Jai Santoshi Maa

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If you’ve seen the film Jai Santoshi Ma of the year, 1975..
..you’ll remember how Satyawati faces all adversities with the help of..
..her devotion and unbreakable faith in the Mother. How she successfully..
..passes the tests taken by Goddess Brahmani, Laxmi and Parwati.
Satyawati’s devotion gave the invaluable power of..
..16 Fridays fasting for the Mother’s blessings to the entire world.
By observing the same powerful 16 Friday fast..
..lakhs of devotees’ problems were solved.
Our story is of the same devotion, worship and sacrifice.
It’s a story of the devotees’ faith in the Mother.
The Mother gives her followers the courage to fight all their problems.
She always has a protective eye over them.
And always showers them with her compassion.
She is the Mother.. our Mother.
Jai Santoshi Maa.
Come.. let your faith be re-kindled.
This is unbelievable!
I can’t leave the city, Richa!
God knows why they always think of me for urgent assignments!
And that too on the last moment.
Ritu is having high fever, Priti.
And as it is, this is the last episode on Indian goddesses.
Ma Santoshi. And if you cover this, our project will be completed early.
And as it is, you’re the best.
Come on Richa.. you’re very well aware about how important it is..
..for me to be here.. I mean the court, tomorrow.
I know. You’ll be back by evening. It’s just a matter of a little time.
Come on.. get ready now.
Come on, Amar! Pick up the phone!
Priti madam, you’re being furious without reason.
Today, it is written in our destiny to go to Ambapur. That’s it.
Narayan, you don’t understand how important it is for me to stay in the city.
What should I tell you!
Madam, your or my wishes don’t matter.
You’ll be wherever Ma Santoshi wants you to be.
And it’s quite possible that Mother doesn’t want you to be in the city right now.
May be that’s better for you.
Now that Mother has called, you’ve to go.
Yes Narayan.. I can see that you’re a big devotee of Santoshi Ma.
Ma Santoshi.. granddaughter of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parwati.
On the Raksha Bandhan day, when Mansa tied a Rakhi (holy thread)..
..on her brother Ganesh’s hand, Ganesh’s two sons, Shubh and Labh..
..asked for a sister from their father.
And she was Ma Santoshi.
“I worship Mother Santoshi!”
“I worship Mother Santoshi!”
“I worship Mother Santoshi!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
“There is so much compassion and love in the Mother’s eyes!”
“In the Mother’s eyes!”
“So much kindness, attachment and care in the Mother’s eyes!”
“In the Mother’s eyes!”
“Why shouldn’t I see in the Mother’s eyes time and again!”
“Why shouldn’t I see in the Mother’s eyes time and again!”
“I see a new miracle in her eyes, every moment!”
“In Mother’s eyes!”
“I dance with a jingle!”
“I dance with a jingle!”
“I look lovingly at the mother.”
“I look lovingly at the mother.”
“I worship Mother Santoshi!”
“I worship Mother Santoshi!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
“Glory to Santoshi Ma!”
Come madam. This is Uma-ji.. the story of Santoshi Ma’s blessings on her..
..is spread far and wide.
-Greetings. -Priti-ji.
Greetings. I’m Priti Malhotra from PPC.
Narayan must surely have told you about the interview.
-Can we start the interview? -Yes.
-Kaushal, are you ready? -Ready ma’am.
Is it true that you gave birth to a child after many years of marriage?
Yes. It’s very true.
Your husband is himself a doctor.
Does he also believe that this child is a result of blessings from the Mother?
Yes. We had left hopes completely.
There was no test that we hadn’t got done.
We had given up on all fronts.
But three years ago, a lady came into our life who told us in detail about..
..Ma Santoshi and her greatness. And..
And she informed us about how the 16 Friday fast can change the course of our life.
About how a flower can bloom in a desert too.
And Mother accepted my worshipping and fasts.
And gave us this holy blessing in return.
Did you see.. how every person here has faith and trust in the Goddess.
If we talk in scientific terms, this child is a proof of the Mother’s kindness.
From Ambapur, from Ma Santoshi’s temple, for PPC news..
..with cameraman Kaushal, this is Priti Malhotra.
-Hail Mother. -Come on, Narayan.
-This job is done too. -Yes.
Now get the car fast and we’ll leave for the city quickly.
Madam, so late at night?!
The route is dangerous.
Narayan, its still time. We can reach the city on time.
Madam, I’m familiar with each and every patch of this area.
If you can drive, take these keys and go on.
I’ll come in the morning by bus. Please.
-Narayna, you are.. -Please..
It seems difficult for you to leave from here tonight.
If you don’t mind, you can stay at our place for the night.
No.. actually..
Trust me.. you won’t have any problem.
-Ok. -Come..
Yes.. yes Amar, I’ll be there.
In fact, I’ll be there before time.
You don’t need to be so worried.
I don’t know what your problem is.
But I surely know that now, everything will be alright in your life.
Yes. Everything will be fine.
By the way, tomorrow I’m getting divorced.
Tomorrow, Amar and I will be separated forever.
There are many hours left till morning. Anything can happen.
When you’re already at Ma Santoshi’s place..
..will Mother let you go empty handed?
It seems you’ve great faith in your Santoshi Ma.
Not mine, ours. She is everyone’s mother.
Leave all your troubles with the Mother now.
Santoshi Ma understands all her children’s needs perfectly.
Just have faith in her.
Trust her kindness and blessings. Just like Mahima did.
What all had happened to Mahima!
But her faith in the Mother couldn’t be dwindled.
Mahima? Who Mahima?
Mahima.. the one who was as delicate as a flower.
But her truthfulness, her self-confidence could make even the tallest mountains bow.
She was just an ordinary girl, just like me and you.
Mahima.. Mahima..
Yes father..
Father, tea.
Look Santoshi Ma, today is my exam. Hence I don’t want to get late.
So please listen carefully to whatever I say in this hurry.
