Man on the Moon (7/9) Movie CLIP - David Letterman (1999) HD

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The wrestling. Yeah, we all agree completely about...
...the wrestling, now. - That's smart.
Andy is very sincere.
He's gonna apologize to Jerry Lawler...
...and repent for all his bad guy shenanigans.
I apologize for all the wrestling I've ever done...
...and I'm sorry for all the grief I've ever given.
I was just playing bad guy wrestler, you know, and it's just a role.
It's not me. So, I guess Jerry just...
...took it personally.
I mean, you said some pretty inflammatory things, obviously.
Right, I mean, everything's a joke to this guy.
Like that thing. Is it a neck brace...
...or a flea collar? - That's not true.
This is very serious. I went to the hospital.
I was in the hospital for three days, in traction.
And I'll tell you something else. My dad said I could've sued you.
I could have sued you for everything you've got.
But I didn't because I'm not that kinda guy.
What kinda guy are you?
Tell you what, I think maybe I'll get a lawyer, you know?
Listen, if you were a man, you'd apologize to me right now.
But you're just poor, white trash, and so I guess...
...that's too lofty a concept for you.
I mean, you know, what are you gonna do?
Are we, is everything, are you okay?
I'm sick of this shit, Lawler.
I'm gonna sue you for everything you've got...
...I swear to God.
Fuck you!
Okay? Okay, Lawler?
Fuck you! I'm sorry Dave. Okay?
I know I'm not supposed to say those things on television.
I can't say those words, and I apologize. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
But you, you are a... - Ing, ... - Ing, ... - Hole!
...I think you can use some of those words on TV...
...but, what you can't do is throw coffee.
"Some of us at Saturday Night Live think that...
"...Andy Kaufman's a comic genius, but others disagree.
"They say he's just not funny anymore.
"So we're leaving the decision up to you.
"To keep Andy, call 1-900-555-7618.
"To dump him..."
This is bad.
I only got 28 percent.
This is Saturday Night Live, the hippest audience in television.
They turned on you.