How to build a screen porch - Howard County, Maryland

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the idea is simple really
first we design a project
and then we build it
the first part of any project is to set the deck elevation as well as well polls reporters
once also been done need to make sure there are no next year those groups that will cause
problems with the ledger
once that is the chief
we start to cut away the sightings of the installed question
once all sightings been cut away you can begin to install flashing
in the areas with us anymore was
you can see watching
proposed that has been removed
it's PVC pipe being it's coming out
the future opposed it
and here we have holds a proper question
in store for the entire day
once the project is blacks we can begin to install our letter
which is attached to the house with nails and also with half-inch blacks
here's a of those pictures are probably being
runs through
the pressure treated like to point
what's alleged been installed we begin to sexual east temporarily
with different pieces of withholding it
you're more joystick typically tend
three to four choice
so that we can change the level
we continue to do this with higher taxes completely temporary thing
once the decade contention that here
the fine tune it with a level to make sure that everything has a precise little bit
once we have our level which he you begin to install the few weeks throughout the entire
once all of the two weeks for installed the chart one more time to level and we begin
to install the six by six pressure treated columns
the most important part
of installing the six by six columns is that their level him directly
the us
after all the six by sexism been installed review one final check with the local sure
everything was perfect
do you have a picture of all of the six point six percent for the column
stoltenberg be back
what sort that is completely fremd
we can begin I think that the project
words old walls reports
in this instance
we're still the walls the porch first
following local building codes we connect all for by force to protect below and the
pinochle with simpson's strong I can actors
for immigrants three supreme court reinstalled late final post's newsroom
for but for pressure
fourteen inch go beyond
is installed here
it's been more than fall
battlefields tipped off to vote for mister hope to achieve a perfect well
fiberglass screen is installed above the jury's and the need for decades to create insect
free environment
once the screen has been installed
we put the taking on top
we installed a decade
with color matching stainless steel screws on top of the fibers last spring
once all of the decade has been installed we can continue with our posts and start to
build the roof
once all the four by four police have been installed
in the white mountains whose lives have been installed we begin to square the deck to make
sure that the roof is completely
here you see the to buy eight beans being installed on top of a four-by-four pressure
treated posts
he can see that the teams are completed
and ready for the roof
there is bracing materials keeping the entire project and square
here we have the deck completely framed
the taking its toll
all four by four police installed
all the teams ready for the roof
the first step
in building the roof
mister conaway the citing machine
once all of the sightings been cut away from the house
the house is properly flashed
we begin to install the rafters
we continue installing rafters on either side of the main themes so that everything supported
here we have the cable roof on the right side complete and ready for the plywood insulation
once the rafters of been installed we could put the plywood on top
we used a decorative she won eleven plywood at brandeis does that appeal on the inside
in this picture you'll see the shuttle roof on the left side this almost completely free
once the rafters have been installed the decorative he won eleven plywood is installed we installed
half-inch the west be
so that the e mails from roofing not true
here's another picture of the plywood the roof being installed
and here we have the entire roof completely framed and ready for the shingles to be installed
after the decade has been installed
and while the roof is awaiting shingles
you begin to install
we continue installing the vinyl camera system around the entire project need openings where
the future stairs woke up
after the asphalt shingles have been installed on the roof we begin to trim the beams and
install the sock that
because underneath yes
here you can see
the saw fit
continuing around the roof of the project
he can see that the trim material on the sock that around the group has been complete
and we're beginning trend
the freemen back
in this picture you'll see
the all the fish material on the deck has been completed
after the roof has been trimmed in the famous that has been trimmed
the move on to the truth
after all the trend has been installed begin to applied lattice underneath of the deck
once the deck is been framed in trend
we begin to work on the patio
after the pad is laid out start to build our friends
what's called the friends are out there we have a foundation for the patio we begin to
for the country
we continue to pour the country
throughout the entire patio
inside the form
once the concrete is been formed
we level everything off using it to vote for
here you can see the country continued to be formed unlawful
we continue to pour in the whole the country and so the actual places in chief
through the patio is almost completely port
once the entire patio has been word
and level
we do over one last time to create a smooth surface
this is the first step
in calling distant country patio
first we apply is a scholar
we continue to apply that a scholar and so the entire patio
it's completely
once the patio has been poor
level of a scholar applied
we used the decorative concrete stamps
to create the Dominican sleep patterns
here we continue to stamp the concrete patio
here the stamp concrete process is nearing completion in you begin to see the patterns
in this picture you'll notice rebar coming up to the patio
this will support
the future sitting law that will be installed
once the stamp concrete process is complete
we go over the entire patio with a sealer that at scholar and also protects it from
the elements
here we continue to seal the ideal can tell the difference between the sealed portions
in the council
here we have our decorative sitting Wall ready for the flax don't talk back
this picture shows the completed patio
along with the city walls blackstone installed on top
once the entire patio process has been complete
we can go back to the screen porch and begin to install all of the streets
after the deck is been completed
the idea has been completed
and we've installed all the screens
we go back and clean the project is one side the entire yard
that might have been damaged during the building process
in addition to clean the project outside in the yard
we typically install more that's around the perimeter
I had for a nice details
as well as future flower locations
and are finished product we have
comedians free screened porch
the cable roof on the right side
interpreter have you around the perimeter
sitting Wall for action entertaining states
in a nice clean cited yard