Actually, what to say.. it’s a request.
Don’t make today’s paper tough.. please!
Let it be so easy that I can pass.
Bless you.
Bless you, dear.
I’m leaving mother.
Excuse me. What is happening?
It’s an examination hall. Behave yourself. Ok now?
Yes ma’am.
I’ll throw you out of the class.
Stop writing everybody. Come on now.
Fantastic Anuraag! What timing!
Thank you! Thank you!
I copied all the answers.
Your exam was good, right!
Superb. Thanks! Bye.
Take care. Bye!
It seems someone didn’t like my tune.
I think that I’ve to tell my father to stop giving you music lessons.
And tell your father to stop wasting his money by sending you to college.
Music and studies may leave my side..
..but you’ll always be with me, right?
To be at your side.. you’ve so many ‘Gopis’ (Krishna’s girlfriends) already!
As soon as you pick up your guitar, they start hovering around you!
-Hi Anuraag! -Hello.. hi!
-Yes. -Be a little serious now, Anuraag!
When will you learn your responsibilities?
It’s final year. Be serious now!
At least complete your studies Anuraag.
You’ll have a degree with you when you are looking for a job in future.
Job and me?!
The world of music is waiting for your Anuraag with open arms!
And you’re talking about a job!
What has happened to your intellect, Mahi?
Fine. I care about you. And I’m wrong.
But at least you can’t blame me in future for not stopping you.
Yes. But you can surely say, ‘I knew it from the beginning’.
Mahi, when you’re near me, I don’t miss my family at all.
My sisters-in-law too talk like you.
I had told you before!
I knew it from the beginning!
I knew this would happen.
There is no need for more servants in the shop.
This is very easy to say, father.
But at the end, they have to carry all the burden of work.
There are other people at home too.
No one says anything to them.
What to tell you dear.. there is just one pampered child in this house.
Why would he care about others?
Father, this Kishorilal wants to raise the rent of the shop again.
From where will we get so much money?
Father, if it was just 5-10 thousand, we would have agreed.
But it’s Rs. 25000! How is it possible?
Father, I think we’ve no other option now but..
..to break your FD’s and sell off the shares.
Yes father. This is the right time.
And the rates in share bazaar are also high at present.
Really? Look father, this is all the more better.
Fine. You tell Kishorilal to meet me.
We’ll see what to do next.
This is the limit, father! I’ve already talked to Kishorilal.
Don’t you trust me?
Why are you worried? The boys will take care of everything.
That’s the worry.
Uncle, teach me to play the guitar.
Ok. But after this last bite, ok. Come on open your mouth.
Very good.
Come on now say good night to everyone.
-Good night. -Good night!
Surprising! So much discussion was done.
But he did not utter a single word.
At least he could have talked for the sake of father.
Brother, my land is lying useless. Sell it off and use the money for the shop.
But no. He is sitting on his wealth like a snake.
Listen.. the boys are facing a problem.
Why don’t you talk to Anuraag about that land?
He won’t refuse you.
Shanti, I’ve told you not just once, but thousands of times that forget..
..about that land. It does not belong to us.
You all might have the habit of eyeing other’s property.
But don’t expect that from me. That would be better.
Did you see.. what had I told! Nothing would happen.
Father just feels close to that outsider.
Uncle, please tell me a story.
Kitu, did you see the time? I think you should go and sleep. Go now.
No uncle. Just one story. A small one. Please!
-Ok. A small one. -Yes.
Once there was a doll. She had long ears.
And when anyone pulled her ears, you know what used to happen?
What say.. Mahima was saying that these days you’re not..
..being able to concentrate on your studies?
Father, you listen to anything that Mahima says.
Because son.. Mahima never lies.
And I know everything about you.
Father, you worry a lot.
Father, I’ll pass.
And after you pass, Anuraag?
What do you plan after that? Can you tell that to your father?
Son.. son, everyone in the house keeps cursing you and taunting you.
I don’t like it.
Father, they all are our own people who speak.
It does not matter to me at all.
But it does matter to me.
Shoulder some of your responsibilities so that I can speak out too.
How long shall I fight for you?
Just think, son. If not for yourself, think about Mahima at least.
Life is not so easy, son.
Father, father.. my sweet father!
Your son.. your useless son is ready to do anything for you! Ok.
And I’ll prove to everyone that if there is anything that can fulfill your..
..dreams and mine, it is my music!
Hail Goddess Santoshi Ma!
Gautam-ji.. please sing the hymn in praise of the Goddess.
No Pratap-ji. Today, my disciple, Anuraag will sing the hymn, not me.
Very good.
No, please.
-Please sing. -Mahima?
Come on, it’s ok.
Sing son..
“Here and there, everywhere.. at all possible places..
..is Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“In water, in fruits, in possible and impossible..
..in avoidable and unavoidable.. is Mother.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Here and there, everywhere.. at all possible places..
..is Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Very unique and miraculous.. is our Mother!”
“Our Mother!”
“Our Mother!”
“She can make a mountain out of a mole hill and..
..a molehill out of a mountain!”
..a molehill out of a mountain!”
..a molehill out of a mountain!”
“Her doors and court is open.. welcome brothers and sisters!”
“At her doorstep kindness never lacks.”
“Kindness never lacks!”
“She acts in just a moment..
..takes care of grievances.”
“She acts in just a moment..
..takes care of grievances.”
“Mother performs miracles in no time”.
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Here and there, everywhere.. at all possible places..
..is Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
“Our Santoshi Ma.”
How was it?
Will give you one, Mahima!
Hail Mother!
Teacher, what do you think about your disciple?
Anuraag sings very well.
One day he’ll be a very great singer.
Gautam, all this is fine. But I was thinking of something.
If Anuraag and Mahima are paired..
Hey! You spoke my heart.
-It’s a pretty couple. -Yes.
Come on.
Shanti aunt, where are you sitting?
Congratulations! Heartiest congratulations!
