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[He Jiong] We welcome everyone on this Saturday night to our Oppo Real Happy Camp.
[MCs] We are Happy Family!
[He Jiong] Very happy to be with everyone in this "Heat in All Directions" summer.
[He Jiong] What's wrong?
[Hai Tao] I've just worn my pajamas up here.
[He Jiong] It looks very comfortable, Hai Tao.
[Xie Na] Why don't you just wear that back as a pajama?
[He Jiong] Hai Tao that really is very comfortable.
[Wei Jia] Hai Tao, when you're watching the Olympics at home, do you wear this?
[Hai Tao] Yeah, I'll wear it,
[Hai Tao] And occasionally, this is when I'm watching men's games, and when I'm watching women's games...
[Hai Tao] Wah! Fighting!
[Hai Tao] This way it turns into a little dress.
[He Jiong] So many functions!
[Wei Jia] I feel like we don't know if the women will agree to it!
[He Jiong] But on the hottest subject of the summer,
[He Jiong] It has to be the 2012 London Olympics that's happening right now.
[Wei Jia] Yes!
[He Jiong] In the Olympics, our Chinese Olympic team has had very good performances.
[He Jiong] Here, let's use our enthusiastic applause to
[He Jiong] wish that our Chinese Olympic team will achieve very good results, okay?
[Wei Jia] Okay!
[Xie Na] Fighting!
[He Jiong] Also, in our Happy Family, we had someone personally fly to London to watch the Olympics.
[Xie Na] It was you two again?
[He Jiong] It wasn't me. I didn't. I was doing programs here.
[Wu Xin] Him, it was all him!
[Xie Na] Our production team arranged it again?
[Wei Jia] No, no, no.
[Xie Na] It must have been!
[Wei Jia] I paid for it personally.
[Wei Jia] To wish the Chinese Athletes good luck. [He Jiong] A personal vacation.
[Xie Na] I want to go, too!
[He Jiong] You don't have money!
[Wei Jia] Or the time!
[He Jiong] The most important part is you don't speak the language!
[Xie Na] I want to go to London, I want to go to London.
[He Jiong & Xie Na] But when I have the money, I don't have the time.
[Wei Jia] Should we take the opportunity to hold a sports contest here in Ma Lan Mountain?
[Hai Tao] Okay! [He Jiong] That's right!
[He Jiong] Let me tell everyone,
[Xie Na] Let's do it right now!
[He Jiong] Today, we're excitedly opening Ma Lan Mountain Sports Contest.
[He Jiong] This sports contest is very large in scale.
[He Jiong] We have two competitors here today!
[Xie Na] So the last person will still get the silver medal.
[He Jiong] But don't forget,
[Wei Jia] We're also going to be competing.
[He Jiong]g Happy Family is [Xie Na] We are athletes!
[He Jiong] Which sport is your best?
[Xie Na] When I was in school, I was the co-captain of the volleyball team.
[He Jiong] When I was in school, I was part of the long distance track team.
[He Jiong] Because no student wanted to sign up for this.
[He Jiong] As a student leader, I went to run the long distance.
[Xie Na] It's the same as that person.
[He Jiong] Who?
[Xie Na] Same as Jie Ge (Jason Zhang, Xie Na's husband). No one signed up for the really long long distance run.
[Xie Na] So he signed up by him self. At the end he was the only one still going.
[Xie Na] No one cared what the results of this competition was.
[Xie Na] In the end, he ran to a classroom and passed out.
[Xie Na] Seriously.
[Wei Jia] So motivational!
[Wu Xin] I participated in a long distance run and there was a total of 40 people.
[Wu Xin] The 39th person had already finished. I was behind the 39th person by half a lap.
[Wu Xin] And the teacher who was passing out the placement cards had started going back.
[Wu Xin] And I ran after calling, "Teacher! Teacher!"
[Wu Xin] The teacher said, "How can a running companion be like this? The runner has already come back and the running companion is returning just now?"
[Wu Xin] I said, "I'm the 40th one."
[Wu Xin] Give me that card!
[Xie Na] In my middle school, I was
[Xie Na] For the norther city 800 meter, I was the champion.
[Xie Na] 800 meters.
[Wu Xin] So cool!
[Wei Jia] I think another interesting point is the broadcast during school competitions.
[He Jiong] Right!
[Wei Jia] And "Here's a song for Class XXX!"
[Wei Jia] "Athletes, you are the greatest! Here's True Hero for you!"
[Xie Na] Yes yes yes yes!
[Wu Xin] The colorful flags flying in the field!
[Wei Jia] Yes yes yes yes!
[Wei Jia] And the broadcasting script or whatever.
[He Jiong] Besides the results of the sport competitions,
[He Jiong] We also competed on which class had a longer time in the script.
[He Jiong] And besides being a long distance runner, I was also part of the broadcasting team,
[He Jiong] So I would frequently use my powers to broadcast "True Hero" for my class.
[He Jiong] Hai Tao, you...
[Hai Tao] When I was in high school,
[Hai Tao] I also participated in 1,500 meter run.
[Hai Tao] At that time, I and another [Xie Na] You?
[Hai Tao] Me and another fatty.
[Hai Tao] Because I thought I might not have good results, but we were going to get the good sportsmanship award.
[Hai Tao] On my chest, oh on his chest, he wrote, "I am" and I had "Handsome guy."
[Hai Tao] So we ran together, then all of a sudden he sped up and just me, Handsome Guy, was left by myself.
[Hai Tao] Very not handsome.
[Wei Jia] Ran too slow. [Hai Tao] Lots of design was ruined.
[He Jiong] On the topic of the sports contest, we have two athletes today on the set.
[He Jiong] And they, you know the most important part of the sportsmanship competition is the athletes entrance show.
[He Jiong] They worked very hard to prepare an entrance show for our Ma Lan Mountain Sports Contest.
[He Jiong] The first person, he will use a
[He Jiong] crazy wild cursive style. Let's welcome our first athlete!
[He Jiong] How is this athlete?
[He Jiong] Okay, that's one of our athletes for today. [Wei Jia] The cheer squad will go crazy.
[He Jiong] This presence was a bit too much.
[Wei Jia] Right [Xie Na] I feel the same way.
[Wei Jia] Does he need to be so fierce in the entrance?
[Xie Na] Why don't just do this, just name him first place?
[He Jiong] In a little while there'll still be some competition.
[Xie Na] There's no need.
[He Jiong] The prize is really too great, so we can't be so rash.
[He Jiong] Let's welcome our second athlete!
[He Jiong] Blackie!
[He Jiong] Thank you! Let's welcome our other athlete Han Geng! Welcome!
[He Jiong] Welcome the two!
[Wei Jia] Wow we've really got a black and white theme.
[He Jiong] But I feel that the athletes did not conform to our sports dress code.
[Xie Na] Why? [Blackie] Why?
[Xie Na] You guys should have dressed sporty like us.
[He Jiong] Very not suitable for exercising.
[Blackie] Is he sporty?
[Hai Tao] This is very sporty!
[Xie Na] Let me tell you, Hai Tao usually isn't like this. He's a fashionable person.
[He Jiong] I think today the two guests seeing our
[He Jiong] very special fashion and different appearance.
[He Jiong] Han Geng, towards your white hair, do you receive more complements or do more people wish for you to dye it black again?
[Han Geng] I've seen lots of comments that say black hair is better.
[He Jiong] Then why are you not paying attention to the fans' feelings? [Xie Na] It's a change.
[Han Geng] It's like this. In this album there's a lot of rock elements.
[Han Geng] I hoped to change my appearance a little to make my whole person seem to have more strength.
[He Jiong] I'm actually more interested in the changes in your singing.
[He Jiong] Because last time I MCed your press release for the new album and concert.
[He Jiong] I heard that in this concert you might sing Wang Feng's songs (famous for singing very high keys).
[Han Geng] Yeah, I really like Wang Feng's songs.
[He Jiong] At Happy Camp, can you...
[Xie Na] Sing a little. Sing a little.
[He Jiong] Before the sports contest, okay?
[Han Geng] Which song should I sing?
[Xie Na] If there is a day (from "In The Spring")
[Han Geng] "In the Spring"
[Blackie] "In the Spring"
[Han Geng] Give me a key.
[Han Geng] There might be a day
[Caption] Off key? [He Jiong] That's not right.
[He Jiong] No, doesn't he have his own accompaniment?
[Han Geng] I didn't bring it. [He Jiong] No? Okay.
[Han Geng] There might be a day when I'm old with nothing left
[Han Geng] Teacher, teacher, teacher (Term of respect for someone who's an expert in a field)
[Han Geng] Teacher wait. [Xie Na] Teacher played Swan Lake?
[Caption] Swan Lake in the Spring?
[Han Geng] Sorry teacher, one more time. Slower please. [Wei Jia] Changed to a tango?
[Han Geng] There might be a day when I'm old with nothing left.
[Han Geng] Please keep me in these memories.
[Han Geng] If there comes a day, I go...
[Han Geng] Forgot the lyrics.
[Han Geng] Please keep me here in this spring.
[Han Geng] In the spring.
[Han Geng] I got nervous so forgot the lyrics.
[Xie Na] Rocker Geng!
[He Jiong] Let me tell you, when you're put on the spot it'll be like this.
[He Jiong] Do you forget the lyrics easily during your concert?
[Han Geng] I'll sing "When I Think of You."
[He Jiong] That's a great song!
[Han Geng] I really like that song!
[He Jiong] Then why don't you sing a couple more lines, okay?
