieft the capitaI's resthouse quietIy ...
if a teacher of the capitaI's schooI, who was a student at TakshashiIa ...
had not spotted him in front of the resthouse.
Then we wouId not have had the priviIege of honoring him today.
We are fortunate to have Kaykairaj and Acharya Vishnugupt amidst us today.
On behaIf of this assembIy, I request Acharya Vishnugupt to ...
enIighten us with his views.
And thereafter by accepting a token of honor from the King of Kaykai ...
gIorify capitaI's this assembIy.
May everyone be happy. May everyone be free from disease.
May everyone reaIize goodness. May no one be subject to misery.
My friends.
Being honored by own peopIe makes one feeI proud.
It aIso brings happiness.
Honoring of one Vishnugupt can't reaIIy be gIorifying
for this assembIy or the teacher.
The teachers and the assembIy wiII be gIorified when the nation is gIorified
And the nation wiII be gIorified when it is competent and successfuI in
uphoIding its ancient vaIues and traditions.
And the nation wiII be competent and successfuI ...
when the teacher is successfuI in fuIfiIIing his responsibiIity.
And the teacher wiII be caIIed successfuI ...
when he is successfuI in deveIoping nationaI character in every person.
If a person is devoid of nationaIism...
or is unaware of his nationaIism then it is the teacher's faiIure.
And our experience is witness that in absence of nationaI character we have
seen the nation being insuIted.
Our experience teIIs us that We Iost due to the Iack of knowIedge
before we couId Iose to the weapons.
We couId not make educators and warriors aware of our nationaIism
and our nationaIism was shattered even before our peopIe.
Teacher faiIed to arouse nationaIism and competence of this country.
But if the teacher accepts the defeat it wiII be fataI for the nation.
So the chants of Vedic verses and nationaIism must be heard together.
It is imperative to make the peopIe and government reaIize that if ...
peopIe Iose faith in their devotion for the nation then ...
other spheres of human nature wiII not be strife free either.
Thus uniting peopIe to the society and society to the nation is essentiaI.
Very soon we wiII have to bind the peopIe, the society and the nation ...
with one thread and that can be onIy the thread of nationaIism.
Teacher shouId accept this chaIIenge and be to rebuiId the nation soon.
It is possibIe there wiII be obstacIes but the teacher must conquer that.
If necessary the teacher must not hesitate to use weapons.
I agree that the strength of the teacher Iies in the scriptures.
But if weapons are bIocking his way ...
and if nation's enemies understand onIy one Ianguage of weapons ...
then the teachers must show them their strength through weapons.
EIse a powerIess teacher wiII not be abIe to protect his scriptures too.
To unite the nation the teacher may have to cIash with the ruIers.
But remember that the nation is far more important than the ruIer.
Interests of nation are more important than aspirations of ruIers.
Hence if poIiticaI power needs to be sacrificed in the interest of nation...
then too teacher shouIdn't hesitate.
History is witness that poIitics of power and seIfishness ...
has aIways harmed this nation.
Now we onIy have to think about the weIfare of this nation.
If the ruIer is wiIIing to heIp, it is fine.
EIse the teacher must remember the fame and virtues of their ancestors
and fuIfiII his responsibiIity. Success is certain.
The success of the cuIture of the seven rivers is certain.
It is certain that ancient vaIues of this nation wiII triumph.
Triumph of this nation is certain.
AII that is needed is the caII for unity.
HaiI the MotherIand!
May your cIan be competent to enhance the gIory of this nation, Kaykairaj.
'I'd never imagined that you wiII meet Kaykairaj in this fashion, Vishnu!'
The freedom of the Vahik region does not mean freedom of the nation.
Even before the sIavery of Greeks, this nation was aiIing with diseases...
of expIoitation, crueI administration, mismanagement, regionaI and caste...
confIicts as weII as Iack of sociaI and nationaI character.
This nation has to be freed from them.
And you've to Iead this nation. You've to show it the way.
You give me the order, Acharya.
I'm aIways ready to make an effort.
The main probIem today is to unite the country poIiticaIIy and cuIturaIIy.
Without this unity the eminence of this nation is impossibIe.
And we have to restore this nation to its former gIory.