Congratulations to the whole family!
Binnu, how are you?
I’m very fine.
And I’ve got such a proposal that this household will be sparkling.
Shobha, last time you had ordered tea.. you were very miserly in that.
This time you order tea, please ask to add extra sugar. Ok.
I’m never tired of preaching that daughters-in-law should be like..
..Shanti aunt’s daughters-in-laws!
Binnu, tell me about the girl.
What angel have you found for that worthless fellow?
What should I tell you!
I’ve got such a proposal, that your poverty will be rid off in a single blow.
Yes. They are very rich people.
The same people.. biggest building in the market.. ‘Swarna Plaza’..
I’ve got a proposal of the owner of the building.
What do you think Binnu is!
Uncle, keep it here itself.
-Take. -Give me.
You too get tea from here itself.
I’m taking it Binnu, come on! Why are you so worried? Just eat.
Hey! Have you added right amount of sugar this time? -Yes aunt.
Shanti aunt.. tea and ‘Samosas’ (stuffed fries) are best in your house!
Hey Binnu! Forget about the licking now.
First tell me how much dowry they will give.
You know everything else, right?
Hey Shanti aunt, you just tell me.
If I can’t get you that, I’ll change my name from Binnu!
20-25 lakhs is just the dirt of their hands!
Then go ahead with the talks, Binnu aunt.
Whom are you talking about, Binnu? Is it Kanchan?
The same one, who has failed twice in tenth and also stammers.
She is also elder to Anuraag.
No Binnu. Anuraag can’t be married to her.
Brother, agreed that the girl isn’t well educated.
But your son is also not a prince!
And you don’t want to send her for a job, right.
And as far as stammering is concerned, Shanti aunt, excuse me..
..but will these two daughters-in-law allow her to speak!
Binnu, Anuraag can’t be married in that family.
Hey! What are you saying!
They are paying so much of dowry. At least think about our sons.
They are your sons.
Anuraag is also a son of this family, Shanti.
Forgive me Binnu. Anuraag will get married to a girl of his own choice.
Father.. with the daughter of that singer?
What will this family get from them?
Goddess Laxmi (fortune) is coming to this house..
..and you’re speaking of closing the doors.
Binnu.. you are only speaking of his well being.
Forget him and go to that girl’s family and discuss the dowry issue.
What can they give us and what will the groom’s family..
..members receive in each ritual. Find that out.
Shanti aunt.. you worry without reason.
Binnu can remove oil from dust!
And these are just the bride’s family.
Ok, tell me. When are you having the talks about the alliance?
Whenever you say.
I’m thinking that I should get married.
You think well.
But Anuraag, there is one problem.
You’ll need a girl for the wedding.
That’s not the problem. I’m getting so many proposals that..
..it’s hard to decide where I should accept and where I should reject.
That’s the problem.
Yesterday itself, I got a proposal from a rich family.
They are ready to give me a shop along with the girl.
I’m thinking I should say yes this time.
What do you say?
What can I say? You’ve already said everything.
Ok, then. Tomorrow itself, father and I shall go to the girl’s place..
..and fix up the alliance. Good idea.
I’ll leave now.
Hey! At least say that before going.
-What? -Congratulations.
The moment in Mahima’s life for which you were waiting, has arrived.
Always be happy.
Pooja, what is it?
You too are not feeling sleepy, right.
I understand. You’re worried about Mahima.
You know Pooja, I’ll be satisfied when Anuraag’s family..
..members will accept our daughter.
To tell you the truth..
..we don’t have anything to give them except for our daughter.
No. I’m not worried at all.
All my worries have been rid off by Santoshi Ma.
Whatever is happening is happening for good.
Anuraag, why are you standing? Sit down. Sit.
Pratap-ji, I don’t understand what I should say.
You just bless Anuraag and Mahima. That’s it.
Everything else, Santoshi Ma will take care of.
Teacher, without your blessings, we won’t be able to go even a step forward.
We were always waiting for this moment.
But we never imagined that this moment will come..
..so suddenly and so soon.
Mother knows everything. And without her permission..
..this alliance won’t have happened.
Pratap-ji, our daughter is yours from today.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
Go on son. Why are you sitting here? Go.
-Let’s go out. -Yes.
Come on.
Mahi, do you agree with this decision?
Look Mahi, it’s very important for me to know what is in your heart.
Look Mahi, I want you to think carefully..
..before saying yes for the marriage.
Unfortunately, the situation is such that father and I had to take this step.
But yes. If you are not ready for the marriage yet, that doesn’t matter.
I’m ready to wait.
You’ll have to wait, Anuraag.
Till my bridal suit isn’t ready.
From today, Anuraag’s family is your family.
Keep within the limits of your family reputation.
Be happy.
Pratap-ji, Mahima is your daughter from today.
Take care of her.
Don’t worry. Greetings.
Binnu aunt, I’ll get the diamond necklace, right?
Just wait and watch, what all comes.
Yes. And my bangles.
What to say about bangles now!
Binnu, for me, just get cash.
Just wait and watch, what the new bride gets.
The new bride has arrived. Welcome her.
Why don’t you come?
Here.. your rich daughter-in-law is here.
Now she will enrich your house.
I’ll leave now. I’ve to find a groom for sister-in-law Suvarna’s daughter.
Get aside.
Kitu dear.. you saved this family’s reputation today.
Very good.
Kitu! What are you doing! Come inside!
Whatever happened with you today, I’m very sorry for that.
I know that it’ll take time for everyone to accept me.
And I’m ready for that.
Mahi you know..
You know that this is my house and this is my family.
These people are my own however they are.
Don’t think so much Anuraag!
Your family is my family too.
And just wait and watch. We’ll win over everyone with our love.
But I’ve a condition.
What condition now?
That you’ll always love me this way.
Agreed.. Agreed.. Agreed!
“Listen.. listen..”
“Tell me.. tell me..”
