Jet Boy 8/10 (English)

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Excuse me. I am looking for a little guy - Nathan.
Sorry, Boon.
Come on. Let's get the hell out of here.
Pack your things together. Weare leaving at the first light.
Vacation's over.
I don't have anything.
Then get some sleep!
Where you going?
It's not fair! I could not say goodbye to Lloyd!
You can send him a post card when you get where you're going.
One last screw, ha?
Watch your mouth.
I'm gonna ride you to Vancouvre. Thats all.
After that we go separate ways.
Let me say that to someone who cares.
Erin opens the door.
You have to trust me.
A ball of string crashed the squad car? Why don't you call Ripley
One of the vandals has a t-shirt with yellow 'happy" face. Upside down..
And you think that is our birthday boy?
Maybe. His father grade him out.
Great.Happy ending! Can I leave now?
But I didn't know that Boon Palmer has son.
Hi, Lloyd.
I sneak out..
Whi did you say Boon is your dad?
It is what I wanted.
He loves my mom.
He said that ?
He didn't have to !
Its not so bad. You can stay in my room when you come back.
Why do you think I'm coming back?
Boon said it. I heard him - he's coming back!
You're a liar. You were supposed to be my friend !
Hey, move over.
You can fuck me if you want.
I think that's what I want?
I,m pretty good at it! Full charge is free!
Stop that. Stop that.
She does not need you. Do not leave me.
It's cold outthere.
Is he here?
No, I never so him.
All right, .. if he does..
... give him this.
That simple? simple..
I.. I.. gotta go.
I'll call you.
You have not changed .
I told you anything , I tought you understood..
I don't even know his last name! I can't help him, Erin.
Who are you trying to convince?
He's got a father.
No, Boon. He went looking for one and he found you!
I got something big going down! Can't you understand that?
Not about that kiss and all that some kids bustle off with broken heart.
I take care of myself. And if he issmart, he'll do the same.
He's a little boy, Boon.
You gatta to stop running!
You're not your father!
What's going on?
He never asked for me..
He never asked for me..
So , what are you doing here?
A lot can happen in a day.
Want to talk?
I,m waiting for him to make the call..
I don't think he knows where the drop is yet!
Listen to this.
I need the phone.
An idiot wants to use the telephone.
Fuck you !
Hey, I,m here. Now what?
No, it's a 67.
Look, why don't you close sush the dough of shit! It,s getting a little tiresome..
Forty kilos.
Yeah, that would be the magic number.
Damn. That's almost ninety pounds!
You fuck me - you're dead !
So why are you keep saying that..
What you see is what you get.
Get into the car.
Turn right at the next intersection. At the end of the block turn left.
Then what?
Don't screw up!
You're famous or something?
Not exactly.
Here we are.
You bring a lot of boys up here?
No. You are the first.
Yeah, right!. You're not my first.
You seem nice enough.
I want to go all the way - just so, you know..
Hey, come on.
Let's have some fun, uh?
Where did you go?
See a boy coming here?
Can you be more specific?
Whose's that Cadillac out there?
I can't give that kind of information, I'm not allowed.
This glass is bulletproof?
Are you kidding?
Who's is the fucking Cadillac?
I have to check in my book ...
Open the door.
Ya, let's check the log.
Hurry up, come on.
Get your little ass out here.
We have a deal.
Deal's off.
Go, run.
Open the fuckin door.
Where is he?
In the bathroom.
Get down!
Listen to me. You move.. you move an inch and I'll kill you.
Nathan. You're in there?
I Boon. Open up.
Did he hurt you?
I don't have a dad.
I ask my mam. She didn't know...
How is that possible?
I don't have anyone.
Come here.
Because I said so.
Is this close enough?
Let's see.
Do not worry. I won't let you go.
Everything is fine.
Let's get out of here.
All that money in the trunk of this car...
You need a lot of beit if you go fishing for sharks.
You caught it?
Yes, you can tell, a big one.
I thought you were a drug dealer.
Why makes you think that?
"Federal Police Canada"
I'm hungry.
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