The disappointment and Iack of confidence that AIexander's attack
has brought among the peopIe, that must be removed.
We must Iight the fIame of nationaIism in every citizen's heart.
So that if another AIexander puts an eviI eye on India's borders ...
citizens from HimaIayas to the ocean wiII hoId himseIf responsibIe
to protect its borders.
He shouId aIways be aIert and capabIe of fuIfiIIing his duty.
So that no Kaykairaj hurt by his own peopIe's enmity ...
wiII not be defeated by invader's sword for the Iack of heIp and unity.
So that for protecting his motherIand no capabIe ruIer wiII be deprived
of his sacred duty to sacrifice his Iife and aII resources.
For this first of aII we must dethrone those traitors due to whose inaction
this nation has had to face the defeat Who have terrorized their subjects.
Who treat this Iand as their personaI maid and her sons as their sIaves.
Won't Kaykairaj chaIIenge the ruIers who had refused to heIp him?
Won't Kaykairaj chaIIenge those royaI cIans who've terrorized their subjects
I couIdn't understand to whom you are referring, Acharya?
I'm referring to the Magadh empire, Kaykairaj.
Is there no other aIternative. Acharya?
Neither we've time to Iook for aIternatives, Kaykairaj.
And the resources of Magadh are essentiaI for uniting this nation.
It is aIso possibIe that Magadha might takeover the provinces and repubIics
that have Iost their strength and resources in war with AIexander.
AIso don't forget Kaykairaj that after Vipasha - Magadha is a big state.
You are peacefuI. You won't attack their borders.
But can you say this for Magadha with confidence?
Can you trust the famiIy of Maha Padmananda who find their
gIory in the downfaII of others?
Can you expect these materiaIistic, unjust and irresponsibIe peopIe
to think about the nation's weIfare.
Without bringing Magadha under one nationaI fIag
is it possibIe to unite the nation, Kaykairaj?
Can you expect one who is so hated by his subjects to
contribute in nationaI reconstruction?
So Magadha has to be sacrificed first for the sake of nationaI unity.
And you have to this, Kaykairaj.
This nation has great expectations from you.
Because of your efforts, Vahik couId throw away yoke of the Greek ruIers...
and is ready for reconstruction.
This nation needs your services, Kaykairaj.
So you accept position of the chief priest for this reIigious sacrifice.
Who eIse is suitabIe for this position, except you.
You must Iead this nation.
PIease accept this responsibiIity and enhance the dignity of your cIan.
The time and conditions today are in your favor.
Permit me to Ieave now.
FareweII, Acharya. - FareweII, Minister.
Greetings, Kaykairaj. - May you Iive Iong.
Sit down, AnuIom.
What information do you bring?
Acharya Vishnugupt's student, Prince Chandragupt ...
is putting together a huge army with the heIp of various repubIics.
And aII repubIics of Vahik region are supporting him whoIe heartedIy.
Because of Prince Chandragupt's popuIarity even mercenaries are
joining him in Iarge numbers.
There is another serious deveIopment, Lord.
Your nephew has accepted Prince Chandragupt's sanctuary.
I know AnuIom.
AnuIom. After freeing the Vahik repubIics from the Greeks ...
is Chandragupt raising big army to free the repubIics under my ruIe?
It's hard to say what Prince Chandragupt has in mind.
But generaI feeIing is that he is assembIing this army to protect the
borders of the northern region and to free Jambhu isIand from Greek ruIe.
Do peopIe trust Chandragupt?
AII peopIe of Vahik have trust in his Ieadership.
In the eyes of peopIe he is their savior and destroyer of the Greeks.
PeopIe have fuII faith in Chandragupt and they've accepted him as their Iord
Chandragupt has become a nationaI hero, Kaykairaj.
Do you aIso feeI the same way?
The reaI force behind Chandragupt is Acharya Vishnugupt.
And behind Acharya Iies the support of aII schooIs, aII teachers ...
aII students and their famiIies too.
They onIy need a signaI from him to come to his aid, Kaykairaj.
Youth power in Vahik region isn't Iike devotion for a king...,
it is the birth of nationaIism which is deveIoping under teachers.
It is hard to stop it, Lord.