“Listen.. listen..”
“Tell me.. tell me..”
“That I’m in love with you!”
“Listen.. listen..”
“Tell me.. tell me..”
“That I love you limitlessly!”
“Listen.. listen..”
“Tell me.. tell me..”
“That I’m in love with you!”
“Listen.. listen..”
“Tell me.. tell me..”
“That I love you limitlessly!”
“But your glance..
..affected me so much.”
“It made me laugh and cry.”
“To tell you the truth, I’m drowned in it.”
“No, no. It’s not true.”
“The glance made me forget the sorrows.”
“It came as a hope and spread like a dream.”
“The downcast eyelids..
..found some peace.”
“The eyes overflowed..”
“Since I love you limitlessly!”
“Here and there.. there and here..”
“This heart is restless.”
“Neither sleeping nor awake..
..it is just tossing around.”
“This heart is restless thinking about you.”
“It’s slipping and balancing.. balancing and slipping.”
“This heart has lost control.. there is a kind of intoxication.”
“Embrace me, stop me.. for I’m in love with you!”
What have they done now? Anuraag and Mahima are..
..always looking for opportunities to make you happy.
It’s not so difficult to make me happy.
But you won’t allow it to happen.
Ok. Tell me. What do they have to do?
The Amirpur land.. tell Anuraag to give that land to Shripal.
You think Shanti, that if they get the land, your sons’ troubles will end?
Shanti, if that was so, then the lands in the village, my father’s house..
..and all your jewelry was enough to save the shop.
You’re talking on behalf of your sons..
..have you ever asked them where the money goes?
And on whom are they spending so much?
That now they need Anuraag’s land too.
The land wouldn’t have been needed..
..if Kanchan had come to our house instead of Mahima.
And they were ready to give us a big shop in dowry.
And that too in the main mall.
But why should you bother?
If you had thought about our sons instead of Anuraag..
..this situation wouldn’t have come.
Anuraag is not the reason for your sons’ misfortune, Shanti.
And its better that you understand this truth as soon as possible.
Anuraag is my responsibility.
I had promised his father that till I was alive..
..his son won’t have any difficulty.
Amirpur land belongs to Anuraag only.
And it will remain so.
You started behaving as per your own wish no sooner have you come.
What do you think? You can do whatever you wish in this house?
Oh! Silver pot.
Mother has given it.. for prayers.
Of course. And not even a brass plate for the family members!
And for her own daughter, a silver utensil!
This pretense of poverty was just meant for us!
Isn’t it, mother?
Yes. These lowly people are that way.
On one hand, they cry about their poverty before others..
..so that they don’t have to do anything for others.
And on the other hand, they keep their wealth hidden with them.
Hey! If they had given, it would have been for their own daughter, mother.
We don’t need to build townships from their wealth!
Look father.. there is no account for the goods that they bought.
Father, we wanted to tell you something.
Yes, tell me dear.
Actually, sister Shobha and I were thinking of getting the..
..cooking ritual done from Mahima today.
So that she could also look after the kitchen of this family..
..and start her wedded life.
You don’t know dear that today, you’ve..
..rid off such a big burden from my chest.
Do everything.. Get all rituals done from the new bride!
Mahima.. all the things are here itself.
But yet if you need anything, we all are here only. Just ask us.
Ok sister. I’ll look after everything.
Shall we leave now?
Dear Santoshi Ma, be with me, ok.
Your house will always flourish. Give a few morsels to this poor woman.
Mahima, the beggar woman is outside. Give her something to eat.
Yes sister. I’ll give her right now.
Give me dear!
Always be happy, dear. May you have a happy married life!
-Salt.. - Put it.
Its done.
Take this son.
Wow! So Mahima dear, today is your test.
Give me.
Take this sir.
Salt.. stop father, please.
Don’t eat these lentils.
Why Mahima? The lentils look good. Isn’t it, mother?
What is the matter, Mahima?
I think I forgot to put salt in the lentils.
Oh.. that’s good!
Not at all. The lentils are superb.
I’ve tasted such lentils after years!
Bless you, dear.. bless you!
All Santoshi Ma’s blessings!
I don’t know why I thought I didn’t add salt to the lentils.
It’s Holi!
Anuraag, let go!
Talk softly! Someone may hear.
If someone hears, they will be here. Anuraag..
Let them come, you’re my official wife now!
Anuraag, mother and father are here in the house.
They will remember their times, don’t worry!
Wish you a happy Holi!
Welcome! Happy Holi!
Happy Holi to you too!
Anuraag and Mahima are not to be seen.
Mahima.. Anuraag..
Look.. your parents are here.
Where are you? Come fast.
-Mother! Mother! -My child!
-Happy Holi.. -To you too!
Bless you son.
-Father! -Child!
Bless you son.
Shanti-ji is not to be seen.
She must be here somewhere! Please come.
Shanti, look who is here!
Come out now! Look, who is here!
Congratulations on the first Holi of your son and daughter-in-law.
What can you see congratulatory in this Holi?
My festival will be congratulatory on the day when..
..people will take back their garbage to their own home.
If you had even a little bit of shame..
..you would have taken your daughter and left right now!
Come on Pooja.
Come on Pooja.
-Mother! -My dear!
Come on..
Mother, what you did was not right.
Don’t you think of Mahima and me as your own?
If your father had allowed me to!
If he had considered you as his own..
..he would have allowed you to share responsibilities like the other sons.
And share the troubles that came to this house with you.
But no. You don’t belong to this house.
For him, you’re just his friend’s son.
You can’t be our own.
Enough Shanti! Enough!
How much more poison will you spit!
Mother, I’m your son. This family’s son.
I don’t understand how I can convince you.
It’s very easy Anuraag.
That land that you own in Amirpur.. sign on the land documents.
Show that you too are the son of this family and care about it.
Sukhpal, go and get those land papers.
Don’t sign Anuraag!
It is just a lifeless piece of land, father.
