paul is dead - the rotten apple 80 (EN/NL subtitled)

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There's always secret word you whisper in somebody's ear.
You see, the truth is always a secret.
Have you got enough for a good documentary?
Well, yes. It depends upon what we're allowed to use.
and you know what i mean, it depends how liquid the situation is.
Well, in other words, if we tell it like it is, maybe i think Pau'll sock it to 'em. Then we've got a very good documentary.
But if we're hiding, then we haven't much luck.
Neil is calling back now.
That's an Apple Corps.
An apple core of us known.
I was talking to Neil last night about an idea.
That while we were rehearsing the show ourselves, we should have alongside us someone sitting near.
So that we'll get in the same kinda voice, and at the end, the final bulletin is, The Beatles have broken up.
But it's going to be such an incredible thing, like, in 50 years time, you know. They broke up 'cause Yoko sat on an amp.
They'll see John kept bringing this girl along.
There was very few things that happened to Beatles that weren't really well thought out by us, whether to do it or not.
And you know, what reaction, and would it last forever?
They left the possibility to discover the truth.
To the next generation of people.
I never thought they would be anything less than the greatest stars in the world.
He said to me once that the children of 2000 will be listening to The Beatles.
By 2012 the masses will be where we are today, and Paul should be Jesus by then.
It doesn't mean a lot, you know... be it 39, and 40 being 3823
Enough little bitties go in to keep you interested even a 100 years later.
I am He as You are He as. (backwards)
This is roll 29, slate 23... 27.
If this boy dies, you're gonna cop it.
Funny Cranberry Sauce sounded like "I buried Paul". We didn't even think about it.
I buried Paul.
I mean, of course there is a slight chance that John did without tellin' me.
Neil spoke to me and he said "P.M. was on his way." P.M is on his way.
He died i suppose... yeah.
You know, but life goes on.
Paul had died some while back. He had a jolly good impersonator working for him because... i began to believe it myself
It was obvious that he's died, and the boys are covering it up.
People don't want to know what the truth is because they could never ever handle it. They would be too devastated.
That this is not the same McCartney.
I would not do anything -- ignore it! You know, i know he's dead but if you want to prove that he's dead, you're probably talking more.
I have a box of evidence.
Why do they come about? Because Paul McCartney is dead, of course.
People are gonna believe what they're gonna believe. I can only say it's not true. Not one bit of it.
Haha, Paul is dead.
When we sent out Strawberry Fields Forever we were convinced that a few lads would discover the backwards message.
We'll be reverse.
We saw him dyin' in the Magic Christian... Witch doctor!
Bill seems to be individualistic, if you like. And as much as he's very self-contained, doesn't need anybody else, at all.
What we want is to turn you onto the truth. but if you are not ready for the truth, you can't see it.
Before long all the wounds heal and your head mends... on safari I first became aware of magic.
Except i knew, and nobody noticed anything different.
Thanks Mo. I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we've passed the audition.
Jojo, Loretta. Get Back!
It seemed a little bit like magic, you know.
Then that's what they ask you. You go around the world on these tours, you know, and sort of press conferences.
Well, getting The Beatles back together again? You say; What are you talking about?
Well, let me ask you it this way. Are you getting back together? No.
And yet with "Free As A Bird", we somehow did.
The Superstone is real, you know. I won the world.