[Wei Jia] Give us a sneak peek of the concert.
[Wu Xin] Sing again.
[Xie Na] Why don't you just do the full performance right here?
[Han Geng] Let me think of how it goes.
[Han Geng] How does it go again?
[He Jiong] I know. "When I think of you..."
[Han Geng] Damn, can't remember again.
[Han Geng] Wait, let me think of the melody. [Xie Na] Take your time.
[He Jiong] Right, Wang Feng's song.
[Han Geng] Wang Feng's.
[Wei Jia] Are you sure you're prepared for your concert?
[Han Geng] I get nervous when you ask me to sing suddenly.
[Wu Xin] The concert hasn't started!
[Han Geng] Suddenly I'm very nervous!
[Wei Jia] Okay, take your time.
[He Jiong] There's always going to be a couple of songs that need to be reviewed.
[Han Geng] Right. Teacher, can you give me the melody again?
[Han Geng] How does it go?
[Blackie] It sounds the same as the last song!
[Wei Jia] If there is a day...
[Blackie] It's the same!
[Xie Na] Forget it. [Wei Jia] It's okay. Just take your time in the golden broadcast period.
[Han Geng] Let me think a little longer.
[Wei Jia] Even more pressure!
[Xie Na] Let Han Geng think, we can go to commercial or something. [Han Geng] Give me a couple of minutes.
[He Jiong] No, no.
[Xie Na] Let's do a commercial. Elegant Bird (Sponsor)
[Blackie] He's the kind that have to complete the task.
[He Jiong] I want to ask--I know--Blackie, have you ever dyed your hair so white?
[Blackie] To be honest, once, I dye it.
[Blackie] Because on the side, I think it must have hurt when he dyed his hair.
[He Jiong] It hurts a lot right?
[Xie Na] Stinging.
[Wei Jia] Because his was bleached white.
[Blackie] This is actually pretty much bleached pure white.
[He Jiong] Right, right, right.
[Blackie] And there might be some wounds on the side.
[He Jiong] It'll sting and hurt right?
[Blackie] Hurt a lot.
[He Jiong] But you're pretty tall, and your skin's kind of dark,
[He Jiong] so if you were to dye your hair white, the results should be rather
[Xie Na] In the night you just see the white hair.
[He Jiong] The results should be rather startling.
[Hai Tao] White clouds. Dark soil.
[Xie Na] White clouds in the night.
[Blackie] After I dyed it, and uncovered it, I immediately said to the stylist,
[Blackie] "Please dye it back."
[He Jiong] Let me tell everyone why Blackie can tell his stylist to dye it back.
[He Jiong] That's because he has his own hair salon.
[Blackie] Yes. [He Jiong] Because you like hair styling, so you just opened up a hair salon.
[Blackie] RIght, because starting from high school,
[Blackie] I liked changing my hair style. [Han Geng] Teacher He.
[He Jiong] What's wrong?
[Wu Xin & Wei Jia] Poor thing!
[He Jiong] Oh you're still there!
[Han Geng] How could you have the heart to leave me over here?
[He Jiong] You're still here.
[Han Geng] How did you have the heart to leave me here?
[He Jiong] Come, come. [Blackie[ That's right!
[Han Geng] You guys talked for too long!
[Xie Na] Let me tell you Han Geng, it's like this.
[He Jiong] Don't talk! He'll forget again!
[He Jiong] Sing quickly!
[He Jiong] Can't talk!
[Hai Tao] Ready [He Jiong] Ready
[Caption] Forgot again!
[He Jiong] Come here, come here.
[Wei Jia] So your hair salon is
[Blackie] We're going to last until he remembers?
[Xie Na] Let's keep talking.
[Xie Na] When we go to your salon in Taiwan, will you charge us or...?
[Blackie] Definitely on me.
[Xie Na] You can't do that. Don't you charge any of your friends? [Caption] Must go!
[Blackie] I basically sponsor all of them.
[Xie Na] You can't be making money!
[Blackie] It's okay. Because this is...making friends.
[Blackie] Because everyone knows Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards, Golden Film Awards, and the Asian Film Festival in Taiwan
[Blackie] All that styling is done by our hair salon.
[Blackie] Thank you, thank you.
[Xie Na] Everything okay?
[Blackie] Memorize everything!
[He Jiong] He directly reminds ou that he remembers.
[Caption] Working hard to remember.
[He Jiong] When I...Stop messing around. It's not "If there's a day..."
[He Jiong] When I think of you, my heart wavers. [Caption] Song Lead-In Expert
[Blackie] Bye bye. [Xie Na] So all those awards...
[Hai Tao] So what's up with the styles? [Blackie] I give up!
[Blackie] What direction is my life supposed to take?
[He Jiong] Okay. He really does remember.
[Han Geng] It's been at least ten years since I've cried.
[Han Geng] At least ten songs have given me comfort.
[Han Geng] I will silently cry.
[Han Geng] when I think of you.
[Han Geng] Teacher, your key?
[Blackie] The teacher's key?
[MCs] When I think of you, my heart wavers. [Caption] MCs are pleased.
[MCs] When I think of you
[He Jiong] Okay okay. Like that is fine. It's fine.
[Blackie] Han Geng's defeat. [Caption] Very hurt.
[He Jiong] Okay. So earlier we talked about Blackie's hair style...
[Blackie] Still talking about this? [He Jiong] Yes yes.
[He Jiong] No, we want to test you. We've heard that you're really good doing oiled hair.
[He Jiong] But that's hard to do.
[He Jiong] Can you today, Jia Jia's hair today is also a bit uncontrolled. [Blackie] I can.
[Wei Jia] Because I was really anticipating you showing up with your signature oiled hair. Why didn't you do that today?
[Blackie] People change.
[Blackie] Oiled hair is okay. He'll be okay.
[He Jiong] Can he? Because his hair has gels already, will that affect it?
[Wei Jia] WIll it be okay? Give it a try first.
[Blackie] Whoa. You sprayed on quite a bit.
[Blackie] Is this side real?
[Xie Na] Whose is fake? [Hai Tao] Take it off first.
[Xie Na] Whose is fake?
[Blackie] We don't know at this point.
[Wei Jia] Give it a try.
[Blackie] Can I?
[Wei Jia] Yeah.
[Blackie] His cooperativity?
[He Jiong] He's very cooperative.
[He Jiong] But he also told his stylist to be on stand by.
[Xie Na] And, because of the shape of his face, he's very picky about hair styles.
[Blackie] Oh right.
[Wei Jia] It's okay.
[Blackie] Oiled hair has a split.
[He Jiong] Right.
[Blackie] There's 7/3, 8/2, 9/1 split. [Xie Na] Just split in the middle.
[Wei Jia] Middle split? Let's not.
[He Jiong] Middle split really tests if a guy is handsome or not.
[Xie Na] Girls also have to be very brave to do the middle split. [Caption] Middle split!
[Blackie] Is yours a middle split?
[Xie Na] Middle split!
[Han Geng] It's 4/6 split!
[Blackie] 4/6!
[Wu Xin] Go with 5.5!
[He Jiong] Han Geng, don't be rude. It's because Na Jie's face is crooked!
[Xie Na] Middle split! This is a middle split!
[Blackie] Let me take a look.
[Blackie] 4/6.
[Xie Na] Are you sure you own a salon?
[Hait Tao] He's sure he had to think for a minute. [Blackie] I measured up from the bridge of your nose!
[Xie Na] Then do a middle split. Where's the middle?
[Xie Na] Where's the middle? No, do a middle split. Don't measure it.
[Xie Na] The bridge of my nose is a little crooked. Hurry.
[Blackie] Does this give you a creepy feeling?
[Xie Na] No. I can even stick it in.
[Blackie] Like this.
[Wei Jia] Na Jie, no wonder you've been complaining of headaches.
[Wei Jia] Because you didn't split it correctly!
[Blackie] She has. It's in the middle.
[He Jiong] To build some anticipation, we'll have Jia Jia turn around.
[He Jiong] And we'll display it once it's done.
[Xie Na] Jia Jia, do you want to try my middle split?
[Blackie] Because he has hair spray,
[Blackie] We'll use this water to make it a little wet. [He Jiong] I'll help you.
[Caption] Carefully Styling.
[He Jiong] Tony Leung! [Xie Na] Prince!
[Xie Na] Fifth Prince, Zi Wei has been captured by Rong Mo Mo! (Reference to super popular historical drama Huan Zhu Ge Ge)
[Xie Na] Fourth Prince, Fourth Prince! (Reference to time traveling drama Startling by Each Step)
[He Jiong] Oh so you use the comb to raise it slightly.
[Han Geng] We can confirm that he has a high forehead.
[He Jiong] He knows how to do this! He really knows how to do it!
[Blackie] There needs to be a slight angle.
[Xie Na] Fourth Prince, if you rest well, it is a sunny day. (Reference to historical drama Zhen Huan Zhuan) [Caption] Eyes focused! Concentrating hard!
[Xie Na & He Jiong] If you do not rest well, [He Jiong] I'll kill you.
[XIe Na] Wei Jia is very handsome like this.
[Hai Tao] It can come out of the oven now!
[Xie Na] Like AstroBoy!
[Blackie] I think
[Han Geng] Blackie, can you cover this? It's a little bald.
[Blackie] That's okay. We'll use a special treatment.
[Blackie] I think this gives him a bit more spice.
[He Jiong] Really!
[Blackie] His mood isn't stable! [Caption] Jia Jia is enduring it.
[Blackie] Very unstable! [He Jiong] It's okay.
