Faces of Distracted Driving: Margay Schee, 13

Uploaded by usdotgov on 21.10.2010

[Music] Margay was 13 years old.
She had just started her eighth grade year.
She was a fantastic student.
She wanted to be a pilot.
She loved animals, she loved people.
She was just a great all-around kid.
[Music] Margay, along with 21 other students, were on the bus,
on her school bus, on their way home from school
when they were stopped at a routine bus stop.
And they were rear-ended by a man in a semi-truck traveling
at approximately 60 miles an hour who says
that he never saw the school bus.
[Music] Margay was thrown underneath the seats
of the school bus, and was not able to get out.
And the bus and the truck caught on fire,
and Margay was killed in that fire.
[Music] I feel that a big part of me died with Margay.
It's completely changed my outlook on life.
My son struggles very hard with it.
It's just taking your world full of color and then all
of a sudden, everything is gray.
I can't even say it's black and white.
It's just gray.
It's ugly.
[Music] The year that my daughter was killed,
which was 2008, almost 6,000 people were killed that year due
to distracted driving crashes.
It's not if it's going to happen to you, it's when it's going
to happen to you - or one of your loved ones.
And believe me, you don't want to be in my shoes.
[Music] No texting, no talking, hands-free, hand-held -
it just needs to be put down.
You need to drive, from A to B, and let that be that.
I ask that people, if they feel the urge to pick
up their phone while they're driving their vehicle,
they'll think about Margay laying
on the bottom of a school bus.
[Music] Distracted driving kills.
Safe driving starts with you.