Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 20 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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This one..
Ohh. Isn't it pretty?
It's unique and doesn't look that difficult to make,
so I want to give it a try.
Where did you get it from?
Tell me! Where did you get this?!
From the teacher who teaches here...
To me that friend was
my kiln
and potter's wheel.
I was afraid
that I would make her cry.
Like my father...
and my mother...
I didn't want her to end up crying because of me
I ran away.
Get lost!
I told you not to get involved with a man like him.
Do you know how insulting that was for him?
I gave them money for their troubles. What is the problem?
Was it not enough?
This is
the first time I've ever wanted something.
Can't you let me win just this once?
How can that kind of a man be what you want?
You are Shinhwa group's heiress!
Instead of meeting Korea's, no, Asia's best male prospects...
Get a hold of yourself!
To me
that person is the 'best'
because I love him.
Other men, no matter who they are, makes no difference to me!
Pathetic girl.
Marrying a man for a love that will fade in a few years
that will not be an option.
That's right!
Because I am your mother,
because you were born into the Shinhwa group,
I cannot allow your foolish gamble at love.
You can do that in your next life.
What should we do?! Are you all right, Miss?
The lady has fainted here!
If you're wondering where this is...
Are you awake?
What happened?
You were almost in big trouble!
You collapsed on the road.
But how did you...?
What would have happened if I had not called you at the right time?
Why were you being so foolish?
Didn't I tell you to call me if things got too hard for you?
Don't you consider us sisters anymore?
It's not that.
Did something bad happen?
Then, from now on, you have to listen to what I say.
From now on, Jandi, you are my guest.
Since your parents aren't around, you cannot leave this house until things get better for you.
Unni(Older Sister), but that is.. a little..
Regardless of Joon Pyo
Didn't we decide that you were going to treat me as if I were your real older sister?
Even so...the President..
There's no need to worry about my mother.
She's out of the country for awhile.
You don't have any more concerns do you?
So lot of nerve, though, and you...
Right! That's the way it ought to be!
But...I have a condition too...
I don't like to accept things for free.
For sleeping and eating in this house
Please put me to work.
I am curious about something.
About what?
What is your reason for being so nice to me?
You know, honestly
Goo Joon Pyo is already engaged.
If the President find out that you're doing this...
Are you really that curious?
It's a gift!
From today onwards, Miss Geum Jandi, is the new maid.
She is like my sister, i want to give her all but she want to work.
Everyone, please help her out.
Hello, I'm Geum Jan Di...
Please take care of me.
There is no need for us to take care of you!
Please take care of her.
If you have to ask that
its better if she doesn't start.
Granny, go a little gentler on her.
No. There's no need!
I will do my best!
Please treat me the same as you would the others.
Your best will not do.
In this household perfection is a requirement
Are you ready?
You are not a child. Answer the question!
Say, "Yes! I understand!"
Confidently and clearly.
Yes..I understand!
I have to return to the US.
Will you be fine on your own?
Don't worry about me.
You! You new girl!
What do you think you're doing, chatting instead of getting to work?
Yes, granny!
What do you mean, "Granny"?
How did I become "Grandma" to Miss Geum Jandi?
Then...what should I call you?
This is a divine work place for you and me.
Call me, "Sunbae!"
How long are you going to just stand there like an idiot?
If you're going to learn everything from the basics, every second and minute is precious!
Hurry up!
In this house as a maid
needs to meet all the needs of her master.
There is a list of all these things.
ironing a shirt in one minute is a given.
Being able to correctly dust expensive artworks.
knowing how to organize all the wines.
Chambertin (wrong pronunciation)
Now, we will memorize the menu.
Shrimp carpaccio with white truffle aioli.
Shrimp-tu carpa...
Skirt steak garnished with asparagus.
Aa...As-pa-ra-gam (asparagus)
Roast duck with bell pepper chutney
I am hungry! Give me food.