[Wei Jia] Even if it was a dog being groomed, it wouldn't be happy.
[He Jiong] Prepare to be revealed.
[Han Geng] Very like Chow Yun-Fat.
[He Jiong] Okay. Dear friends,
[He Jiong] This was created by Blackie right here,
[He Jiong] With Han Geng on the side messing around, the oiled-hair product.
[Blackie] The style of going to a high school graduation party.
[He Jiong] Okay. Yes.
[He Jiong] Okay, ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome Gentleman Vega!
[He Jiong] Welcome everyone to our Oppo Real Happy Camp. We are
[MCs] Happy Family!
[Wei Jia] Our program also thanks Elegant Bird for their support.
[He Jiong] Okay, ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome Gentleman Vega!
[Caption] Oily Retro Style
[Xie Na] Fifth Prince, Fifth Prince, Zi Wei has been captured by Rong Mo Mo!
[Blackie] Handsome? [Audience] Yes!
[Xie Na] No, honestly speaking, Wei Jia's hair is more suited to a tux like theirs.
[Wei Jia] Right, because wearing sports wear is a bit...
[Wu Xin] While you're wearing this, I beg you, do this. I beg you.
[Blackie] It's completely different. Before his bangs were like...
[Blackie] Changed completely. [He Jiong] I think the oiled hair will increase the maturity level.
[Wei Jia] Yes.
[Xie Na] Jia Jia, if someone turned on their TV right now, they'd be wondering what's up with you today!
[Wei Jia] Even if it was weird, it wouldn't be as weird as this person.
[He Jiong] Also, Han Geng is using the fact that since his hair is white, you can't tell the difference between his hair and his scalp,
[He Jiong] So he's fixated on your scalp. Look you can't cover this part!
[Han Geng] He really can't cover this spot in the back.
[Blackie] He's very sensitive.
[He Jiong] Let's talk about sports. Han Geng what sports do you like?
[Han Geng] I like skateboarding and swimming.
[He Jiong] I heard you've gone parachute jumping.
[Wei Jia] Surfing. [Han Geng] Right. I went surfing last year.
[Han Geng] Surfing and parachute jumping.
[He Jiong] Blackie, what about you? Basketball, right?
[Blackie] Basketball and weightlifting.
[He Jiong] I've heard that you were fat once.
[Blackie] Right. Before...
[Xie Na] Very fat?
[Blackie] Very fat. [Han Geng] Oh I've seen his pictures from when he was fat.
[He Jiong] Let's take a look.
[Wu Xin] How old were you?
[Blackie] In elementary school.
[Han Geng] Was your weight then the same as your weight now?
[He Jiong] You realize that you were so fat that your skin color was the same as your underwear.
[He Jiong] I took a hurried peek and thought you were completely naked.
[Xie Na] But it would have been really weird if he was completely naked.
[Blackie] Those triangular swimming trunks were given to me by my dad.
[Blackie] My dad said, because he was a body builder before,
[Blackie] He said he wore those when he got 3rd place.
[He Jiong] So they are meaningful.
[Blackie] But I never wanted to wear this type!
[Blackie] Like you said, it looked like I was naked, when I was by the pool,
[Blackie] And I pulled up my legs like this, and the fat covered that thin...
[He Jiong] So you couldn't see anything.
[Blackie] And the life guard on the side blew his whistle and said, "Fatty, what are you doing? Going completely naked?"
[Blackie[ I said, "I'm not!" I even lifted my fat to show that I was wearing it.
[Wei Jia] Because the fat covered your swim trunks!
[Blackie] It completely covered it!
[Blackie] Almost had someone get me for public indecency.
[He Jiong] Most people would do this to proove they're wearing pants, but he did this.
[XIe Na] Hai Tao isn't like this right?
[Hai Tao] It's very awkward. All these problems of your youth, I deal with right now.
[He Jiong] Let me tell everyone.
[Wei Jia] Hai Tao is the reverse, he was thin when he was little.
[Xie Na] Hai Tao was very thin before.
[He Jiong] Blackie is a role model for motivation.
[He Jiong] Hai Tao is a role model for tragedy.
[He Jiong] Let's ttake a look at pictures from when Hai Tao was younger.
[Xie Na] This wasn't when he was a child. Just a few years earlier.
[He Jiong] When he was 18. [Xie Na] A couple of years ago.
[Hai Tao] During the competition. (He and Wu Xin joined Happy Camp when they held a competition for new MCs.)
[Blackie] You were human before.
[He Jiong] Hai Tao, I have a question. Why did we call you a fatty when we first met you?
[XIe Na] This is a topic we're always discussing.
[Hai Tao] This is also my question.
[He Jiong] This is very thin! A thin monkey!
[XIe Na] Back then, we said the production team picked a fatty.
[He Jiong] But looking at you know, you were a thin monkey.
[Blackie] Thin monkey?
[He Jiong] We should have cherished the thin you more.
[Hai Tao[ It was because you all said he's fat, he's fat, so I became fat.
[XIe Na] But I think he's a cute fatty.
[He Jiong] The important thing is his temperament is good. [Caption] Well said!
[Hai Tao] Why don't you guys say something?
[Blackie] No, I want to say what's you're standard?
[He Jiong] Our standard is two characters, kindness. [Caption] Standard=Kindness?
[He Jiong] We must be kind towards friends.
[Hai Tao] I'll definitely return to that, I'm determined.
[He Jiong] You should play basketball with Blackie. He looks really cool playing basketball. We have some pictures.
[He Jiong] Whoa, you're flying, and you've brought someone along.
[He Jiong] Was he still with us afterwards?
[Blackie] That's when I was in Singapore.
[Blackie] That picture [He Jiong] Very cool. Dunking. [Blackie] Right dunking.
[Blackie] So it was 2+1. After dunking it,
[Blackie] I remember the next day, my foot was hurt.
[Blackie] The ligament tore.
[Xie Na] Because you jumped very high and suddenly came down and stretched it?
[Blackie] Really at that time that I was dunking it, I could go like this and hit the basket.
[Blackie[ And my hand was above the basket, to my wrist.
[Blackie] But it was a sports injury. There was someone pushing me down on the side of my leg.
[Blackie] On the side, like that tore the ligament.
[Xie Na] Stretched your ligament?
[Blackie] Tore. Even the meniscus broke.
[Wei Jia] When you were playing, you had oiled hair.
[Wei Jia] Look.
[Blackie] My hair style then was the same as yours now.
[Wei Jia] But my hair style keeps dripping water.
[Blackie] Oh! I sprayed too much!
[Wu Xin] It's completely wet!
[Blackie] Sorry! I sprayed on too much earlier!
[Wei Jia] It keeps going...But I'm worried that it'll cover that spot even less!
[He Jiong] Before we start our contest, let's do some warm-ups. These warm-ups are very special.
[He Jiong] Because Han Geng in his new album and concert will have new dances.
[He Jiong] I heard that you were going to teach us a couple of moves to warm up, right?
[Han Geng] Very easy.
[He Jiong] Okay. Teacher Han please teach a bit.
[Xie Na] Blackie, everyone together. [Han Geng] Music.
[He Jiong] This is a follow the leader dance, very easy.
[Han Geng] Very easy. [He Jiong] I think it's doable. Blackie also knows it now.
[Caption] What?
[Han Geng] You're the tallest. Go to the back.
[Blackie] The back, the back. [He Jiong] Wait, the tall ones go in the back?
[Han Geng] Teacher He, you're at the very front.
[Blackie] The unluckiest one goes in front, have to memorize the moves.
[Xie Na] After he finishes teaching, we'll have the audience decide with their applause.
[He Jiong] Okay okay okay. [Xie Na] Yes.
[He Jiong] There's no need to teach it. I know it already.
[Xie Na] Okay. Teacher He will lead us.
[Blackie] That's pretty good. [Wei Jia[ Is that the same dance?
[He Jiong] It's the same dance!
[Xie Na] Do that last part!
[Wu Xin] You're all on the same side!
[Hai Tao] Teacher He danced a broadcast exercise!
[He Jiong] Why did it turn out like that?
[Xie Na] Let Han Geng lead, and we'll all accept the audience's applause one by one.
[He Jiong] Right, right, okay.
[Wei Jia] I can only dance once. Wait. I can only dance once.
[Wei Jia] Because the water keeps dripping! [Caption] Water won't stop dripping!
[He Jiong] No. You guys didn't understand what Na Na meant. You guys misunderstood Na Na.
[He Jiong] She meant that we'll only dance once and then walk up one by one to accept the audience's applause.
[Xie Na] Because Han Geng's leading us, so Han Geng needs to dance.
[He Jiong] Let's begin!
[Xie Na] Okay, ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for us to receive our applause!
[Xie Na] Let's start from the worst one, Teacher He come here. [He Jiong] Start with the worst.
[Xie Na] No, no. We'll do it like this, the audience will use our...
[He Jiong] You're really not going to clap?
[Xie Na] Audience!
[Xie Na] No, our audience, our audience members,
[Xie Na] Don't go with who you like the best, go with how well they danced.
[Xie Na] Because if you guys don't applaud appropriately, then Han Geng will have taught for nothing.
[He Jion] And the person who receives the most applause will dance by themselves!
[Wu Xin] Solo? Why??
[Blackie] Then who wants to get first place?
[He Jiong] No need to clap now.
[Xie Na] No.
[He Jiong] Okay, that's my applause. Wei Jia.
[Wei Jia] Hurry, hurry. I have to dry my hair.
[Xie Na] The one that gets the most appluase does the solo, right?