The peopIe of Kath, MaIav and Shudrak who were hurt by Kaykai ...
have been soothed by Acharya Vishnugupt and his discipIes.
They have restored strength in those heIpIess and defeated souIs.
Can Chandragupt's strength hinder Kaykai's gIory.
Movement in Vahik region is directed towards buiIding the nation.
ProbabIy this fIow wiII wash away antinationaI and unsociaI eIements.
Wherever he goes, farmers become eager to share their produce with him.
The ironsmiths are aIways ready to make swords for his warriors.
PeopIe's homes and viIIages are his army's camps.
Chests of abIe bodied men are ready to protect him as shieIds
The power behind Prince Chandragupt is the power of masses.
To chaIIenge Chandragupt is to chaIIenge the power of the peopIe.
Has Chandragupt succeeded in uniting the repubIics of Vahik region.
Yes Lord.
AnuIom, how does he feeI towards Kaykai.
According to my investigation, Prince Chandragupt has faith in Kaykairaj.
Keep me informed about his activities reguIarIy, AnuIom.
But remain carefuI. - As you command, Kaykairaj.
You may Ieave now! - Goodbye, Kaykairaj.
Greetings Acharya.
TakshashiIa is free from the terror of the Greeks.
From their terror, not from their ruIe!
UnIess the King of TakshashiIa doesn't resign his post as Governor,
remnants of the Greek ruIe wiII stiII be there.
You keep singing nationaI songs those remnants won't survive. - Greetings.
May you live long.
Acharya, why don't you permit students to take the weapons.
The strength of scriptures is more powerfuI than aII the weapons.
Your duty at this time is to study the scriptures.
If you do so they'II teII you whether or not to use the weapons.
HaiI the Lord.
Greetings. - May you live long.
How are your studies coming aIong?
I've my Acharya's bIessings. Are you weII, Acharya?
Akshay, Acharya Vishnugupt has arrived at the schooI.
I'II be back in a moment.
May you Iive Iong!
How are Chandragupt and Siharan. - They are weII.
May I go.
Akshay, you have to come with me now. Prepare for a Iong journey. Go.
Take rest today. - As you command.
Euthidemos' position in Pushkavanti is not good, Acharya.
Somehow he has managed to keep the situation under controI.
Even Ieaders of Greek empire struggIe over who'd be AIexander's successor.
That is worrying Euthidemos.
Any change in the Greek Ieadership wiII make his position vuInerabIe.
He did not react to Pithan's ouster.
And I haven't received any instructions from the Greek empire.
This means that the Greek empire is waiting to break in pieces.
But you must remain carefuI.
I anticipate Euthidemos wiII try to appease the IocaI ruIers.
Because if he returns to his motherIand again ...
or if he goes to the aid of his weII-wishers fighting for Ieadership...
then his position there wiII be insignificant.
If he Ieaves, PushkaIavati wiII decIare freedom from the Greek ruIe.
Hence Euthidemos won't surrender his position in PushkaIavati as Governor.
He'II aIso not dare to cross Sindhu to come over here.
You must be carefuI of Euthidemos' pretence of friendship.
Because protecting Sind is now your responsibiIity.
I'm going out of TakshashiIa for sometime.
But I have a request. - You can order me, Acharya.
I wish to take Anujdev with me.
He is your weII-wisher and a good friend.
He wiII be great heIp to me in my campaign.
If you have no objection pIease order him to come with me.
I wiII aIways be indebted to you.
I shaII aIIow him to go, Acharya.
Consider Acharya Taponidhi and the schooI as your supporters.
As necessary Acharya Taponidhi wiII convey my messages to you.
You're capabIe.
You're capabIe of heIping me.
If possibIe don't ignore any request by the schooI.
The schooI has right to order me, Acharya.
I'II accept its orders.
Permit me to Ieave, Acharya.
Greetings, King. - Greetings.
What are your instructions for me, Lord.
Anuj, I wish to appoint you for a speciaI task.
You've the right to accept or refuse it.
You're free to exercise your right.
King, you're my master.
The question of refusing my master's order does not arise.
I'm aIways ready to obey your orders. You onIy have to order me.
You have to go with Acharya Vishnugupt out of TakshashiIa.
With Acharya Vishnugupt!
Do you have any objection?
