Engineer Update Stuff

Uploaded by burningfajitasalt on 12.07.2010

Hi guys, you'll have to excuse me for posting this video late,
but I was unavailable during the weekend because my GPU fan decided to stop being able to go fast.
That lead to three near-overheats.
It's sorted out by now though so it's all good. Lets get on with the show.
Right, so as most people know the Engineer update was released the other day.
I figured I'd go through the weapons. What you need to craft them, what they do, what they look like, etc.
First up is the good ol' boy's new shotgun, the Frontier Justice. For every kill your sentry gets,
you get 2 crits when your sentry is destroyed. And for every assist, you get 1.
But there's a crit cap of 35. As a payoff for this, the Frontier Justice cannot randomly crit
and it has 50% less ammo, giving you only 3 loaded shells.
It can so far only be crafted with a Primary Token, an Engineer Token and a Scrap Metal.
Up next is the Wrangler, which allows you to control your sentry gun. Not much to say about this one.
When you pull it out, your Sentry gains a shield that absorbs 66% damage, and you can point it at anything
and hold Left Mouse Button to fire bullets and the Right Mouse Button to fire rockets, if it's a level 3.
Similarly, this can also only be crafted with a Secondary Token, an Engineer Token and a Scrap Metal.
Also, once you select another weapon besides the Wrangler, like, deselect it, the sentry goes down for about 3 seconds, then it goes back up.
Third up is the Gunslinger, the Engineer's awesome robot fist. This thing gives you 25 more health,
and replaces the regular old Sentry with a cute little Mini-Sentry that only costs 100 metal to build,
cannot be upgraded or repaired, deals half the damage, but it builds four times as fast.
This is intended for frontline Engineers as it's intended for short-time use and not long-time area denial.
The Gunslinger can also not randomly crit. But if you do a combo move of three, the third punch will always be a crit.
Like the others, it can only be crafted with a Melee Token, an Engineer Token and a Scrap Metal.
And there's a 4th item, too. This is a community contribution, so kindly made by WatchMaker.
I'm of course referring to the Southern Hospitality. This beauty is much like the Tribalman's Shiv,
it causes a bleed-out effect for 5 seconds whenever you hit someone with it, but it doesn't randomly crit, and it makes you 20% weaker to fire.
This can, thankfully, be crafted easily. Just combine an Ambassador and a Scrap Metal, and you're all set.
There is also, of course, the mythical Golden Wrench.
I'm afraid this is off-limits as only 100 were ever passed out, and you can't craft them anymore.
Basically what it does is look golden and shiny, and whenever you kill someone with it, they turn into a gold statue.
So yeah, only 100 people in the whole of Team Fortress 2 have that wrench, and I suppose they're right happy with them.
If you missed the chance to get one, well...
Better luck next time...
If there is one.