[He Jiong] Come, right. The one with the most applause does the solo.
[Blackie] That's a lot, a lot.
[Xie Na] I beg you all, Hai Tao has to get more applause.
[Xie Na] Seriously, Hai Tao's solo is definitely going to be better than mine.
[Hai Tao] Na Jie, I'll definitely receive more applause, but I quit this competition.
[XIe Na] Hai Tao if you quit, then quit this stage!
[He Jiong] It's okay, Hai Tao. Come here.
[Xie Na] Hai Tao, you're wearing a dress, what are you afraid of?
[Xie Na] Hurry, come here.
[Hai Tao] Thank you all!
[He Jiong] You're okay, but not as enthusiastic as Na Na. Okay, next is Blackie Chien-Chou Chen!
[He Jiong] Too great! Let's welcome Blackie and Na Na's solos!
[He Jiong] Both in 1st place! Come some music!
[He Jiong] When Chien-Chou Chen dances, it's indescribably nauseating.
[He Jiong] He has his style, you can dance.
[He Jiong] When he dances, it's like he can't quite let go, but because he has long arms and legs, so there's a feel there.
[Blackie] Strange feel.
[He Jiong] This was fun!
[Xie Na] No. He's going against it. He's going against it, but it is funny.
[He Jiong] Okay, and next, we'll begin our sports contest.
[Xie Na] The sports contest hasn't started?
[Wu Xin & Hai Tao] It hasn't started it.
[Blackie] Tiring, huh?
[He Jiong] You're tired? Be patient. It's okay to be tired.
[He Jiong] We'll eat before we start.
[He Jiong] This is a...
[He Jiong] This is a fulfillment of a promise.
[He Jiong] Not allowed to touch! [Wu Xin] We can't touch?
[He Jiong] Only Han Geng can touch it.
[Xie Na] This is a very nerve wracking game.
[He Jiong] Right.
[He Jiong] This game is quite complicated. Blackie, you don't know
[He Jiong] Han Geng has done something very shameless before here on Happy Camp.
[Blackie] Using shameless to describe it...
[Xie Na] No, let's use "no face." (Literal translation. Face is everything in Chinese culture.)
[He Jiong] Han Geng, on Happy Camp, has done something extremely "no face."
[Blackie] What did he do?
[He Jiong] It was like this, there's a story behind it.
[He Jiong] Everyone knows that Han Geng's mom has a dumpling shop with delicious dumplings. And we also wanted to eat the dumplings.
[He Jiong] It's been many years, we've always wanted to eat it. Once, his mom asked him to bring some dumplings to us.
[He Jiong] He used a thermos like this, and brought it to Changsha.
[Blackie] That's too touching!
[He Jiong] He left it at the airport. [Caption] Embarrassment.
[He Jiong] We didn't get to eat it. And besides not getting to eat it,
[Blackie] If it was at the airport, did they have bomb dogs go sniff it out?
[Blackie] Open it, steamed dumplings!
[He Jiong] You know what the most awkward thing was? He was afraid that his mom would be sad that he didn't finish this task,
[He Jiong] He found another thermos, an empty one, brought it over, and said,
[He Jiong] "Mom asked me to bring some dumplings." Right as we were about to open it, he whispered, "There's nothing inside, nothing inside."
[He Jion] There was nothing inside.
[Blackie] He was afraid of his mom watching TV.
[He Jiong] Right. So this troubled us for many years.
[Xie Na] Okay, what about now?
[He Jiong] He finally brought it today. It's there, but we have to fight for it.
[He Jiong] One of these thermos has dumplings, the other is empty.
[He Jiong] So everyone pick a thermos to stand behind.
[He Jiong] If you stand behind the thermos with the dumplings,
[Xie Na] You can't touch it. He knows right?
[He Jiong] He knows. He doesn't participate in eating. What right does he have to eat?
[Blackie] No face.
[He Jiong] He ate this growing up, and the important thing is he left it at the airport last time. We don't know who got lucky.
[Han Geng] There's lots of different fillings as well.
[He Jiong] Many fillings. It's like this, if you stand behind the thermos with the dumplings,
[He Jiong] Then you'll eat dumplings.
[He Jiong] If you stand behind the empty one, you'll have to wish them good luck.
[Blackie] Let's begin.
[XIe Na] Blackie is unlucky. I'll stand opposite him.
[Blackie] You're the unlucky one!
[He Jiong] Have you decided? Have you decided?
[Blackie] I'll be blue. [Han Geng] Don't touch!
[He Jiong] He's blue. I'll stand with Blackie.
[Wu Xin] Which one are you choosing? You go first. [Hai Tao] I want to pick this one.
[Wu Xin] Let's pick that one then! Hurry!
[Xie Na] It can't be possible that Hai Tao ends up with all of it right?
[Hai Tao] Let me tell you guys, you won't even get to smell it!
[Xie Na] Hai Tao will eat all of it. [Wu Xin] Impossible!
[Blackie] Hai Tao, why do you look so hungry?
[Hai Tao] I'm a good luck charm.
[Xie Na] And he's never been wrong about food.
[Blackie] Oh really?
[Xie Na] Blackie, seriously.
[Hai Tao] I can feel it. [Xie Na] Hai Tao's really impressive.
[Xie Na] Hai Tao is our lucky mascot!
[Hai Tao] Only one ear! (Pun on what Xie Na said, "zhi er" sounding similar to "yi zhi er," one ear.)
[He Jiong] You picked this right? Okay.
[He Jiong] A last 3 seconds of reconsideration.
[He Jiong] Can't touch.
[Hai Tao] I'm preparing ahead of time.
[He Jiong] Last 3 seconds to reconsider.
[He Jiong] 3...2...1...
[Blackie] Blue, blue. [He Jiong] Okay. We're blue, Hai Tao is pink.
[Blackie] But he'll eat it all like this.
[He Jiong] Okay, Hai Tao, go ahead and open the pink thermos.
[He Jiong] Let's as Jia Jia first. Jia Jia, which color do you pick?
[He Jiong] Okay, blue. No problem.
[Hai Tao] Where is he?
[Xie Na] He did.
[He Jiong] This is the telepathy between friends.
[Han Geng & He Jiong] Taste it first.
[Hai Tao] I never thought this would happen.
[He Jiong] Oh I know. Let's not have Hai Tao cheer us on. That's too cruel.
[He Jiong] If there's nothing in here, then have him pretend to eat out of the empty thermos!
[He Jiong] And he has to make it seem very delicious!
[Han Geng] I'll help you open it. [Xie Na] You never know.
[Blackie] Can we change?
[Xie Na] We can change.
[Hai Tao] For real? I've never won anything! [Xie Na] Let's change!
[He Jiong] This time. you...didn't win either! [Caption] Unlucky!
[He Jiong] Oh my goodness it's still hot!
[Wu Xin] We got it right? [He Jiong] Still hot!
[Blackie] There's shrimp.
[He Jiong] Are you allergic?
[Xie Na] We have to be determined. If you didn't get the prize, you can't eat.
[He Jiong] Right. He's performing eating dumplings with nothing.
[He Jiong] Hai Tao, Tao Tao come here. Open your mouth.
[He Jiong] So delicious! So good!
[Blackie] Did your mom make these? [Caption] Na Jie cruelly floats past.
[He Jiong] Save one for Jia Jia.
[Hai Tao] Here, I have some! [Caption] Come here! Hai Tao's the most generous!
[He Jiong] Okay, next, Na Na will explain the next activity.
[Hai Tao] Na Jie, can you do a tongue twister? [Caption] Na Jie can't get it down!
[Wei Jia] Who did the solo performance?
[He Jiong] Na Na and Blackie. You didn't see right?
[He Jiong] Music! Let's welcome their solos again!
[He Jiong] She hasn't finished the dumplings! The music can't stop!
[Wei Jia] We should stop.
[He Jiong] Okay. We're really about to start the sports contest.
[Caption] The constest still hasn't started?
[Blackie] We're so full, how can we exercise?
[Xie Na] The first event hasn't started yet?
[He Jiong] For this contest, we prepared the most incredible, most unbelievable, most expensive prizes.
[He Jiong] Only the person that wins can have the prizes. What prizes are they? Let's get them up here for everyone to see.
[Wu Xin] The prizes are here! [Caption] Beautifully Arriving!
[He Jiong] The team that wins in this contest will receive a high-quality straw hat,
[He Jiong] A washbasin where you can wash your face, hands, and feet.
[He Jiong] A really effective thermos, and it's been used before.
[He Jiong] It contains of the memories of home.
[He Jiong] Isn't it very motivational?
[Blackie] The prizes cannot inspire me to do my best.
[Blackie] I really want to motivate myself!
[Xie Na] The participants all leave early!
[He Jiong] If the prizes cannot motivate you, then let me tell you that the losing team will face a very harsh punishment. So don't lose okay?
[He Jiong] First, we'll have the team captains pick their members.
[He Jiong] Rock paper scissors!
[Han Geng] I pick first?
[Han Geng] I'll pick Na Jie, because Na Jie will cheat.
[He Jiong] You understand Happy Camp. The important thing is you understand Na Jie.
[Blackie] Then I pick...the relationship between a stylist and his client.
[He Jiong] Okay. You pick Wei Jia.
[Wei Jia] Oiled haired brothers, right?
[He Jiong] Rock paper scissors. You win again.
[Blackie] Are you going to pick two girls?
[He Jiong] This is a tough decision. If you have two girls, then your team won't be as physically strong.
[Han Geng] But if I pick him, they'll fight.
