Black Jack OVA - Full Episode 5 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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I have constant nightmares.
And I always suffer from chronic
depression and anxiety.
Do you understand me, Doctor?
To me, depression and anxiety
are very realistic things
like cats and dogs.
Do you understand?
It's like I can touch that depression!
Feeling cold and lonely...!
Take a break and take some rest...
I'm trembling in fear to death right now as well!
Yet you always prescribe me some tranquilizers
and try to kick me out.
Then, get some tranquilizers for a week
on your way back home.
There is no such thing called
"God" in this world.
From time to time, once a year,
Doctor gets me a present.
This year, I asked for
a three-week-long trip to Europe.
It's good to work hard,
but a person needs a break.
Well, it's actually a part of
my care for Doctor.
a consolation for
my hopeless love for Doctor.
Sorry, sorry!
It's all right, Miss.
Could I order black tea and cake, please?
My compartment is 8-3A.
Yes, sir.
Are you done with your meal?
The Owl of San Merida
Thirty dollars on top of ten dollars
and fifty dollars more!
Wow, you are being bold.
Woman knows how to play games.
You gotta be bold once you set your mind.
All right, then adding eighty dollars, I'll call.
You are sticking your neck out!
Full House. Kings over Aces.
Wh-wh-wh-wh-what happenned?!
Excuse me.
It's an emergency surgery.
Everyone, please get out
of this room.
These are gunshot wounds for sure.
But I didn't hear a gunshot.
You haven't heard it either, right?
Besides, he's bleeding like
he's just been shot,
but these are quite old gunshots.
Thank you. I'm fine now.
This happens all the time.
It was a very interesting phenomenon to watch.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
It seems like you’re being treated by a psychiatrist.
Your chart was lying on the bed.
It's an obligation for a doctor
to check a patient's record before performing surgery.
But it seems like I don't need to perform any surgery.
Two days after that...
We spent a night at a small hotel
in an old port village after
getting off the express train.
I was fully enjoying
a special tour designed
for and by a lady.
Besides that, besides that!
in the midst of that short trip,
my love was...!
Surprisingly, he was on
the same tour as ours.
It's upside down.
"How many white fruits?
Six white fruits,
seven red fruits,
how many blue fruits?"
"Good night,
lovely baby.
San Merida,
San Merida,
An owl sang
in the forest of San Merida
you liked."
Pinoko, turn on the light!
Bring a towel! He's going to bite his tongue!
All right!
Here it is!
Ah... Blood again!
Blood on his back!
Close the door,
and get my bag...
Loupe... Loupe...
-Camera? -Polarioid.
There's a British military mark.
Are you a soldier?
My name is Leslie Harris.
I'm a military cadet attending
Royal Army Academy.
How nice!
About twenty years ago,
you had quite a big surgery.
There are seven traces
of skin grafts on your back,
and five on your face.
I found three scars on your abdomen
that had to have come from surgery.
I think there are more,
but I haven't examined your whole body yet.
So that's about it for now.
I don't know. I haven't heard anything from my parents either.
The name of that doctor...
I want to know who performed surgery on you.
But I really don't...
I see. You were probably only one or two back then.
I have no choice but to ask your parents.
My dad passed away ten years ago,
and my mom passed away four years ago.
I see.
That's unfortunate.
That's strange.
Where can you find such surgery scars on this picture?
Where are they? Tell me in detail.
There is a thing called "skin line" on human skin.
Pinoko, get me loupe.
It's between your lip and chin.
If you perform surgery
following the skin line,
that scar goes almost invisible,
unable to be noticed with the naked eye,
once it heals.
However, it's impossible
without extremely high skills.
It's not just the face.
Surgeries on your back and stomach
are all done perfectly as well.
It's so perfect that you couldn't even notice.
I never knew such great surgeon
existed until now.
I want to meet that person!
I didn't know that
you are that famous Dr. Black Jack.
I told him everything
about you just before.
I mean it's strange! We are friends now after all.
Friends need to know about each other.
Please, Doctor.
Please treat me.
I'm in pain everyday,
to the point where I want to kill myself!
I don't care how much money it costs!
I have a huge amount of money
I inherited from my parents!
Million dollars.
All right.