If I get mother and a family for it, then..
..I can sacrifice thousands of such plots!
This is the paper, and this is the pen.
Sign it and we’ll fill the rest.
Show that you’re a son of this family too!
Uncle! It’s Holi! Holi!
Kitu dear!
If Kitu hadn’t thrown color on you that day..
..you would have signed the papers, right Anuraag!
That’s what I wished, Mahi.
Just think Anuraag, there must be some reason that father doesn’t..
..wish you to transfer the property to brother.
What else could I have done?
I just wish everyone at home to be happy.
Just by you signing once, happiness won’t come to this house, Anuraag.
You’ll have to help your father and brothers in their responsibilities.
What are the problems in the shop, how does the household run..
..it’s your duty to know all that, Anuraag.
If I go and sit at the shop, what will happen to my music?
Your music is with you and it always will be, Anuraag.
But right now, your responsibility is more towards the shop and house.
Don’t you wish that I get love and respect in this house?
Then understand this, Anuraag . A woman whose husband doesn’t..
..contribute towards the household expenses through his earnings..
..his wife can never get respect in that house.
Look here. This fridge will be very good for you.
What is it’s price?
Price is Rs. 14800, not much.
Oh! It’s very expensive.
-We’ll talk later. -We’ll decide later on.
-Can I get anything for you, son? -No.
Brother, can I leave?
Elder brother, the expenditure shown here.. against that..
Ask Sukhpal.
No. But brother, look here..
Hello. Yes, I’m coming. I’m coming.
Younger brother is also not here.
Now how will the accounts be balanced, Ramu uncle?
And where has brother Shripal gone?
What is happening over here?
What all can I say, son!
Slowly you’ll understand yourself.
Oh! Sister, carefully!
You’re spilling the oil.
Young one, it doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter?
Yes. We’ll get it cleaned just now.
-Get it cleaned? -Hold it.
Mahima, oil has spilled over here. Come and clean it.
Just coming sister.
Mahima, is the water for my bath warmed yet?
Just done, mother.
What is this Shanti? You’re making the new daughter-in-law work so hard.
Where is Buddi? Buddi..
God knows where he disappears when you want him!
Father! Father! What happened?
Grandpa! Grandpa!
Lift him up quickly. Life him.
Make him sit here.
Hey! What happened to your voice?
What happened to you? How did you fall?
She is fine. Nothing is wrong with her.
In this condition too, you’re bothered about others!
Sit quietly!
Aunty.. what happened to you, aunty?
Aunty, are you hurt? Aunty!
Mother, I had told this lazy girl to clean the oil before father comes.
But dare the princess listen!
Since this unfortunate girl has stepped in our house..
..some or the other problem crops up!
Suman, go and call Sukhpal.
He might need to be hospitalized.
He has got a paralytic attack due to injury to his brain.
And it has directly affected his knees and tongue.
It is a case of neurological disorder.
I’ve prescribed some tablets and I’ll show some exercises.
Brother, there is nothing over here.
What nonsense!
There were more than lakh rupees here yesterday.
Where is it?
Brother, when you haven’t taken the money and I haven’t too..
..then where did the money go?
Speak, where have you squandered the money from the safe?
What! What are you saying!
You pretend to be the owner of this shop!
Then tell me Mr. Owner, where is the money from the safe gone?
Anuraag is saying the truth. Believe him.
You shut up!
Brother please.. I haven’t stolen.
And all this in front of father.. please!
You pretend to be a devotee of father!
Come on.. we’ll complete your devotion right in front of him.
Brother, please!
Come on!
Come here! Speak in front of father.. tell us!
Where have you squandered our hard earned money from the safe! Speak!
He emptied the entire safe!
That’s why you and your wife were in a hurry to come to work!
Theft in your own house!
Father.. father, I haven’t committed any theft!
Father, believe me please!
Get up! Stand straight!
What are you doing? I’m talking to father!
You remain calm. No need to worry for this shameless fellow!
After all, you’ve shown your true colors!
It was our mistake in the first place.
We only kept saying, ‘he doesn’t work.. he doesn’t work’.
Now, have you seen.. what job your favorite one has accomplished!
Why are you quiet now? Are you satisfied now?
After making us incur such great loss!
I haven’t made you incur any loss.
I go to the shop daily. I check the accounts daily.
If I want to ask anything, there is no one present at the shop.
How can the shop run is such circumstances, father?
Loss is bound to be incurred.
Here.. that’s good!
We’ve to go out and meet people to get business.
Did you see father? Now this rookie will teach us how to run a shop!
Damn thief!
What can I teach you, brother?
You are the owner of the shop!
You must be aware of how much money is coming in the shop..
..and going out and why.
And father.. I have already understood that if the shop is incurring a loss..
..why it is happening.
Hey! You’re becoming a big mouth!
I’ll return it. I’ll return all the money.
I haven’t committed the theft, Mahi.
But still I’ll return all of the shop’s money.
I’ll toil hard day and night so that no one can tell you again that..
..your Anuraag is a thief.
I know my Anuraag very well.
Just wait and watch. One day, these very people will accept..
..that they were wrong and you were right.
But to achieve this, we both will have to be strong Anuraag.
Anuraag, leave for the city tomorrow.
Perhaps our future lies there.
Ok, then.
As soon as its morning, we both will leave from here.
Not both of us Anuraag, just you.
You’ll go to the city, alone.
Never Mahi. I can’t leave you here and go.
You’ll have to come with me.
I’ll have to stay here itself, Anuraag. In this house.
The matter is not about money anymore.
It’s about respect now.
Anuraag and Mahima’s respect.
And your Mahi is ready to face this battle.
You can leave without worry.
We both are one now.
And the distance between two cities will not be able to separate us.
I think so.
This one is good, isn’t it?
Brother, I’m thinking of starting a transport business.
There is nothing profitable in transport these days.
Let’s start a petrol pump.