[He Jiong] No the important thing is, he's never won.
[Hai Tao] I thought I could change that earlier, but I was wrong.
[He Jiong] Who do you pick?
[Han Geng] I'll pick Wu Xin.
[Wu Xin] I'm really good at games. I'm the basket king.
[Wei Jia] Don't you mean a basket wash?
[He Jiong] Okay. The three team members will each compete. Our first competition,
[He Jiong] Is to test balance.
[Wei Jia] Wait a minute, can we not have this team member?
[Hai Tao] I knew it!
[Xie Na] Blackie, Blackie, you picked him right?
[Blackie] I was forced to.
[Xie Na] My condolences.
[Blackie] But when I'm leading the team, I'll use their potential.
[He Jiong] I think it's very possible that starting from today, you'll change Hai Tao's life.
[Blackie] Give me a little time.
[Blackie] Today, let me tell you, it's your time for revenge. Today. Are you going to prove yourself?
[Hai Tao] Is there any kind of prize?
[Wu Xin] Yes, the washbasins and whatnot.
[Hai Tao] Is there anything else?
[He Jiong] Hai Tao, if you win today, we'll give you oiled hair.
[He Jiong] With a middle split.
[He Jiong] Just now, Blackie's encouraged his side. Han Geng, is there anything you'd like to say to encourage your team?
[Xie Na] We don't need anything. Any team I'm on, I always win.
[He Jiong] And you're the basket king.
[Wu XIn] I'm amazing at games!
[Xie Na] And even if I lose, I won't acknowledge it!
[Blackie] Judge, what are we going to do? You have to be fair!
[He Jiong] It's okay. I'm a fair person. She's "no face," but I have face!
[He Jiong] The first contest, I'll announce it,
[He Jiong] Balance game. For Blackie's team, Du Hai Tao!
[He Jiong] For Han Geng's team, "No Face" Na Jie!
[Game Rules] Balance game rules, on the metal plate, whoever can get the 10 stickers to stick to the boiled egg the fastest wins.
[He Jiong] Let's let Hai Tao go first.
[He Jiong] Ready [Xie Na] Go!
[He Jiong] Are you good? Timing starts...now!
[Blackie] You got one. Okay, good, got one.
[Wei Jia] Roll it.
[Blackie] Two, two! [Blackie & Wei Jia] Three!
[Blackie] Not bad!
[Blackie] Honor to your family! Four!
[Blackie] This is even better than getting top scores in your class!
[He Jiong] 36 seconds has passed. Hai Tao is doing great. [Caption] Captain, you scared me.
[Blackie] Your goal is first in your class, not just making the honor roll!
[Wei Jia] Captain, don't scare him!
[He Jiong] 3 left.
[Wei Jia] One more! Hai Tao, be more daring!
[Caption] The egg is stuck?
[Wei Jia] Go back! [Han Geng] It's stuck!
[He Jiong] Because it has the stickers on there, the egg doesn't roll as easily anymore.
[He Jiong] So Hai Tao needs to use some creative techniques. Oh that was good!
[Blackie] On the way to the next one.
(Everyone's arguing about whether or not the plate touched Hai Tao's body, which would be against the rules.)
[Blackie] He has a big stomache. It's okay.
[He Jiong] Good! Last one!
[Wei Jia] Use that technique!
[Blackie] It's that one! So many girls are watching you stick that on! Hai Tao looks so cool!
[Blackie] Look! [He Jiong] Success!
[He Jiong] 1 minute and 48 seconds.
[He Jiong] 1 minute and 48 seconds is Hai Tao's score.
[Hai Tao] I think I owe my success to our captain's constant encouragement by my ear.
[Hai Tao[ If he wasn't by my side talking so much, I couldn't have done it.
[He Jiong] Did you want to hurry and finish because it was too noisy?
[Hai Tao] Seriously, I was competing, and competing, and boom!
[Blackie] I had to encourage him. Look at how into the game he was.
[He Jiong] Do you know which sentence was the most useful? It wasn't honor to his family, it wasn't realizing his dreams,
[Wei Jia] It was the girls watching him, right?
[Blackie] He did well, we could win.
[He Jiong] Next is Na Na's turn.
[Blackie] Even if you lose, you'll still get a prize.
[He Jiong] No, we'll calculate a final score. You're ready? And...go.
[He Jiong] Single hand!
[Hai Tao[ If she drops the egg, she loses, right? [Blackie] Single hand.
[He Jiong] Whoa. 5 seconds and she's already got the first one.
[Blackie] Look it's stuck.
[He Jiong] She's smart!
[Wu Xin] 2, 2!
[He Jiong] She's very smart! Careful!
[He Jiong] No, she didn't do it on purpose. She didn't think there was a bump there.
[Wu Xin] You've brought honor to your family! 4!
[He Jiong] She's got four. 21 seconds has passed. [Caption] Very Impressive!
[Han Geng] 5, 6! 6!
[Wu Xin] Your first in your class!
[Blackie] Does your family care more about this competition than Hai Tao's family?
[Blackie] Dropped one! [Wei Jia] What happens when you drop one?
[Wu XIn] The egg didn't drop.
[Han Geng] One more!
[Wu Xin] Impressive!
[He Jiong] Completed!
[Wei Jia] Na Jie, Na Jie! [Caption] I'm proud! [He Jiong] Completed!
[Wei Jia] Na Jie, Na Jie! [Caption] I'm proud!
[Blackie] She's really good.
[Wei Jia] You've definitely served dishes before at a restaurant before you debuted!
[He Jiong] In the first round, between Team Blackie and Team Han Geng, Han Geng's team wins!
[Xie Na] Winning at the opening!
[Blackie] We tried our best. It's okay.
[He Jiong] Second round, jumping!
[Game Rules] Jumping game, the player will have a box filled with ping pong balls strapped to them. They must jump and shake out all the balls. Which ever team does this the fastest wins.
[He Jiong] First is Wei Jia's performance. Time starts...now!
[Caption] Electric Motor Jia!
[Wei Jia] There's more?
[He Jiong] There's 4 left!
[He Jiong] Almost! 3 more!
[Blackie] It came out.
[He Jiong] One more.
[Blackie] Han Geng you cheat!
[Han Geng] There's still one more!
[He Jiong] Han Geng, help him pour it out. Give him that. Pour it out for him.
[He Jiong] Okay. 1 minute and 5 seconds. Wei Jia's score.
[Blackie] Not bad!
[He Jiong] Welcome everyone this Saturday to our Oppo Real Happy Camp. We are
[MCs] Happy Family!
[He Jiong] Han Geng, if you use your hands to guard this part, it's less likely to fall off. [Caption] Watch what Blackie does!
[Xie Na] Hey, he put an egg in.
[He Jiong] This isn't a big deal, but a little bit later, the audience will see an egg come from Han Geng!
[He Jiong] How do you explain that? Are you ready? Okay.
[He Jiong] Ready! Time starts...now!
[Blackie] Not even 1! [Caption] So lively!
[Wei Jia & Hai Tao] There's nothing!
(Wu Xin and Blackie giving Han Geng advice.) [Caption] Han Geng's about to go crazy.
[Wei Jia] Get high! GET HIGH!
[Wei Jia] Get high! You're problem is you're not high enough! [Blackie] Get into it!
[He Jiong] Okay, that works.
[Blackie] This is the feeling you want! Go with it!
[Blackie] Don't have other distractions in your heart! [Caption] Blackie really is noisy!
[Blackie] Han Geng, Han Geng, there's more.
[Wei Jia] Turn off Blackie's mic!
[He Jiong] Did you get it all? There's one left.
[He Jiong] The last one is the hardest. Let Jia Jia pour it out for you, because you did the same for Jia Jia.
[Wei Jia] I can't even get it out!
[Xie Na] I know! It's the sticker from the egg that Blackie put in earlier!
[Wu Xin] It's stuck in there! [Wei Jia] This is really hard! [Caption] Sweaty!
[He Jiong] You've worked hard. Okay, let's look at the time, also with one left.
[He Jiong] Earlier Wei Jia was 1 minute and 5 seconds right? And Han Geng is 1 minute and 24 seconds!
[He Jiong] For the last contest, we only have two people left, and that's Wu Xin and Blackie.
[Wu Xin] What can I compete at with him? [Blackie] Isn't this a bit unfair?
[He Jiong] Very fair. You'll be competing on arm strength.
[Xie Na] Can't we get someone else?
[Blackie] To win is wrong, and to lose is wrong.
[Xie Na] Let me tell you, Wu Xin won't lose to you. She's carried a fridge before!
[Wu Xin] Right, I've moved a fridge.
[Xie Na] She used one hand to carry the fridge like this.
[Wu Xin] I'm a monster!
[He Jiong] Okay, the two of you please sit on the floor.
[Game Rules] Strength Contest. The two will sit on the floor, feet touching. They will both hold on to one stick, and try to pull the other person towards them. The one that first pulls the other off the floor wins.
[He Jiong] Okay, grab this and reach forward. Okay, Blackie grab this.
[Xie Na] He can't reach! Forfeit!
[Blackie] I'm really not flexible!
[Blackie] The reason I got hurt was because I'm not flexible!
[Wei Jia] We'll count down and push you over and you immediately pull back.
[Xie Na] You're going to tear your ligament a second time.
[Blackie] Hang on, let me do some warm ups first.
[He Jiong] Move around a little.
[Xie Na] Blackie's not bad. [Caption] Seriously stretching.
[He Jiong] Wu Xin, let go first. I'll just put this here between you two.