Never mind that. I don't need money.
But there's one condition to it.
You need to cooperate.
You need to fully cooperate
with me to find that doctor
who performed surgery for you.
We got off on our way again.
Through a connection he has,
he made a deal
to borrow an operating room
and a ward
in a hospital.

To find the source of the subcutaneous bleeding,
I’ll need to enter one of the gunshot wounds.
This’ll take about 40 minutes.
Check allergy reaction
and chemical dependency
again for sure.
I have none.
We will now begin.
Why is that?
Why are you always looking at me?
We'll suture the vessel!
Prepare in 20 seconds.
Zero-Five thread!
"Three red fruits,
two blue fruits,
how many white fruits?"
"Six white fruits,
seven red fruits,
how many blue fruits?"
"Sleep tight,
lovely baby.
San Merida,
San Merida,
Your favorite..."
The song I just sang?
He taught me.
San Merida,
In his dreams,
he said there was a woman singing to him.
Isn't it a pretty song?
"San Merida,
In your favorite
forest of San Merida,
an owl sings."
Do you understand?
Answer these questions honestly.
Who's closest
to your ideal type among these?
One: Marilyn Monroe.
Two: Rie Miyazawa.
Three: Sigourney Weaver.
Four: Takako Tokiwa.
Um... What is that question for?
It's a nurse's right to figure out
a patient's taste and preferences.
Sigourney Weaver.
We are leaving the hospital.
Go to the nurse center and go through the procedure.
Leaving the hospital?!
We are going to the Republic of El Garnia.
I just started
nursing him from this morning!
I'm going to leave behind anyone with complaints.
I'll be right back after going to the nurse center!
Republic of El Garnia?
Have you ever been there?
I've never been there.
I've never heard of such country's name.
After numerous research,
I finally found the place.
San Merida...
Among numerous places in the world,
there is only one place called "San Merida".
In Colonela county, Republic of El Garnia,
there is San Merida village.
As for me, I'd like a Diet Cola if you have it.
Of course.
After such,
we headed for the Republic of El Garnia.
El Garnia has a population of 3 million,
and it went through
a civil war for 25 years.
It's a small country in which
a federal government was established only a few years ago.
We only have about ski
and hunting for tourists
in this town.
I heard there are good hot springs in the mountains.
Yes, that's right. You know well.
It's been four years since the civil war ended,
but it's still bleak, huh?
There still are many dead bodies
under those collapsed buildings.
We still get bread through food rationing.
Even the word "recession" is too much for this situation.
San Merida Village?
I know about it.
It was a battlefield.
There was a headquarter of the anti-government group.
They resisted until the very end.
It'll take about four hours.
We have to go through three check points.
Is there a hospital in this village?
I don't know about that.
Can you see that church?
That's San Merida village.
Something wrong?
It's nothing.
Please stop the car!
What's wrong, Leslie?
At the end of this long stairs,
there was a house with a red roof.
Through the left-side window,
a tank came in.
It's true!
A house with a red roof... And its left-side window is...
An elm tree.
If you take a curve here, there's a fountain,
and there is an elm tree next it.
I played under this tree so much.
"Good night,
lovely baby.
In your favorite
forest of San Merida,
an owl..."
What is it this time?
There was a flower garden behind this.
I planted tons of roses there.
It was very beautiful.
How come you know so many things about this place?
Isn't this the first time
for you to come here?
This house...
This was my home.
I don't get. I don't get it.
But I know it. I feel it!
There are so many things I don't understand, but...
The person that appeared in your dreams
did really exist.
Who are these people?
I don't even know their names.
But I have been
meeting them in my dreams since long ago.
No, it wasn't only in my dreams.
In the dark corner of my room, inside the mirror,
when the wind felt strong,
on the days when I felt so lonely...
I felt that
they had been constantly
watching me.
It seems like you didn't bleed.
I stitched up the opening in your vessel.
It seems like it worked.
However, if you continue to have seizures,
it will be opened again.
I got shot here.
Together with those two...
In front of the doors of this church...
I even clearly remember the face of the man on the helicopter!
But it's strange...
I must have been a baby.
How can I remember such details?
What am I? What's happening?
Who am I?
What are these tears?
Leslie... I don't want you to cry...
