First Position - Official Dance Scene 2012 - Ballet Documentary (HD)

Uploaded by DanceOn on 02.05.2012


MALE SPEAKER: I don't tell any of my friends at school that I
do ballet because at my old school I told them and then
everyone started teasing me.

MALE SPEAKER: A lot of men think ballet
is not what it is.
It's very athletic.

Women have tutus and their pointe shoes.
Men do masculine things.
There is a lot of energy and focus.
MALE SPEAKER: We've heard lots of stories about boys that
dance that get into in junior high and quit because of the
relentless teasing and the stereotypes.
So far he's strong enough to understand that those types of
people are not worth listening to.
MALE SPEAKER: I have to say, I never expected
my son to be a dancer.
I played ball growing up, and I assumed that my son was
going to be some kind of baseball, basketball, but I
couldn't be prouder.