Sprinkled basil oil on le...
Lentil corn!
Lentil corn.
Oh my.
Grandma, you're still alive?
Yes. No matter how you may wish for it, it seems I cannot go.
No, no that's not what I meant.
It's because I haven't seen you for so long!
What happened to you?
Didn't you say you were going to run the housekeeping school or something?
The house was such a mess.
I couldn't just sit and watch.
In the meantime, Butler Lee will be at the school on my behalf.
Why? - Is there a problem? - N..No.
Who is she?
Is she your student?
Where did you find such a stupid girl that can't even memorize the menu?
I took her on as my student because of an unavoidable situation.
I'll introduce her to you.
Come here.
Nice to meet you.
From now on
you will serve Master Jun Pyo here.
Please take care of me.
Ge...Geum Jan Di...
From today onwards, Geum JanDi will be Master JunPyo's personal maid.
Per...Personal! maid?
Please...I will do anything else you want me to!
But what's this about Goo JunPyo's personal maid...
What do you mean, "Goo Joon Pyo"?
No one can call him like that in this house!
No matter what happens outside,
when you're working in this house,
call him, "Master"!
So as I was saying, please reconsider this position with 'Master'.
Grandm- Sunbaenim...
Please, I am begging you...
Have you already forgotten?
It's not something that can be decided just because you wish it.
I should not have come here.
Maybe it is still okay for me to leave right now.
"i told you to come to me anytime you needed help"
"did you forget that we are unni-dongsaeng?
oh..Geum JanDi.
GooJoonPyo's maid Geum Jandi reply to me now.
Goo JunPyo?
Ah..Geum JanDi
Report to my room immediately. Over.
This guy is really!
Hey! What are you doing right now?
It took you 3 minutes to get here. Next time make it here in one.
You really..
I, Goo JunPyo, command my personal maid Geum JanDi
to make delicious ramen right away.
I don't want to!
You know I am holding back because of your sister.
i want my ramen in 10 minutes.
I'm hanging up.
Goo JunPyo..
Do you really want to die?
Who do you think you are addressing so informally?
Yes sir.
What is this?
Gees! The ramyum!
that you wanted me to cook, Master.
- There's no lid! - What li . . .!
- Where are you going? - What do you want now?!...sir?
What..what is it? I want you to sit there until I finish.
There is a button on the side, push it.
You! I mean . . . master.
What are you trying to do?
It's because the chair is so uncomfortable.
I'm just testing it. Just do as I say and sit.
Do you know what time it is?! How is it that you are still asleep?!
Hurry over to master's room.
This early?
Get out!
If you try to wake me up one more time, I will fire you! Got it?
Sir JunPyo, don't you think it's time to wake up?
Didn't I tell you? I'll fire you if you try to wake me up again? Do you want to die?
Goo JunPyo
Get up!
How many people have to risk their jobs just to wake you up?
What the!
Geum Jan DI
Hey! Okay! I got it, I'll get up! I'm getting up.
About firing you . . . I take it back.
What? Thank you . . Thank you
Thank you Geum Jan Di!
Yi Jung.
How did you . . . ?
I used to be the one hiding, I'm always it so i never get to seek.
It's pretty hard.
Cha Eun-jae
Don't you think you hid too well?
I was almost about to give up on the game.
Yi Jung ...
Why does nothing work for both of us?
What do you think is worse?
Working as a personal maid under your ex-boyfriend,
or accidentally putting your crush and his first love together as soon as you gather up the courage to ask him out?
I think comparing the two situations is sad in itself.
Jaekyung unnie..
Jandi! Did you move again?
Where did your house go? There's not even a trace of it left.
Oh yeah. Something came up.
So? Where did you go?
Let's have another housewarming party! I'll buy you something good to eat!
Gaeul! Let's play truth or dare like the last time, too?
Doesn't that sound good? Tell me, where?
My house!
