Job Hunting Tips : Tips for Marketing Yourself to a Job

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.11.2007

Hi! My name is Tine Buechler and I’m from Business Growth Training and I am here today
on behalf of Expert In this clip we are going to talk about, in job search,
the very key point of developing product knowledge. I’ve read many different HR magazines and
one of the key complaints Human Resource Managers have is when they are interviewing applicants,
but applicants really don’t know what their key skills are and what they have to offer
the employer. What happens with the employers is they think, “You’ve been with you all
your life. If you don’t know your key skills and abilities, then how am I to know them
and if you are not confident about your key skills and abilities, then how am I to be
confident with you and therefore, hire you” Some of the key things you need to know in
product knowledge are actually right here. You need to know what your skills are. What
are your transferable skills; skills that could be applied to any different kind of
employment? What are your job specific skills? What is your education and not just your formal
education, but some of the training on the job site training that you have done, training
and upgrading employment courses or courses paid for by your employer. All of these things
are additional things to offer that you could offer the employer. What is your work experience
and your qualifications? What are the things that you are really good at? What are your
accomplishments, your achieve results? What is your reputation? What are you known for?
Are you known for getting the job done on time? Are you known for getting the team to
work together? What is it that you excel at? We also want to know what your personal qualities
are, your self-management skills and your ability to work with other people. No matter
what employment you are going to go to, you are going to be working with other people
and they need to know that you can do that. The last thing an employer wants to know is
what your needs are, what your goals are and what your values are. These are very important
because your goals, your values will make you fit or, in the alternative, not fit within
my place of employment. So before you start launching your job search, one of the very
first things you need to do is really spend a lot of time developing product knowledge.
Really knowing yourself and being able to talk confidently about yourself so that the
employer can hire you. If you are confident about you, then I am confident about you and
it makes it much easier for me to hire you.