[Xie Na] Blackie, Blackie's not bad.
[Wei Jia] So scary, Wu Xin!
[He Jiong] Can you put this leg behind you?
[Wei Jia] Can you put both legs behind you?
[Blackie] I can do it, too!
[Blackie] What are we doing?
[He Jiong] I'll count down and you guys reach for this middle stick. 5...4...3...2...1...Here!
[He Jiong] Not fair! Han Geng's turn!
[Wu Xin & Han Geng] He's too strong!
[Xie Na] No. You have to use your own strength to grab this stick.
[Blackie] I did use my own strength. They did not help me.
[Blackie] Back off a little. Don't let them catch anything. We have to win honorably.
[Wei Jia] Can you reach my yourself?
[Blackie] Han Geng, are you flexible?
[Han Geng] I'm...not really flexible.
[Wei Jia] You didn't move!
[Caption] Struggling! [He Jiong] Heartbreaking!
[Wei Jia] Blackie's going all out!
[Xie Na] Almost knocked himself out on his knees.
[Blackie] I'm hurting.
[Caption] Legs are bent!
[Blackie] What are you guys hollering about?
[Blackie] This is a natural response of my body! I also don't want it to bend!
[Blackie] Do you guys know how long I'm had this problem?
[He Jiong] You guys look at how straight Han Geng's legs are. Okay. 3...2...1...Go!
[Wu Xin] His eyes rolled up!
[Hai Tao] Both sides lost!
[Blackie] I was into it! [Xie Na] So ugly!
[He Jiong] One more time, one more time.
[He Jiong] It'll be for real this time.
[Xie Na] Capture Blackie's expression!
[Xie Na] Conquer your natural response!
[He Jiong] Ready, and GO!
[Caption] Heart-Felt Gaze
[He Jiong] What do you have to say to Fan Fan? (Blackie's wife.)
[Blackie] Fan Fan, I'm sorry. I've held you back.
[Han Geng] Fan Fan Jie, I'm sorry. I've lied to you for so many years.
[Blackie] I'm not flexible enough!
[Xie Na] This is "crush" music.
[He Jiong] Used just right. Okay.
[He Jiong] Who do you think won this last round?
[Audience] Han Geng!
[Blackie] I can't even say I won.
[Wei Jia] He's betrayed Fan Fan already, can't he win?
[Hai Tao] If we lose, how many are punished?
[He Jiong] Just one.
[Hai Tao] Just one? Then we lose. It can't be me right?
[Wei Jia] What do you think?
[Blackie] Your entire face says punishment.
[He Jiong] You three do rock paper scissors.
[Hai Tao] No, I lose every time!
[He Jiong] Okay, then it's just you.
[Wu Xin] Take a chance! What if you win?
[Wei Jia] Okay, the first round you can't use... [Hai Tao] No, no, no!
[Blackie] Just the regular one.
[He Jiong] Rock paper scissors!
[Wei Jia] What's the punishment?
[Xie Na] Wei Jia, your days been off since you got that oiled hair.
[Wei Jia] That spot had to be covered. It ruined my Feng Shui.
[He Jiong] Wei Jia, sit.
[Wei Jia] What's going to happen?
[Blackie] Is this a chair from the psychiatry ward?
[Xie Na] Seriously, your hair style is ruined again.
[Blackie] You're definitely going have to redo your hair.
[He Jiong] This is very easy. Han Geng, pull it as far as you can then let go.
[Wei Jia] Seriously? Can you bear to?
[Xie Na] Pull more, go farther.
[Xie Na] Wei Jia hold on to your goggles!
[Blackie?] Careful!
[Caption] Too cruel!
[Wu Xin] It's over, over.
[He Jiong] Wei Jia, let me tell you, the pain of your body is nothing compared to the pain of your heart.
[He Jiong] Just now, I heard more than one audience member say go a little farther!
[Wei Jia] I really need to go get a nose job.
[Blackie] You have the perfect reason now.
[Hai Tao] Do you need to touch up your make up?
[Wei Jia] Your turn.
[He Jiong] Okay, after the contest, let's take a break and talk about some topics between friends.
[He Jiong] Maybe some people will find it strange that Han Geng and Blackie came to film Happy Camp together.
[He Jiong] And it looks like they talked about what they were going to wear.
[He Jiong] Han Geng, what kind of person do you think Blackie is?
[He Jiong] Is he someone that takes a while to get to know?
[Han Geng] He's very friendly.
[Han Geng] And I'll call him up every time I go to Taiwan to eat or whatever.
[Han Geng] But we very rarely talk about our personal lives.
[Han Geng] We talk about Love Life.
[He Jiong] Not everyone knows what Love Life is. We have a short clip, so let's take a look.
If only a little bit was left of your life,
What kind of attitude would you have?
My name is Jia Wen. I'm 15 years old.
The doctors say I only have a little time left.
But I really want to live.
Because I really love my life.
My name is Yi Hua. I'm 13 years old.
I was once the champion of figure skating in Asia.
But the doctors say I have cancer. I want to keep living.
Because I love life.
My name is Dora. I'm 13 years old.
I really love music.
But I might never have the chance to play the cello for my parents again.
Please, live well for us. Okay?
You live.
Love Life: Cherish life. Never give up.
Love Life met society on April 4, 2009, with 3 brave soldiers leading the way.
Since then, hundreds of artists have joined this project, putting in hard work, not asking for fame.
And we are expanding.
[He Jiong] So it actually documents the battle of 3 little soldiers, with fatal illnesses, against death and sickness.
[He Jiong] To tell everyone just how precious life is.
[Caption] Blackie Talks About Love Life [Blackie] Actually Love Life is not a charity or non-profit organization.
[Blackie] We're a movement to share love.
[Blackie] We want to encourage everyone to truly love their life.
[Blackie] And if they have the ability, to help others.
[He Jiong] Actually, everyone coming to Happy Camp is also a way to Love Life, because everyone laughed.
[He Jiong] You love your life, you're happy, that is Love Life.
[He Jiong] What's the hand signal? Let's all do it. Okay?
[Everyone] One, two, three, LOVE LIFE!
[He Jiong] This time, Fan Fan's coming next week, but you didn't come with her, you came with Han Geng instead.
[He Jiong] She must have lots of complaints. [Xie Na] What do you want to announce?
[He Jiong] Since she's not here, are there any complaints you have? Just talk it out. We'll back you.
[Caption] First Trick: Pretend to Have His Back, Lower His Defenses.
[Blackie] I have a request that I need everyone's help with. [Caption] Blackie Complains About Fan Fan
[Blackie] I hope, when she's at home, she can also dress sexily.
[Blackie] And be more gentle to me.
[He Jiong] Is she mean?
[Caption] Second Trick: Make A Mountain Out of a Mole Hill, Stick with the Question to the End.
[Blackie] To me.
[He Jiong] It should be when you've done something wrong.
[Xie Na] What does she wear at home?
[Blackie] The clothes she wears are pretty much like Hai Tao's!
[Blackie] When I'm at her work, I'll see for this album
[Blackie] Lots of mini dresses, long legs, and high heels.
[Blackie] I really hope that she'll dress like that at home for me.
[Xie Na] Who wears that stuff at home?
[Han Geng] And high heels as well?
[Han Geng] At home?
[Blackie] Brother, this is something you don't understand.
[He Jiong] Are you saying you wife Fan Fan is not a sexy woman?
[Blackie] Yes. I feel that she can improve in this area. [Caption] Third Trick: Don't Give an Inch, Chase All the Way.
[He Jiong] Does she have other faults?
[Blackie] I hope that she'll, at home, she'll let me have some of that feeling of being man of the house.
[He Jiong] So she's a bit too controlling right?
[Blackie] A little bit.
[He Jiong] Audience, do you believe that?
[Audience] No!
[Xie Na] Saying Fan Fan is too controlling, and
[He Jiong] Fan Fan is not a sexy woman. Do you guys believe that?
[Audience] NO!
[Han Geng] Fan Fan Jie is really nice to me.
[He Jiong] Right?
[He Jiong] Okay, even the audience doesn't believe it. [Han Geng] I'm not trying to make trouble!
[He Jiong] Fan Fan, do you think you're not a sexy woman?
[Caption] Surprised!
[Fan Fan] Chie-Chou Chen! What have you been saying about me?
[Caption] I'm dead!
[Caption] Blackie was tricked! Teacher He succeeded!
[Han Geng] That's what you get for playing tricks on other people!
[He Jiong] Let's all greet Fan Fan!
[Han Geng] That's what you get for playing tricks on other people!
[Fan Fan] Happy Camp right? Teacher He!
[He Jiong] Fan Fan, let me tell you, Han Geng hit Blackie once for you!
[He Jiong] Helped you take your revenge.
[Fan Fan] Can you hit him 3 times for me, please?
[Han Geng] Only 3 times? Can I hit him a couple more times?
[Wei Jia] A massage?
[He Jiong] Fan Fan, just now Blackie said that you weren't like a woman at home. Are you upset that he said this in front of so many people?
[Fan Fan] I've been upset for many years! And Teacher He, do you know?
[Fan Fan] I suspect that my high heels have been worn by Blackie at home.
[Xie Na] You couldn't wear them, so he wore them.
[He Jiong] You discovered that they were slowly becoming larger right?
[Fan Fan] Because I'll take some shoes with me when I go to work, and when I go to change them, the front will be too big!
[Fan Fan] The front would become very big.
[He Jiong] Tell the truth, have you worn them? [Xie Na] Do you have that fetish?
[Blackie] Which pair are you talking about?
