The Amazing Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield on the NY Set

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Kirtsen Dunst is taking the finest reviews
for having played the part of bride Justine in Lars Von Trier's Melancholia,
and to continue on this road of goodwill
she has taken up another prestigious indie project:
from the obscure stage of Adam Rapp's play, Red Light Winter,
also casting Mark Ruffulo and Billie Crudup.
Shooting starts in January when the actress will have rapped up Bachelorette.
Rapp's paly concentrates on a group of male friends
who are close to their thirties and of Christine, a French prostitute,
who will make a breach in their delicate equilibrium.
We don't know if Dunst will play Christine's part, but it seems likely.
While Michelle Williams takes gossip because My Week With Marylin
release date is these week in the States,
they also talk about her other movie, Oz: The Great and Powerful by Sam Raimi.
Williams had interesting things to say about Glinda,
the iconic role that she plays.
She did not expect a different role from the one interpreted by Judi Garland in 1939.
As it seems it will be a character much more complex and human,
full of facets, that wants to realize her own dimension.
Disney will release the movie the 8th of March 2013.
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