There is lots of money in petrol these days.
What brother.. you are..
Let’s go and see what new drama is unfolding now.
Father, I’m going to the city.
Give me your blessings.
Bless me that I achieve the goal for which I’m going there.
Please father.. please!
Uncle, please don’t go. Uncle, please stay with us.
Please don’t go, uncle.
Don’t cry, child.
Kitu, come here.
What is this new drama now?
Not a drama, brother.
I’m trying to stand on my own legs.
Trying to stand on your own legs, when you fall on your face..
..you’ll return here crying and heaving! Right!
Very good brother-in-law, very good!
After digesting our hard earned money, pushing us in the muck of debt..
..you’ve packed your bags and going! Very good! That’s superb!
Kitu’s mummy, haven’t you heard that saying?
When a ship is sinking, first the rats escape from it and run!
I’m not running anywhere. As soon as I arrange the money, I’ll return.
-Hey.. -So will this eclipse be forever here in this house?!
Take her along too. So that we’re relieved.
I’ll take Mahi away from here very soon.
Always keep this with you. Santoshi Ma will always protect you.
Protect him, Santoshi Ma! Always protect my Anuraag!
Wait! I’m just coming, buddy.
What are you looking at?
Just do your work. Understood?
How much more will he squander on gambling!
Go and rot anywhere you like!
There is no place for a traitor like you in this house.
What is my crime?
Hey! If you tell upon your own masters..
..then who’ll employ such servants!
I’ve not spoken against anyone.
I just told mother whatever was true.
What did you say?! What did you say?!
To hell with your truth!
Enough! Suman, throw this traitor out right now!
Don’t do this mother!
What happened, sister?
Ramu uncle, what’s the matter?
I’ll tell you, oh empress.. I’ll tell you.
This traitor has been telling upon his masters.
He instigates the family members against them!
That’s why we are sacking him.
And as it is, because of the poverty spread in this house due to certain..
..people, we can’t afford to employ servants anymore.
Did you hear?
We haven’t taken the contract to nurture beggars. Understood?
Buddi, help your father.
Come on father.
Come on son.
Empress, come inside and start cooking.
Your relatives are gone now.
Come on, young one.
-How much? -Rs. 5.
Write it in my account.
I can do nothing more than that.
I can offer you this ‘Vada Pav’. Eat it and then we’ll have tea.
Brother, I don’t even know you. Then why are you..
Just consider me your friend, buddy.
My name is Bobby Deol. I was here to become a hero. And you?
I’m Anuraag.
Oh my God!
Hey! You spilled the milk!
Do you know what a bad omen that is!
God knows when this bad omen will leave my house.
Ghee (clarified butter)?
Mother, please forgive them.
Sister, today I remember my mother.
Do anything you like, Singhania. But this accident news..
..shouldn’t reach police. And yes, don’t worry at all about money.
Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.
Thank you doctor.
Thank you.
Forget whatever has happened.
I’m completely alright now.
And you’ve already spend so much.
Not at all. Thank God your life was saved. Otherwise, I..
Anyways, can I do anything more for you?
-Yes. -What?
Study more about traffic rules.
Oh! Get it fast!
This pain! My God!
Hey madam.. go and get tea for me too.
Sister, how is your foot ache now?
What shall I say? Don’t understand what has happened!
Even the doctors aren’t being able to diagnose.
They are just giving these medicines and filling their pockets!
Sister, how is father-in-law?
God knows.
Keep it.
Sister, these are few of father-in-law’s medicines.
Ask brother to get them. Ok.
Medicines?! She couldn’t tell her husband!
-Four rupees! -Mother!
-Mahima, my child! -Mother.
-How are you? -I am ok mother.
Let me see you at least.
Oh Lord! What happened?
How did you burn your hand? Tell me.
Your father was afraid of this. I only insisted.
No mother. It’s possible that Santoshi Ma is testing me.
Don’t weaken me with your tears, mother. Please!
My daughter is so brave!
Do something. You take up Santoshi Ma’s 16 Friday fasting.
Then just wait and watch.
All of your and Anuraag’s problems will be solved.
Santoshi Ma will make everything alright.
-Really mother? -Yes dear.
Then I’ll surely do this fasting. Surely.
Be happy.
Ok mother, I’ll have to go now. I’ve to give medicines to father.
Take care of yourself.
Mother, I’m starting my 16 Friday fast from today.
Give me success in this and help my Anuraag in the city.
O Madam.. you’ve kept a fast, not us.
It’s time for the boys to go to the shop. Make breakfast quickly.
Yes mother. Breakfast is ready. I’ll just get it.
Keep this. If you need anything, anytime, please call me.
Please.. please keep it.
The doctor has said that you’ll be discharged from here tomorrow.
Son, till you don’t recover completely, you’ll stay with us.
Please, don’t refuse now.
What was the name of the first man to land on moon?
Neil Armstrong.
No aunty.. Blue.. bazoo.. mazboo..
What? Blue!
Don’t write that in exam, else..
I’ll get an egg, isn’t it aunty?
Here. Kitu, tell your aunty to keep dinner ready.
Your father will be here soon.
Come on, finish fast. Then we’ll go.
Greetings sir.
Please come.
Come in son. Don’t hesitate. Come.. come.
Be careful.
Come son.
I’m very happy that you thought of us as your own and came here.
Who’ll refuse to stay in such a house.
Come son. Please come inside.
I don’t understand how I’ll repay this favor..
Doesn’t matter, son. It’s not a favor.
There is a post of supervisor vacant in my factory.
Will you take that job?
Think and answer. No hurry.
Mahi.. how are you?
Anuraag.. how are you? I’m absolutely fine.
Mahi, I’ve very good news.
I’ve been offered a very good job.
And the people with whom I’m living.. are very good people.
It’s just a matter of days now.
I’m missing you a lot.
Mahi, why don’t you say something?
Why are you quiet?
Are you alright?
