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the next technique were going to talk about is pulling the flag
the object of this technique is to teach the player how to stop a ball carrier
in flag football by pulling the flag
the drill we're going to do now is going to introduce the technique of how to pull
a flag
what we've got is four cones lined up in a box about four yards apart we have a
defender whose going to be lined up in the middle
we have three ball carriers with the football's over here what we're gonna do
is the first ball carrier is going to come
about four yards from the front of the box
the defender is going to get a good defensive position
with his knees slightly bent
and his hands ready to go on the side
upon the coaches command the ball carrier is going to run through the box
making one move
the defender is going to slide his feet
he's going to keep his eyes focused on the belt of the ball carrier
when the ball carrier approaches the defender
he's going to bend his knees, widen his base and he's going to reach with both
hands to the base of the flag and attempt to swipe the flags from his belt go
once the ball carrier gets his flag pulled he's going go ahead and continue
to run
through the box
and the defender is going to raise the flag up in the air
okay are you ready?
as the defender nears the ball carrier he stays on the ball's of his feet
he then shortens his stride, widens his base and bends his knees
he focuses on the hips and the center of the flag belt of the ball carrier
ready to step in the direction of any cut the ball carrier may make
when he is ready to pull the flag he concentrates on where the flags are
fastened to the belt
he needs to grab both flags as close to the belt as possible because this is where the
flag is most stable
after pulling the flag he stops running and holds the flag up as quickly as possible
so the officials can see it and stop the play immediately
good job, put it up high