How to breakdance : Flare tutorial [with subtitles]- by Bboy Pharo

Uploaded by bb0ypharaohegy on 02.04.2012

Hello I'm Bboy Pharo from Egypt and I'm going to teach you how to do flare
First thing you need to do before practicing flares is to stretch
Try to reach your knee with your head like that , if you can do that you have to try to reach the ground with your head and your nouse
Go down
and... the last one for shoulders
open your legs like that , it looks like the middle split direction
bend this knee (right) like that and keep this knee straight (left)
place your left hand like that
never place it like that , this is not right you will not go into flare
so you need to place it like that
swing you left leg in a circular direction , to make the biggest circle that you can do
then you need to bend this knee (right knee) , never do it with a straight knee , bend it to make it easy for you
if you reached this possition you have to kick this leg (right) to the front and kick your waist to the front with your leg
you have to kick this leg to this direction , don't kick it like that , this is not right , kick it like that
kick it not very high and not very low
very high kick will make you fall down
medium kick is the best
when you swing this leg which came from the back very powerful , there is a common mistake on swinging this leg
some people kick it like that direct , no this is not right
look at this ! it will go to this direction first , and when it comes over here it goes up
when you reach this possition you need to get this leg lower and the other one higher
this leg , when it comes from here to here needs to kick up
some people say it needs to kick your face , this is not right , you have to keep it far from your face
kick it high okay but never bring it to your face like that , this is not right
when you are here , you are going to place your right hand
every one in the first when he tries to place his right hand , it doesn't be able to carry his weight
if you reached this you need to practice so much ,you will get this part of the move bye practicing
you just need to practice to make your arm stronger
there is only one tip I can give to you on placing your arm is to place it near from your body not far
when you place your arm on the ground and you reach this , while you are kicking this leg , you need to lean to your right arm
not actually lean to the right side , lean to the back and little to the side
that will help you to go to the second round
here you went to this position the end of the first flare
you need to kick this leg to the back like that
try to kick it straight and never bend it , if you bend it it will make your flare slower and not clean , and it will be hard to continue
if you reached this position , never close your middle split
this is called the middle split
never close it like that , this is not right , you have to keep it open
and never switch it to the side split , if you switched it to the side split you will fall
so you have to keep it open
keep this leg up high , how can you keep it up high ? - by keeping your middle split opened
here you are in the end of the first round and going to the second round
now you finished your first round of flare and you want to go to the second round
well it is kinda hard , actually it is the hardest part of flares
when you reach this position you have to keep your middle split open and never close it , if you closed it your second round will not be clean
to go to the second round 1. kick your right leg strong and straight to the back 2. keep your middle split opened 3. Pull your waist up
if you came here and you are going to the second flare , first thing you need to do is to kick this leg to the front and don't bring it very near from your face
you have to kick it to the front with your waist
delay swinging your left leg untill your waist go to the front
and then continue swinging it
look at this , observe my left leg in the second round
if you want to make your flares more powerful you have to make exercises for strength
I will show you some exercises I do them always to make my flare looks better