What happened?
Is something wrong?
You don't look good.
No, it's fine, Reverend.
We are looking for a man.
It's from more than 20 years ago.
We are looking for a doctor who performed surgery on him 20 years ago.
20 years ago... A doctor?
Yes. He's probably a surgeon.
A very good one.
There is no doctor nor hospital in this village.
Even 20 years ago?
I'm sorry,
but I came to this village
only two years ago.
Ah, that's right. If it happened a long time ago,
it would be best if you asked Ernesto.
Ernesto is
the groundskeeper of the village cemetery.
He's a bit odd,
but he was born in this village.
Are you Mr. Ernesto?
We're looking for someone.
He's a genius surgeon
who performed big surgeries
on a baby who was almost dead.
This young man here was
a baby at that time.
Uncle Ernesto,
these men have come all the way from the U.K.
If you do know, please give them an answer.
How unfortunate.
This man hasn't been talking to others
for several years already.
I'm talking!
Every morning and every night,
I talk to those asleep in this cemetery!
People who are living in this village now are all from the outside!
All the real villagers of San Merida
have been killed!
It is occupied by stupid pigs
like you, who are ruling this country now!
That's why I...
I, who survived alone, can only
talk to the souls buried here.
Lord, please save Ernesto.
You idiot! Leave!
Mr. Ernesto,
Maybe you aren't the only person
talking to people who died
during the civil war.
There is a young man
who is talking to these people
in his dream for years.
"Three red fruits,
two blue fruits,
how many white fruits?
Six white fruits,
five red fruits,
how many blue fruits?"
"Good night,
lovely baby.
San Merida,
San Merida.
In your favorite
forest of San Merida,
an owl sings."
How do you guys know that song?
It's an old lullaby passed down only in this village.
Um, Sir,
what are you going to do with my cab?
I'm waiting with the engine on,
I'm waiting with the engine on,
but there isn't really
any hotel in this town...
You can stay at my place.
In San Merida village,
there wasn't a doctor even 20 years ago.
That's not possible.
There wasn't any!
At least the one with a certificate.
However, a big surgery
you told me about did occur.
I see... That baby grew up this much.
I see... That baby grew up this much.
So you do know.
You know about the doctor who performed surgery on me.
I told you, there weren't any doctors.
That man was not a doctor.
He did want to be
a doctor for sure, but it didn't work.
He studied in a foreign country far away from his home,
but he couldn't get certified.
When he was about to graduate,
a civil war broke out back home.
He couldn't just let
his family be in danger.
He came back home.
He came back to San Merida, El Garnia.
San Merida, which was
a headquarter of the anti-government group,
was surrounded by the government army
and was attacked continuously.
People lost their hands,
and their organs were blown off.
He couldn't just watch
people lose their lives.
So he started his mission.
In a safe place,
he gathered medical people and tools
and started treating people.
He hadn't even finished an internship back then,
but he read as many books as possible
and used all the knowledge he learned in school.
Some people might have died
due to his unskilled treatment,
but many were saved.
It was better than nothing.
He continued his work.
He didn't have any confidence nor certifiaction,
but he had no choice but to continue.
He was you.
When I first met you,
I could recognize that you were related to medicine.
I saw your hands
were stained with iodine.
Iodine is used for
disinfection in emergencies.
You probably had
no time to put on gloves
to treat patients.
Special Forces Unit, please.
It took two years to find this.
It's an underground facility used by the anti-government group.
Of course, it's possible to use it as evidence.
Among many fingerprints
I took from there, his was there.
It took about a month to match it.
20 years ago,
Most villagers were injured and killed.
We got attacked by Special Forces Unit
of the government army.
In front of the church, Sandra and her daughter Anita were shot,
and they were brought to
my place right after.
Anita died on the spot,
having her heart pierced by a bullet.
However, the mother Sandra
was still breathing even after
getting gunshots all over her body.
Anita, my daughter...
I'm sorry.
I see...
But Doctor, I'll be where
Anita is soon too, right?
No, you will be fine.
You will survive.
You are lying. You shouldn't lie at times like this, Doctor.
It was as Sandra said.
She bled too much
that I couldn't do anything
but watch her die.
but watch her die.
