Memphis Police Department - IBM Smarter Planet Leadership Series Video

Uploaded by IBMCustomerReference on 28.01.2011

GODWIN: I was hired to reduce crime.
The Mayor said, I want this crime problem fixed.
And he got him a crime fighter.
Everything was working before; no, it wasn't working before.
And why do you need this?
Because you've got to keep up with the time and you've got to move with technology.
You show the Mayor what you've got, he supports you, and he goes before a council.
The council gives you support because at the end of the day, everybody wants to reduce crime
and everybody wants a safe community, because without it,
if you don't have economic growth, you don't have anything.
That's kind of where we started when crime started rising back in 2005.
By the time you got the information, the information was old.
By the time you put out a plan, you're working on something
and it's changed three or four times since then.
We were still doing things the way we'd always done things.
When you do that then you can expect the same results.
HARVEY: We started out with the University of Memphis.
They came in and used IBM's SPSS to create a statistical package.
GODWIN: And that's kind of where Blue CRUSH was formed.
CRUSH is Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical History, so using the data,
using the history of crime to predict where you're going next
and how are you going to deploy officers.
HARVEY: Say an officer gets a call on a burglary.
He goes out to the scene, takes his PDA into the house with him,
and he takes the information down from the victim.
When the report hits the system, the crime analyst immediately has access to it
and it tells us what our percentages are on all of the different crimes in the city as a whole
and shows each precinct commander where he is for that day.
And, where he is month to date, and where he is year to date, and where he is year
to date over the past five years.
The IBM solution has allowed us to take a new look and gain a totally different perspective
on our data that we've always had.
GODWIN: And that's why you're seeing crime down 28 percent over five years,
why you're seeing crime down 14 percent when we look at last year to this year.
That's why you're seeing those things, is everything we're doing.
Gosh dang, you know,'ve got to have a passion for it.
Tell me, tell me an officer that doesn't like to lock up a bad guy.
You're...I mean, that's what they do.
That's what they love.
That's what makes their day.