[Fan Fan] He even knows which pair! He must have worn them!
[He Jiong] I really sympathize with you! He's really annoying!
[He Jiong] I'm very curious as to why the two of you didn't come together.
[Fan Fan] Actually, I feel that it's a good thing, because now it's like we're appearing twice on Happy Camp.
[Fan Fan] And this way you guys won't have to deal with us fighting on air.
[He Jiong] Fan Fan, you're coming in a few days right? When you come do we need to have some sort of interaction with Mr. Chien-Chou Chen?
[Fan Fan] I think we should cut back on those interactions.
[Blackie] This is how she shows she loves me.
[He Jiong] Okay, thank you. Today, do you want to say something before you go
[He Jiong] for all our Happy Camp audience that loves Blackie and Han Geng?
[Fan Fan] Thank you for all your support, and we'll continue to work hard and make Love Life our life's work, making it better and helping more people.
[He Jiong] Okay, I'm going to count down and we'll all say Baby!
[All] Bye bye!
[He Jiong] Thank you, Fan Fan! See you next time! [Xie Na] We'll wait for you!
[He Jiong] Even though you guys are bickering, I think after 12 years, you can still do that, it's a great thing.
[Blackie] You guys even did a call out.
[He Jiong] Of course.
[Han Geng] You should be happy.
[Blackie] I was so startled when I heard her voice!
[Han Geng] You even started sweating!
[He Jiong] I think this is actually quite nice. Han Geng was a bit envious right?
[He Jiong] I have right here a letter that Fan Fan wrote for Blackie.
[He Jiong] She wrote this letter because Blackie got sick once.
[He Jiong] And Fan Fan was very worried and went to the hospital.
[He Jiong] But when she got to the hospital, she saw that Blackie was uploading Love Life videos.
[He Jiong] And the first thing he said to Fan Fan was give me that charger.
[He Jiong] Because the computer was out of battery.
[He Jiong] And Fan Fan was very angry right?
[He Jiong] If you really don't take care of your body, if she lost you one day, what would she do?
[He Jiong] That day, Fan Fan cried and went home, she was very sad and very angry.
[He Jiong] But when she went back, she wrote a letter. She said in the letter,
"I regretted it once I got home. Why was I so mean to him? He didn't want to get sick. It wasn't his fault.
I don't want to not care for him. I don't want to wake up one day and I'm missing half of me.
I don't want to eat alone. I don't want to grow old alone. I don't want to talk to the wall.
I don't want to have to take care of myself when I'm old. I have to be brave.
I want to go on walks with him in the park, watch movies together, bickering together.
Have a family together, children, grandchildren.
Even if he falls, even if he turns into the Hulk, even if he turns into Shrek,
Because he might get a beer belly, I still want to be by his side, taking care of him.
I will use my patience and love to conquer him. I'm not afraid of him getting sick.
I'm not afraid."
[He Jiong] There's not one word in here that will make you cry, but it's just love.
[He Jiong] I think this is the positive force. This is Love Life.
[Blackie] These past few years, I've done a lot of things. Especially with Love Life,
[Blackie] There's been many difficulties and set backs.
[Blackie] I've been looked down on and critized.
[Blackie] A lot times, if it wasn't for Fan Fan, I wouldnt have been able to do anything.
[Blackie] I'm really thankful that she was by my side, allowing me to more determinedly and more confidently complete each task.
[He Jiong] We'll also use this actually very romantic 12 years love to wish our audience well, to allow our audience to Love Life!
Love Life!
[He Jiong] Welcome everyone to our Ah Ah Ah Ah, Science Experiment Stop!
[He Jiong] Today, we have Han Geng, who recently released his album Hope in the Darkness.
[He Jiong] And our Love Life representative, Blackie Chien-Chou Chen!
[He Jiong] Okay, we're going to talk about protection today. Everyone knows that you need protection in sports.
[He Jiong] If you participate in sports or exercise often, there's a good chance you'll get hurt.
[He Jiong] Like the meniscus and the ligaments.
[He Jiong] Han Geng, maybe his waist or some other place.
[Xie Na] Jie Ge's knee is still very bad.
[He Jiong] Just want kind of protection can lessen these clashes?
[He Jiong] To allow this force to dissipate.
[He Jiong] Let's welcome our Men in Black to bring out our choices for protection.
[He Jiong] The ones bringing out our equipment is Xiao Fang and Xiao Zhu.
[He Jiong] I'm going to interview Xiao Fang. Are you still the most popular among the Men in Black?
[Xiao Fang] I don't know.
[Xie Na] Can you do a Elva Hsiao dance?
[He Jiong] Can you do it now? He left!
[Han Geng] So cool!
[He Jiong] Very cool huh? Okay, there's 3 materials here.
[He Jiong] One is cotton, another is styrofoam. Another is water, a starch and water mixture.
[He Jiong] Please pick one material to protect this boiled egg.
[He Jiong] Then climb to a height of 4 meters.
[Blackie] Whoa. Who's climbing?
[He Jiong] You guys.
[He Jiong] Are you scared of heights?
[Blackie] I'm pretty afraid of heights.
[Wei Jia] You're so tall but you're afraid of heights?
[Han Geng] Next time, let's go parachute jumping together!
[Blackie] No, no, no! I'm really scared of that.
[He Jiong] Blackie is afraid of heights? It's been hard on you these years!
[Blackie] I live in fear everyday.
[He Jiong] You guys make a protective cover to protect this egg.
[He Jiong] If you didn't protect this egg properly and it breaks, then you'll have to eat it because we can't waste food.
[He Jiong] Okay. Blackie, your pick?
[Blackie] I'll pick this one.
[He Jiong] Oh it looks...
[Blackie] Because Jackie Chan's special effects people use this every time they fall.
[He Jiong] They use this. Okay. Then Han Geng, what's your pick?
[Han Geng] The styrofoam.
[He Jiong] Why didn't you pick this?
[Han Geng] This is water.
[He Jiong] Oh it looks like it won't do the trick. Okay.
[He Jiong] Then the three of you please
[Xie Na] What choice do I have? There's only 3 and those 2 went first.
[Han Geng] You already put on the gloves. You have to pick this!
[He Jiong] You just put on the gloves too early.
[He Jiong] Okay. Don't forget the egg!
[He Jiong] Na Na's material is really weird!
[Caption] Kneading Dough [Wei Jia] Are you going to make dumplings?
[He Jiong] What are you doing?
[Blackie] Vacuum.
[He Jiong] He's using his mouth to make a vacuum.
[Blackie] It can't have too much air or it'll hit it.
[He Jiong] Na Na, yours isn't going to work! It's all water, the egg's just floating!
[He Jiong] Okay, the three are all done. First, Blackie please show your product!
[He Jiong] He used cotton and then used his mouth to make it into a half-vacuum state.
[He Jiong] It's pretty small. Okay, next let's look at Han Geng's.
[He Jiong] It also looks quite good.
[Wei Jia] Do you cover postage?
[He Jiong] I'm most worried about Na Na.
[Xie Na] This is water.
[He Jiong] Water, a liquid.
[Xie Na] Liquid water.
[He Jiong] Okay, we'll go one by one. Let's let Han Geng go first.
[He Jiong] Okay? Be careful!
[He Jiong] 3...2...1...
[Blackie & Xie Na] It should be fine.
[He Jiong] I'll hold on to it for you for now.
[He Jiong] Okay, let's welcome Blackie!
[Blackie] I have to go up?
[He Jiong] Yes.
[Han Geng] Yeah, it's really high!
[Blackie] Help me hold it still!
[He Jiong] I don't think it broke. [Caption] Checking repeatedly.
[He Jiong] Did you put an egg in?
[Han Geng] I did.
[He Jiong] There's no egg. You forgot.
[He Jiong] Then it broke. There's nothing round in here.
[Wei Jia] Are you sure you put an egg in?
[Blackie] Too high!
[Wei Jia] Go higher, there's one more step!
[Blackie] I'm too tall, I'll do it like this.
[He Jiong] No, no. You have to go one more step.
[Wei Jia] One more step.
[He Jiong] Don't look down! Look at the distance! [Caption] Nervous!
[He Jiong] Stand straight! Be a man! Love Life!
[He Jiong] 3...2...1...
[Xie Na] No problem. It was fine.
[Han Geng] It broke.
[Xie Na] This game is to mess with me.
[He Jiong] Next is Na Na!
[Blackie] So tall!
[Han Geng] Tie it up!
[He Jiong] This one is yours.
[Blackie] High, high.
[Caption] The Always Posing Na Na
[He Jiong] Okay. 3...2...1...
[Xie Na] I'm sure you guys are messing with me!
[Hai Tao[ So touching!
[He Jiong] Thank you, Men in Black. Let's wheel in our equipment again.
[He Jiong] Take a look.
[He Jiong] Let's look at Blackie's first.
[Wu Xin] Liar!
[He Jiong] Chien-Chou Chen!
[Blackie] Just kidding!
[Hai Tao] I knew it! [Caption] You really love playing jokes on people!
[He Jiong] Water because I think that Chien-Chou Chen will definitely have to eat egg.
[Blackie] This world is sick!
[He Jiong] Let's look at Chien-Chou Chen's. Oh, friends...
[He Jiong] Do you want to wait and eat with Han Geng?
[Blackie] I'll wait for him.
[He Jiong] Wait?
[Xie Na] I don't think Han Geng's broke because when it came down, it sounded really light.
[He Jiong] Really?
It broke!
[Wei Jia] Broke mercilessly!