At that moment,
a baby who was less than
a year old was brought by.
He had terrible burns on his face and back
that it was hard to tell
whose child he was.
His rib, hand and leg bones
were all broken.
It was only a matter of time.
So I put him next to Sandra,
so he could at least go with her.
so he could at least go with her.
I might have been tired
of that everyday hell.
I felt spiritless
and I lost control of myself.
But it was Sandra
who saved me from that state.
Come here!
She must have used all the strength she had.
Sandra was breast-feeding the crying baby
as if he was her own baby.
She died in that position.
"I want to save this baby no matter what."
Sandra's sacrifice
was crying like that to me.
No one said anything,
but everyone must have believed
that he was looking at a miracle.
So... What happened after that?
A miracle continued to happen.
I decided to perform surgery
on that baby to save him.
I was surprised after checking.
Dead Sandra's blood type
completely matched that of the baby's.
Sandra's blood type must have been
A Rh+,
but it was changed to O Rh+.
Something like that cannot possibly happen!
There probably was a mistake
when her blood type was registered.
But at that moment,
I didn't have time to think about it like that.
I couldn't help but think that it was the second miracle.
My body started to shake.
I thought Sandra's will
to save the baby
must had touched God's heart.
Of course, such big surgery was new to me.
As I transfused Sandra's blood to the baby,
I rejoined the bones,
patched up the ruptured liver
and sutured the veins.
If I lacked something,
I took them from Sandra.
That's right. Your face and
back skin are from Sandra.
Especially on your back,
I put Sandra's bullet-wounded skin as it is.
As a proof that
a woman named Sandra existed.
That strange dream you saw
is probably a memory of Sandra,
your donor.
Please cherish it.
That means Sandra's still alive with you.
It's great, Sandra. It's great.
The miracle was still continuing.
It probably was a miracle.
But it was possible through a genius like you.
In this shabby room,
with only a lamp light,
you achieved a great job.
The perfect rejoining of broken bones,
and great stitchings of
veins and muscle tissues...
There is a trace of transplant in his liver
but its function is completely recovered.
And more than anything, the skin graft on his face and back.
This genius graft done
along the skin line proves
that you are the best
surgeon in this world.
I would like to see
your surgery skills with my own eyes.
I came all the way here for that.
I am Black Jack.
I'm an uncertified doctor, just like you.
A skin graft done along the skin line?
I didn't even think about such thing during the surgery.
It was all a miracle from God.
That makes no sense!
No. I kept hearing a voice.
"Ernesto, you can do it."
"You are saving that baby.
Please cheer up."
It was God's voice for sure.
Few days after that,
you were adopted to
a British journalist who visited this town.
Norman Harris...
Yes. It was a name like that.
Let's go back up.
I gotta heat up the soup.
Mr. Ernesto,
we found evidence that proves you were
"San Merida's Owl",
an important member of the anti-government group.
For 27 years, until the civil war ended,
you never took a step out of this place
and continued to treat guerillas.
"San Merida's Owl".
We didn't know who that hero of the anti-government group
was for a long time, until now.
It's an arrest warrant.
You will be tried in court.
Please come with us.
Major, bring only Ernesto in.
Yes, sir.
Wasn't he going to be tried?
It's an order from the president!
If we put him in court, he will stand out even more to people.
Then, San Merida's Owl will become a hero again.
Then, the anti-government movement
will rise again.
But didn't our country
restart as a democratic nation?!
Please take care of that body, Major.
He still has a pulse.
Let's do it, Pinoko.
Please get me blood to transfuse!
As much as possible!
Make an emergency call to the military hospital!
I'll take the reponsibility!
Doctor did his best.
More than any time.
Very carefully...
in Mr. Ernesto's body,
there were too many bullets
to be removed.
Thank you for everything.
If that seizure happens again,
please call my doctor no matter what.
It's all right. I'm not afraid of those seizures anymore.
It's a proof that
I'm not alone.
I see.
The genius surgeon
called "San Merida's Owl",
lies here.
I feel sorry for Mr. Ernesto.
It couldn't be helped.
The bullet hit the junction at the right atrium.
I don't believe in miracles.
However, to be honest,
I wanted to borrow
some kind of power that moment.
Some kind of power...