Jandi is sharing my room with me right now, so I don't think we can hang out like last time. That's why we haven't invited you.
We're sorry.
Oh I see- I'm glad you're at least with Gaeul.
you could have stayed with me, too.
Thank you for offering.
Oh yeah. Can you pack some porridge for me?
GuJunpyo is sick?
After the trip I had no chance to see Jun but when I called, he said he was sick.
I'm going to go visit him.
He was fine this morn-
Jandi. Isn't it time for you to go to the clinic?
That's right. You're all done.
He's alright. Breathing's good.
Even though he has a fever, he's still healthy.
Thank you. Good bye.
Grandpa !
Grandpa...are you okay?
Ah, I'm all right.
I know my own disease.
There's nothing to be worried about.
You're not okay.
What would have happened if I hadn't been here? This happened last time, too.
You can't live by yourself like this
So you plan on putting me in a retirement home?
Yes. You!!
What are you doing here all of a sudden?
What is all this?
It's for moving in.
Do you have a spare room?
Come on, hurry!
Come on, hu-
Hold on a moment.
Come on, hurry!
Ah, I don't know what your motive is.
Why don't I see my personal maid?
Pardon? eh Geum Ja-
my new personal maid.
Her master is eating and she doesn't even show her face
New personal maid?
Today is saturday, sir.
When Mistress Jun Hee hired Geum...
Because of school and her part-time jobs
She's only required to work during the 5 weekdays.
only five days?
what kind of maid is that?
Sir, Mistress Jaekyung is here.
Our little Jun...Does it hurt? Should I nurse you back to health? Let's eat porridge.
Are you sick?
What are you doing Joonpyo? Your fiancee says to open.
Good, you eat well.
Does it taste good?
Come and sit down.
Here is...
This is your home now.
What kind of person does this all of the sudden?
He and I need time to prepare our minds...
You've been doing it for 15 years.
Preparing your mind.
Was it not enough?
Also if you don't listen to me,I might tell him all about it.
About what!?
That you are sick
Should I do that?
look at you. Where did you learn all these bad things from?
I've been told that
That I have good skills in dealing.
Good night.
JanDi ah... yes..
do you think he'll forgive me?
What are you so scared of? You're his grandfather.
If your grandson doesn't listen, just give him a good beating.
Good night.
What do you think you are doing?
You and your grandpa needed a family.
All i did was helping you guys find it.
Geum JanDI..I'm still--
You're not ready for it?
Grandpa said the same thing.
For something like this, how much time do you need to prepare...?
Isn't that pointless?
You said it before,
It's impossible to know somebody completely.
But you can at least know what kind of person he or she is.
The "JiHoo" i know
Still loves and misses his grandfather.
So, he's capable of forgiving him.
Geum JanDi..Answer me, Geum JanDi..
My personal maid!
Don't you think you're a little too absent just because you have the day off? Are you still not in?
What do you want!?
I'm not supposed to be working right now.
Hurry here right now.
I start on Monday at five o'clock. Call me then.
You can earn extra money for extra hours.
What? Do you want me to make ramen?
Huh? what is this?
Sit still here.
What? WHat is this?
Hold on a minute and just sit still.
What is this?
It's starting
Leave that there too..
Because I told you to study, you're mad, right?
Be proud that only the elite are allowed to congregate here.
I want to leave!
Geum JanDi
Goo JunPyo..
There's a huge problem! A huge problem!
Jaekyung unnie..She is walking up here right now.
What are we going to do? what are going to do now?
Why do we have to do anything? Just stay still.
It's better this way
- I'll just take this time . . . - Oh shoot! I don't know!
Hey! Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Why would you go in here?
Goo JunPyo..Close the door for me
I asked why you'd go in here?
Where are you? I'm here.
So you were in here.
Hey Monkey.
Don't you sleep?
What kind of woman comes to someone else's house in the middle of the night?
You're not "someone else." You're "someone I like."
