Interview with Horiyoshi III

Uploaded by geoffluka on 01.07.2010

It's really great. Up until now, there were a lot of books with just photos.
Buddhism, but not Chinese, but Japanese Buddhism,
to find a link between the back of the psychology,
and the temples and statues that exist in reality,
and horimono is really interesting.
I was really excited when I heard this idea.
I think it's a good idea,
if you do books like this the world of books will be more fantastic,
not just a book on tattoos.
It is showing something to people they don't know,
this feeling is really important.
The joy of making it, and the joy of buying it,
and then you make some money. There is nothing as fantastic.REALLY
Also the models will enjoy being in this kind of book.
But as I said the responsibility lie here
If you take responsibility you will have something that will last
Everyone will be left with good memories
If you don`t take responsibility everyone is left with bad memories
yea fantastic