[Caption] Failure
[Wei Jia] The feathered egg of the legends?
[He Jiong] Broke completely. Na Na's is water, can we even get it out?
[He Jiong] Na Na looks like she's doing surgery.
[He Jiong] Okay, what do you want?
[Caption] Two people who really love to act.
[He Jiong] You two are so annoying!
[He Jiong] Perfect!
[Caption] Win!
[He Jiong] Let's first have Chien-Chou Chen and Han Geng eat their eggs.
[Blackie] Good luck to your album.
[He Jiong] Love Life!
[Han Geng] Love Life!
[He Jiong] And they lived happily ever after.
[He Jiong] Next, we're going to do something that goes against the heavens
[He Jiong] There is a little friend who's never remembered anything. Today, he's going to tell us the scientific theory.
[Hai Tao] This little friend is me right?
[Hai Tao] Okay, now I'll tell everyone why this happened.
[Hai Tao] Everyone thinks it's just liquid, but you're wrong. It's a starch mixture.
[Hai Tao] This type of starch mixture is a non-Newtonian liquid.
[Hai Tao] If you don't understand what that is, google it.
[Hai Tao] Let me tell you why it can protect this egg.
[Hai Tao] Because it will change with change in pressure.
[Hai Tao] If you suddenly increase the pressure, it'll become a solid.
[Hai Tao] Because as the egg falls from 4 meters, the pressure becomes higher and higher.
[Hai Tao] So it protects the egg. So this is a change of the non-Newtonian liquid.
[Hai Tao] And also, I'm not done yet. I know I'm good.
[Hai Tao] And lots of the protective equipment for extreme sports contain...I'm done. Thank you everyone!
[Wei Jia] Let me add something.
[Wei Jia] Lots of armies use this in bullet-proof vests. We can also see things like this in our everyday lives.
[Wei Jia] Like toothpaste, cream, and ketchup are all non-Newtonian liquids.
[Wei Jia] Also our blood and plasma are also non-Newtonian liquids, just the appearance is a bit different.
[He Jiong] Xin Xin, critique their explanations as the most experienced theory explainer.
[Wu Xin] They did very well!
[Wei Jia] Let's award ourselves with an egg!
[He Jiong] Everyone, this is a little thing. Everyone saw Na Na's little bowl of non-Newtonian liquid.
[He Jiong] It's actually a type of commercial starch. If we had a track of commercial starch mixture,
[He Jiong] Then can humans complete the task of walking on water? Let's go to set 6!
[He Jiong] Welcome to our Ah Ah Ah Ah Scientific Experiment Stop's non-Newtonian liquid pool!
[He Jiong] Two of our Men in Black are busy
[He Jiong] They are actually useful because non-Newtonian liquids must be constantly stirred.
[He Jiong] Be careful! Blackie and Han Geng, you guys can use your hands to feel this liquid.
[He Jiong] It's a liquid right? Okay. Let's demonstrate our traditional Kung Fu.
[He Jiong] Walking On Water. Let's welcome the heaviest member of Happy Family.
[He Jiong] Hai Tao will perform for everyone.
[He Jiong] Handsome!
[He Jiong] Except that bubble on your mouth! [Han Geng] Magical!
[Wei Jia] The audience is kind!
[He Jiong] We'll do another demonstration. Maybe you think it is a solid so it's okay.
[He Jiong] Actually, you can sink into this. As Happy Family's lightest member, I'll sink down for you guys.
[He Jiong] Save me!
[Wei Jia] It's really hard to pull out!
[He Jiong] I've already sunk down.
[Hai Tao] Why don't you...
[Wei Jia] Whoa that's hard! [Caption] Determinedly Pulling
[He Jiong] It hurts! It hurts!
[He Jiong] My chest hurts!
[Wei Jia] Don't just pull out the top half!
[He Jiong] There's only one solution. Here, what's the theory?
[Hai Tao] This is a non-Newtonian liquid, it'll...just come out slowly and you'll be fine.
[Hai Tao] Because when you come out slowly, the pressure will be reduced.
[He Jiong] The harder you pull, the harder it is to get out. So I can only slowly save myself.
[He Jiong] Han Geng, my chest really hurts.
[Blackie] Forget it, forget it. [Caption] Playing tricks again!
[He Jiong] It's like this.
[Hai Tao] He started running!
[He Jiong] Let's start the competition. Han Geng will lead the two girls, so Na Na and Wu Xin.
[He Jiong] And the three boys will be on one team.
[Game Rules] Using one side of the pool as the starting point, a member will run across the pool and complete the task (putting on socks or pulling a thread through a needle), then run to the other side of the pool. They will pick one of two doors. One door will have a gong that they can ring for completion, another member will then run across and complete the other task. The other door will have a sign that says come again, so another team member will have to run across and complete the same task. The team that finishes both tasks first wins.
[He Jiong] Time starts now!
[Xie Na] Jia Jia, you look so haggard! You're so strong!
[Caption] The Completely Tired Out Wei Jia~~~
[Caption] Face full of frustration.
[Han Geng] Chien Chou, Chien Chou, put your hand here.
[Blackie] I can't do it!
[He Jiong] That movement is too ugly! Did you get it?
[Blackie] Not yet!
[He Jiong] Everyone, 5 minutes has passed.
[He Jiong] He's going to use the stupid method of sinking then pulling himself back up.
[He Jiong] Oh he's smart. He's pulling the thread through and pulling his foot out at the same time.
[Wei Jia] One thread is fine!
[He Jiong] One thread is fine! No, he's trying to get out!
[Caption] Really too ugly!
[He Jiong] Which door will he open?
[He Jiong] This team used 4 minutes!
[He Jiong] Next is Han Geng's team. Do the girls have anything to say to Han Geng?
[Xie Na & Wu Xin] Han Geng fighting!
[Wu Xin] We'll finish in 30 seconds!
[He Jiong] Time starts now!
[Blackie] Han Geng, look over there! The sun!
[Caption] Such a lively competitor!
[He Jiong] The other foot! The other foot!
[Hai Tao] He wants to make it harder!
[Caption] So childish!
[He Jiong] Don't laugh! Once you start, you won't stop!
[Hai Tao] Can you wrestle with yourself?
[Blackie] Have you sunk in?
[Hai Tao] She's in!
[Wei Jia] She sunk in!
[Wei Jia] Help her!
[Han Geng] Na Jie, I'll save you!
[He Jiong] Move! Everyone move!
[Blackie] You should at least help us!
[He Jiong] Everyone, Xie Na has already moved on. She doesn't care that the 3 that saved her have sunk in!
[He Jiong] Okay, the first one to get out is Xiao Hei.
[He Jiong] Xiao Hei's almost got it.
[He Jiong] Xiao Zhu fighting! You done?
[Wei Jia] She's done, she's done!
[He Jiong] Go pick a door! But she's stuck!
[He Jiong] She's got one foot out.
[Blackie] What kind of stalemate is this?
[He Jiong] Na Na pulls herself out and pushes Blackie in further at the same time.
[Wei Jia] You two look like you're dancing the Cha Cha
[Blackie] So tiring!
[Blackie] My life is so tiring!
[Hai Tao] Blackie say to Na Jie, let me hold on to you!
[He Jiong] Hurry, go pick a door!
[Hai Tao] Blackie, your foot changed shape!
[He Jiong] Come again! Wu Xin!
[Wei Jia] She has to pull out the other thread first!
[Caption] Dies From Holding Her Breath
[Blackie] This one looks like her IQ isn't high.
[Wei Jia] Wu Xin, how does it taste? Three people have licked that!
[Wei Jia] Why didn't you get a new thread?
[Hai Tao] It tastes like dumplings!
[Han Geng] And eggs!
[Han Geng] You're sinking!
[Wei Jia] Lick it again!
[Caption] Licked it again!
[Hai Tao] Wu Xin, why don't I tell you the theory right now? Do you know why you're sinking?
[He Jiong] You should break the thread and start from the next section!
[Han Geng] She licked it again!
[He Jiong] No, she ate a piece!
[Wei Jia] Wu Xin, you're posture!
[Wei Jia] Are you doing yoga Wu Xin?
[Wei Jia] Come again!
[Caption] Despair
[He Jiong] No need. There's no way you can beat them. You're already at 7 minutes and 17 seconds.
[He Jiong] They were 4 minutes.
[He Jiong] The losing team has to accept the punishment.
[He Jiong] The punishment is to eat flash-frozen cookies.
[He Jiong] Too small.
[Blackie] You're shaking!
[Wei Jia] Eating hot pot!
[He Jiong] Close your mouth!
[Wei Jia] Saliva!
[Caption] Han Geng, is the cookie that good?
[Hai Tao] Geng Ge, you're my idol!
[He Jiong] Smoke keeps coming out of your nose!
[Wei Jia] This effect is good!
[Xie Na] Because he's dark, makes the steam look white!
[Wei Jia] You're like a humidifier!
[He Jiong] -196 degrees C flash-frozen cookies.
[He Jiong] Our experiments have come to a stop for today. Thank you everyone!
[He Jiong] Thank you Blackie, thank you Han Geng!
[He Jiong] Okay, that was everything for today!
[Wei Jia] At the end, we thank Elegant Bird and You're So Beautiful for their support!
[Xie Na] If you're happy, watch Happy Camp. If you're not happy, watch Happy Camp!
[Hai Tao] If you have spirit, then Love Life!
[Wu Xin] Be happy everyday! See you all next week!
[He Jiong] Support Han Geng's new album and support Love Life!
[He Jiong] Thank you Blackie!