Isn't it funny?
My dad always said the words of a popular song has its philosophy.
I didn't know what it meant.
But now I so understand it.
Maybe because I'm dating?
What dating?
Anyway, why are you here?
To spend the night.
To watch this together. I wanted to watch this, but I'm too scared to watch it alone.
Good, right? Let's go.
I remember you liked this when you were young.
Let's eat
I'm not hungry
Then at least take this
Jaekyung..How did you
JanDi..How could you do this?
Why did you lie to me?
I thought you were my best friend.
I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life like sisters! How could you do this to me?
Jaekyung..That's not it.
I'm sorry..The truth is..
I don't want to hear excuses
You lied to me, you hurt me more than you can imagine.
Please,listen to me.
Jandi! What are you doing today?
I'm really sorry- I think i'm busy allllllll day! I'm so busy I don't think I can do anything today-
Right now I'm on my way out
Really? okay..bye~
Did you two sleep well?
What are you doing here?
so early in the morning?
Ah me? I came to go to work with you two!
Well since it's the three of us, let's take the car.
Let's go! Hurry up! Let's go!
Here, ma'am...
Be careful, it's hot.
Oh! It's normal temperature.
Here you go...
Grandma! Grandma!
I don't want to! :p
Mrs. Min...
Oh hold on a minute.
Sunbae ! Sunbae !
-Please give us some tea. - We didn't drink tea either.
How did you get so handsome?
I think I'll drink a cup too.
Yes, it's good.
You can exit this way.
Please wait a little bit.
It has been a while since I have been here.
do you remember getting in trouble from playing hide and seek in here.
Of course. I had to clean for a week as punishment.
Right. And you said you were cold so we tried to heat it up and we got in trouble again.
You were the one who told me you were cold.
No way! It was you!
no... was it me?
Your mother, is she well?
She's still the same.
Do you want to know about my dad as well?.
What about you? You have been well right?
Are you curious?
Are you really curious?
Why did you do it?
Do what?
How could you do that all of the sudden?
Without a warning...How could you disappear like that?
Do you know how I felt?
I felt suffocated--as though the air I breathed was all gone.
Can you imagine how I felt?
How could you have done that to me?
I wasn't the air
I..I wasn't your air..YiJung
I was just a breeze that you mistook for air.
I thought of myself the same way, Yijung.
I thought, if i wanted to, I could stay at your side forever.
What are you trying to say?
A breeze.. Once it passes by, it can't come back to the same place..YiJung ah
Why are you being like this?
Oh, it' you GaEul.. I want to sleep. Can we talk later?
Sunbae..How could you act so much better than me back then when now you've become like this?
Can you shut up and leave?
No, if i shut up now,
I'll probably have to watch you spend your life in this condition, so I think I'll say a few more things.
Sunbae.... You're a liar.

You're immature
a pathetic coward.
What did you say?
You said you pretended because you didn't want to hurt her, right?
No, ιt was you, sunbae, who didn't want to get hurt.
You thought that she'll see you for what you are and that she'd run away--
Chu GaEul.
I know. Your cool and collected self is just a mask.
But the Yijung that I like... He's afraid of love.
He's afraid of people leaving, just like a child.
Children.. in front of what they really want, they don't hesitate.
Because if they lose it.. they know they'll start crying.
Thank you for today.
You got to do more things for the first time because of me again, right?
Get in. I'll take you home.
No. I can go alone.
Aigoo, it must be heavy.
Doctor, let's go
Work time is over so i'm now "grandpa"
Drive home safely, Grandpa.
Put on your seatbelt!. Ok.
Drive safely!
Drive safely!!
Sir, it is time to wake up sir.
You should wake up now.
Sir... SIR!!!
You..What are you..
Five minutes.
Let me stay like this for five minutes, then I'll get up.
Even when I'm holding you like this
I can't believe you're really here
Jun..I'm here!