Vete a la Versh - Vete a la Versh: Episodio 5 - Nalgdonald's

Uploaded by vetealaversha on 19.04.2012

I want a Hamburgueeeeer!
-Aaaaaaaaaaaah!- -Aaaaaaaaaaah!-
Let's go get your fucking hamburgueeeeeer!
I hate this place...
Are you aware of all the kidney and cardiovascular
risks this crap puts you through?
Did you know that every five minutes they dispose of a hamburger
Because of its immediate expiring time?
♫ Lies, I fell in love with you for your lies. ♫
♫ Lies. ♫
♫ (completely incomprehensible) ♫
♫ Lies. ♫
♫ (incomprehensible) ♫
Did you know there are rumors that the meat is made of rat
and waste?
Welcome to Buttdonald's. May I take your order?
Hello! Can I have one of those Happy Buttocks
and your sister?
And a Jizzcone.
Sure sir, would you like the Pedophile Burger
or the Buttgets with your Happy Buttock?
Mmm... Buttggets please and...
your sister.
And Buttggets.
Ahm... what... what... what would you like to drink, sir?
A CumCola.
No no no, I'll get a Spuerc instead.
Got it. Would you like to super size that for twenty-five cen...
And your sister.
Sir, I'm just trying to do my job. Don't be rude.
-I want to take your order in order to- -Well I want to eat, I'm hungry.-
-serve you as best as...- -Well I want to eat, I'm hungry.-
If you don't like your job
-No, no no no. It's not that I don't like it- -what are you doing here?-
It's just that I have two little brothers
to take care of, sir.
Ok ok, I understand.
But I also have a family to look after.
That's a lie.
Shut the fuck up you filthy bitch!
-I'm just giving my best effort- -And I'd like to save the energy I'd use on this dispute-
-so you can be satisfied.- -just so I can eat and recover-
all energy I've wasted during today's workday
and yes! Thank you!
Would you like to add something else?
Your sister. Please.
Hold this.
My order is perfect.
And here is my sister, sir.
This is the happiest day of my life!
I'll take her.