-Even I.. -Mahima..
Oh queen!
Whom were you talking to?
A lover of yours?
-No sister, actually.. -Fine, fine. We’re not bothered.
We just came to tell you that tomorrow we’re expecting some guests for dinner.
Around 50 people.
The food should be exquisite. Don’t get us insulted, understand.
Remember that.
Come on young one..
Who are you?
I think I’ve come to the wrong house. Hello.
Does sister Suman live here?
-Yes, she.. -Hey Ranbir.. You were going to come in evening..
Sister.. just the Lord above knows when we will come across someone..
..from where and who we might bump into.
By the way, congratulations on your wedding anniversary, sister.
Thank you very much.
What are standing and staring at?
Don’t you see my brother has arrived?
Go and get a room ready for him.
Yes sister.
Shall I tell you something, sister.. you’ve employed an amazing maid!
-Listen.. -Do you need anything?
Will you give that to me?
Actually, if these dumplings are accompanied by garlic chutney..
..it would be fun.
Take this.
Thank you.
Take this madam.. Santoshi Ma’s offering food.
Bless you.
-You also have. -Give me.
Take this sister, Santoshi Ma’s offering food.
Very good. May Santoshi Ma always bless you!
Give me some work, dear. If I earn something..
..at least my kids won’t go hungry.
-There is work, but.. -Is there a problem?
No mother. Alright. Please come.
Give it to me.
Take this.
What will you eat?
There is no food left for you.
No. Today, as it is I’m fasting for Santoshi Ma.
You have it.
Oh yes, I remember. A good woman gave me this holy offering today.
Take it. It is Santoshi Ma’s offering food.
Thank you.
It tastes just like my mother’s offering food.
Today, this Friday, it’s my 16th fast.
Pray for me mother that my prayer is successful.
Mother heard your prayer. Bless you dear.
Flourish always and have a happy married life.
Bobby, leave it. It’s not something you can learn in a day.
-Then you teach me, buddy. -Not today, buddy.
Bobby, why is your friend’s mood so off?
It is bound to be. The poor fellow came here for doing something..
..but is having to do something else.
It means that my friend Anuraag was here to be a singer..
..and you’re making him a Supervisor.
Is Bobby saying the truth?
You want to be a singer, Anuraag?
That’s the problem with Bobby. He never shuts his mouth.
Hello.. Hi Neha! How are you?
I’m fine, dear. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about my friend.
His name is Anuraag. And he sings very well.
Really. Has he taken training in classical music?
Yes, yes. He surely must have learnt classical.
Trust me Shalini. He is an extremely good singer!
And he is very passionate about his music.
There must be something, no..
Alright.. alright. No problem.
You do something. I’ll send you a card. Mr. Khandelwal.
He is the CEO of Pasaic Music.
Tell Anuraag to go and meet him and say that I’ve send him.
I’ll talk to him by then.
Hello.. Yes sir.. Ok sir. Yeah.
Yes sir?
-I want to meet Mr. Khandelwal. -Yes.
My name is Anuraag. Shalini-ji has given me this card.
Ok sir. Just a moment.
Hello.. sir Mr. Anuraag is here to meet you.
Ok sir.
Please sit down.
Hello.. yes sir. Yes sir.
Ma’am, how much longer will it take?
Brother, I told you. You can’t meet him today.
Come tomorrow. He is busy.
Come tomorrow!
Come on Bobby.
Ok, so what happened of the file?
Hey! I had kept them here itself.
God knows where they went!
Oh Lord! Where will I look for them now!
What happened sister?
My gold bangles are missing from the cupboard.
Where have you hidden them?
Bangles? I don’t know sister.
Really? Then who might know?
Now, there are no servants in the house too!
And who comes in this room except for me? It’s you, right!
Sister, check once again please. They must be here.
I see.. you are playing drama with me!
Tell me quickly, where are my bangles.
Or will you go to the police station, have a beating and..
..then tell where my bangles are.
Tell me! Tell me, you liar!
Sister, I haven’t taken them truly. Believe me.
-Lies again! -What happened, sister?
Oh Lord! When will you relieve me from these daily quarrels!
What did the witch do now?!
-Theft, mother, theft! -No!
My gold bangles which my mother had presented me in baby shower.
This thief has cleaned them off!
A witch too attacks after leaving seven of her neighbors.
And you shameless girl.. in your own house!
I swear on Santoshi Ma, mother. I don’t know anything about the bangles!
Sister Shobha, when Mahima-ji is swearing by Santoshi Ma..
..then she must be saying the truth.
Let go now. Forgive the poor girl.
Brother, you are not aware of things..
Firstly, the husband eloped after robbing us.
And whatever is left now, she wants to loot it, right?!
Sister, this thief won’t give in this way.
Come with me. We’ll search her room.
Ranbir, come on.
Ranbir.. come on!
Look fast!
Santoshi Ma.. you know where the bangles are. And who has them.
If you are testing me with this insult..
..then also give me the strength to bear it.
Give me strength, Santoshi Ma!
My wrists are so fair.. get me some green bangles.
Here.. isn’t his good? -Yes.
Make me yours, lover!
My wrists are so fair
Write.. ‘Sit on the bed.. on the bed..’
‘Sit on the bed.. on the bed..’
Santram dear.. close your eyes and take the rickshaw in the lane behind.
-Bye teacher. -Bye.
-Greetings. -Greetings.
-Here are your fees. -Thank you.
-Come on Santram. -Yes.
Tell me from where did this money come from?!
If you were in need of money, you could have told us.
If I hadn’t seen with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have known.
Tell.. tell everyone where this money has come from!
It is nothing like that!!
Did you see, mother! Just this was left now!
Sister, brother Shripal can also have misunderstood.
Isn’t it?
By the way, Shripal-ji mustn’t blame Mahima-ji this way without..
..getting to the root of the matter. Isn’t it?
Hey Ranbir! You keep quiet! This is our personal matter..
