Dog Birthday Cake Recipe for "Surprise Dog Birthday Cake"

Uploaded by TheFrostingGuy on 25.12.2011

Hi. The Frosting Guy here from That's the letter K,á the number 9, c a k
e r y dot com. What I'm holding in my handátoday hereáis a silicone,áFDA approved, all human
grade, um, baking pan. This pan can be used in the oven, the microwave, the freezer, the
refrigerator, the dishwasher, pretty much anywhere you want to use this pan. It's great
for hot and cold environments and you can take it directlyáout of the freezer and put
itáright into the oven with no problems. You can't crush it, you can't destroy it,
you can't bend it. Why am I showing you this? Because this pan is made by and
it's made as you can see with fifteen little mini paw shapes. Paw shapes are a great shape
to make a cake for a dog party because you can make little single serving mini cakes
especially if you have small dogs. Now let's talk about what we can put in this. We're
going to look at making a dog birthday cake today. It's a great cake to have for birthdays,
it's colorful, it's fun, it's playful and it's easy to make. Super, super easy. We start
off like we do with any good cake with the whole wheat all natural cake
mix. Into that cake mix we add one egg, a third of a cup of water, and a quarter of
a cup of oil. Now always read the instructions on the back of box because you can make this
cake in the regular oven or the microwave and you are going to be using different ingredients
or you're going to be leaving some ingredients out when you use the microwave so make sure
you read the box depending on what it is you're going to do with this mix.áThis is being
made for the conventional oven so we go ahead and we mix it all up. We use a regular hand
spatula, or hand, um whisk, and we put our cake mix together and voila! It's a cake mix.
Now, that's basic plain cake. Well what do we do to make this festive? How do we turn
this into a party cake? Ah! Three simple steps. Number 1: Honey. Nice and sweet honey, a third
of a cup, I mean excuse me this is a quarter of a cup of honey. We mix that in, that's
going to make it nice and sweet, addáthat special little something to the cake for the
celebration, and then we've got puffed rice and rainbow sprinkles. Pour those right into
the batter. We go ahead and basically fold those in because we don't want to destroy
the puffed rice. And folding basically means we're kind of lifting and folding, and lifting
and folding, just enough until things are combined. There you go. We don't need toádo
anymore than that. So what happens here? Well. The short of it is the colored sprinkles are
made up from various different colors and they're in a shape that's made up out of something
that melts easily in the heat. So when you've got those inside the cake and the cake is
baking, and the cake gets hot, the colors melt, and sort of blend and bleed out into
the cake. So when you cut the cake open, you get all these beautiful different colors kind
of like fireworks inside the cake which gives you that party festive feel. So you take that,
take a nice spoonful,áput it in whatever mold you're going to be using. In this case
I'm using the regular cupcake mold. And when this bakes up you're going to have a beautiful
multi-color party cake, nice and sweet with honey, a little bit of a crisp rice crunch
in there and this is something that dogs are going to go nuts for. And I encourage you
to experiment with different shapes instead of just the round cake because there are so
many fun shapes available out there at that you really shouldn't use something so
basic for a dog. You've really got to go for the bone shape, the paw shape, the fire hydrant,
something else like that that the dogs are going to enjoy and appreciate and it'sáreally
fun for a party. So for and K9Cakery,com, I'm The Frosting Guy and I hope
to see you back for our next recipe.