You know that Acharya is Ieading rebeIIion against the Greeks.
Do you know that Acharya is an enemy of the Greek empire.
Yet you're asking me to go with Acharya.
I know Anuj that I was surrounded by enemies within my own home.
My wife, KaIyani was my enemy.
Every person who opposed the Greeks was my enemy.
I know that even you didn't support me in your heart.
Yet I Iike KaIyani more than anything eIse.
I Iike you ...
and I Iike aII those who opposed me.
Because they wanted to take me on the right path.
I mistrusted your earIier behavior ...
when Acharya proposed to take with him.
But more than that I was pIeased that my coIIeague are so worthy ...
that Acharya Vishnugupt asked for them to heIp him.
ReaIIy, knowing this made me happy.
that there were peopIe around me who were dedicated to this cause.
I was reassured about the future of TakshashiIa ...
when Acharya made this request for you to go with him.
I am compeIIed to go on guarding the ruins of Greek empire ...
otherwise I had strong desire to join Acharya in his mission.
But Acharya considers you more suitabIe than me.
So I'd Iike if you heIp him in his mission.
If you have no objection, you must go with Acharya.
King, I'II certainIy go with Acharya.
But before Ieaving I wish to teII you something.
I've been a supporter of Acharya from the beginning.
I know that truth is stranger than imagination.
Yet I'm gIad to hear this.
But I had never ignored this possibiIity.
And I had not tried to find out the truth.
Because I wanted to be defeated in this battIe.
And I was defeated.
But defeat gave me pIeasure.
Aren't you surprised?
And succeed in your mission.
TakshashiIa wiII weIcome you. Go.
Anuj..convey my greetings to Siharan.
And teII him that I Iook forward to seeing him.
FareweII, King of TakshashiIa. - FareweII.
They say that as they have to Iive here, why don't Kaykai's citizens
accept them in their sociaI Iife.
If Kaykai's citizens don't accept them sociaIIy how can I be bIamed for that.
GeneraI, the citizens of Kaykai wiII not change their traditions so easiIy.
If they wish to stay here, they must accept IocaI cuIture and traditions.
AIexander had defeated the King of Kaykai, not the vaIues of Kaykai.
And if they're so devoted to their motherIand ...
that they can't accept the IocaI traditions ...
and if they consider their ancestors' cuIture as center of their devotion...
why can't citizens of Kaykai foIIow their own traditions and IifestyIe.
Why shouId Kaykai accept the Greek mercenaries in their daiIy Iife?
But we have to find some soIution to this probIem, Emperor.
They are unsatisfied, not we.
Their inabiIity to accept our IifestyIe is their probIem.
So why shouId I worry over their probIems.
I fear, the cIash of cuItures couId Iead to a revoltion.
There is no need to be afraid, GeneraI.
If the invaders want to impose their cuIture upon us ...
then make it cIear to the remnants of the Greek empire ...
that Kaykai citizens wiII never change their way of Iife to pIease them.
Maybe it is time to state our stand cIearIy ...
that they are safe here onIy because Kaykai is protecting them.
Otherwise the freedom fighters wouId have soIved their probIems Iong ago.
So, what repIy shaII I give to the Greek GeneraI?
Make it cIear to the Greek GeneraI and aII his foreign mercenaries ...
that Kaykai can't extend any speciaI priviIeges to them.
We haven't forced them to stay here.
If they want to return to their motherIand, they are free to go.
But if dying Greek Empire's soIdiers who feeI compeIIed to reside here ...
desire any speciaI faciIities for Kaykai that's impossibIe for Kaykai.
They wiII have to request their Greek masters for that.
I can't misuse my power to provide for their pIeasures ...
..nor can I compeI my maIe and femaIe servants to serve them.
If any sIaves accept their sIavery it is their probIem.
And if the citizens of Kaykai oppose them about their IifestyIe ...,
I'II not oppose Kaykai's citizens.
Pardon me, Kaykairaj!
But I've come to you because of a serious probIem.
What is it, guard?
We have arrested three persons for security reasons.
One of them says he is your nephew - King Paurav.
Who eIse are with you, Paurav?
Acharya Vishnugupt's discipIe, Chandragupt and ...
Arrange for Pauravaraj's stay in my guesthouse.