Yuva (2004) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 14

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...attack them. See, everyone will fall after that.
Did you understand?
You... alone...
How was the marriage? The honey moon's over?
How is Kanpuriya?
You didn't go to America? - I didn't go.
I didn't marry too.
Whenever I thought of you, I said, why should I...
...pine for you? You are so selfish!
You are chasing the American dream.
Why should I follow you like a crazy girl?
But when I saw you on television, I understood.
That I am not mad. That I am in love.
I have been crying since then. I haven't been able to stop.
I told Kanpuriya that I love a Kolkattan nut.
He came to leave me till the train.
'Stranger! The other stranger! '
I am coming!
Hey, take care of her, or else I will kill you.
Don't move from here. I will come back.
Don't budge. I will go and I will come.
Have Michael and the others reached?
Hey, wait!.
Urmila, someone has come, ask what work she has.
Why are you here after hurting our feelings?
Why don't you return?n
Why should I return? Ask him why...
...did he stop treating the patient?
He is angry with me, isn't it? Is this correct?
Tell her it's not correct.
Mike's come out alive. As a decent family doctor...
...tell him to come and meet him.
A pregnant woman's curses are very bad.
I will slap you!
Are you all right?
I am all right. She said that I am not all right?
All this is her drama to meet you people.
We were almost dead due to worry, do you know that?
I had decided I would kill you if I saw you again.
You have reared her haven't you?
Don't you know that she lies?
Insolent, why did you lie?
Why should I lie? This Physics is lying.
If you wish then please wait for eight months.
No, touch it and see if you want!
Michael! Michael!
Trilok has been kidnapped!
I don't know.
Call him up! - I tried a lot. I can't get through.
Try it again!w
You must be very happy, isn't it?
Lallan, it is not too late even now.
See, you have got the money.
If you catch the RaJdhani and reach Mughalsarai...
...it takes only half and hour from there, isn't it?
This hooliganism and infightings are enough now!
Even I get trapped in your circles. I will get trapped!
You have earned so much now.
Why are you destroying your life due to greed?
It is an excellent chance, go back to your village.
Enough. Shut up.
Leave me, I will fall! - Shut up! - I won't say anything!
Let him come. Michael, my brother!
Have you come to support me too?
Where are those people? - Come, listen to my oration!
Maybe you change your mind after...
...my lecture and Join my party.
I am asking you, where are my colleagues?
Who have been kidnapped by your hooligans.
What are you blabbering? I thought you were smart.
You had achieved a scholarship, isn't it?
How did you get it? You can't bully me.
What do I know what you are talking about!
Their names are Arjun, Trilok and Vishnu.
They were standing in the election.
You search them. Because if I search them before you do...
...I am standing in your area and saying it, I won't spare you.
Stop the play. Open it. I am hungry. Very good!
Hey, where is Waglu?
He is inside, he is on guard. Should I call him?
Hey Waglu, what are you doing inside?
Call him!
Go and have your food.
Hey, open the door. Waglu, I have brought food. Come.
Waglu, open the door!
Open the door.
Run! Run!
Lallan, listen to me! Hey Lallan!
See, I promised Sashi. I won't let you kill anyone!
You've become an animal in the greed of money and power.
You left your wife, you killed you brother.
You want to kill me? Okay, kill me! Kill me!
Run in different ways! Run!
What are you doing? They have separated!
Hey run after them! Run till they are not caught!
I won't spare you!
Hey! He is taking my mobile! Catch him!