..and let us take care of it.
Oh Lord! God knows whose garbage has come into our destiny!
Mother believe me. I teach children. This is tuition money.
I can’t do this. You can ask father if you wish. Please!
Will father go to the market and ask people whether his daughter-in-law..
..takes tuitions or sleeps with men!
Oh mother!
Listen carefully, both of you!
If this girl steps out of the house after today..
..I’ll not let you both live in peace! Understand!
It’s nothing like that, believe me! I just give tuitions!
I haven’t done anything wrong.
From today, your tuitions are over.
And going out of the house is also over! Everything is finished now!
Anuraag.. Anuraag.. please come.. please come back!
I’ll die without you!
I can’t bear it anymore, Anuraag! I can’t bear it!
“Make things alright, Santoshi Mata..”
“Do something, mother Santoshi Mata..”
“Listen to my request, my Santoshi Mata..”
“I’m in such a big trouble.. and this troublesome night stings me.”
“My bed is lonely..”
“Be kind, rid this sorrow, help me!”
“Make things alright, Santoshi Mata..”
“Unhappiness is waiting to pounce on me, day and night.”
“What relation do I have with this pain?”
“Unhappiness is waiting to pounce on me, day and night.”
“What relation do I have with this pain?”
“There is no one near me.. I just depend on you.”
“I don’t like anyone else here.”
“Oh my mother.. give strength to this weak heart!”
“Be kind, rid this sorrow, help me!”
“Make things alright, Santoshi Mata..”
“I’m in such a big trouble.. and this troublesome night stings me.”
“My bed is lonely..”
“Be kind, rid this sorrow, help me!”
“Make things alright, Santoshi Mata..”
“Do something, mother Santoshi Mata..”
“Make things alright, Santoshi Mata..”
“Do something, mother Santoshi Mata..”
My poor mother.. she had presented me gold bangles of 5 Tolas so fondly!
But just see.. this shameless girl wasn’t satisfied even after stealing my bangles!
Bangles.. what bangles?
The same ones that your father liked so much.
The shameless girl stole them from under my nose!
Papa took those bangles from your cupboard.
-What!? -Yes.
What nonsense!
Yes. When you had gone to the market with Suman aunty..
.. that day, papa opened your cupboard, took the bangles and left.
Papa, you thought that I was sleeping. But I was awake actually.
Yes. I took them.
I took them.. So?!
So what? It’s my wife and my house.
And do I have to take permission from others to take..
..my own things from my own house?
And no one was there at home that day. So whom could I ask?
I’m being harassed!
I’ll get water for you.
-You can speak.. -Yes.
But.. how did this happen..
This is the result of someone’s prayers and hard work, Shanti.
The fruits of someone’s prayers.. the one who has no one..
..to pray for her in this house.
What is the use of crying now, Shanti?
You never understood Mahima.
You always kept cursing her, harassing her.
If not for her, I would have died long back, Shanti.
Don’t say that! May you have my life too!
A house in which there are disputes everyday..
..what is the use of a long life in such a house, Shanti?
You are not even aware that poor Mahima used to finish all the household chores.
Then she used to go to tutor Sudha’s daughter..
..so that my medicines could be bought.
Did our sons and daughters-in-law ever ask you..
..if you needed anything for father?
Did they ever give a single paisa for the treatment?
-Shanti, you know everything, but don’t want to accept.. -Father!!!
Father.. you can.. Father! Father! Father, you’re speaking!
Dear, Santoshi Mata heard you.
Santoshi Ma, I pay my homage to you!
Bless you, dear.. bless you!
Anuraag, is everything alright?
Did you meet Khandelwal?
That’s what I’m trying.
It means that, I go to his office every day.
I wait daily for him to call me inside to meet him.
But he doesn’t have even 5 minutes for me.
What! How can he do that?
Hello.. Shalini.. What is this, pal?
Your Khandelwal hasn’t yet met Anuraag!
He is just making him do rounds of his office.
-Hello uncle.. -Hello Shalini!
-Sit down. -Thank you.
Uncle, this is my friend Neha. She wants to speak to you.
Tell me.
Mr. Khandelwal, I’ve a friend called Anuraag.
He is very talented.
He has been coming to your office since last so many days.
But he hasn’t been able to meet you till now.
Do you encourage new talent in this way?
What! I didn’t even know.
Uncle, I did leave message for you.
Perhaps you didn’t get it.
Quite possible.
You know, there are thousands of candidates coming here daily.
It is not possible to meet everyone personally, right.
Now, since you’re being so confident, we’ll keep an audition soon enough.
Are you happy now?
Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.
Yes! Thank you so much, uncle!
-Thank you. -Thank you sir.
She is beautiful, isn’t she?
Yes. Very much.
Not just beautiful.. she is very nice too.
My Mahima.. my inspiration.. my wife.
Do you know..
-Father.. -Bless you.
-Mother.. -Bless you, dear.
Bless you. May you have happy married life!
Come.. sit next to me.
Mother, after two days, it’s my 16th Friday fast.
Bless me that my concluding ceremony bears fruits.
Dear, the mother in whom you’ve so much faith and devotion..
..she’ll surely shower her fruits on your concluding ceremony.
My blessings are always with you.
The mother and daughter-in-law are getting very chummy these days!
The old man and old woman have gone completely crazy.
You lazybones.. look.. there is so much dirt over here.
Come and clean it up.
Shobha, your sister-in-law is standing behind you.
And the broom is also lying just behind you.
Get it cleaned.
“Here and there.. there and here..”
“This heart is restless.”
“Neither sleeping nor awake..
..it is just tossing around.”
“Here and there.. there and here..”
“This heart is restless.”
“Neither sleeping nor awake..
..it is just tossing around.”
Take this. Your recording is fixed.
-All the best! -Thank you.. thank you so much sir!
God bless.
-Thank you so much! -You’re welcome.
What are you doing?
Why did you shut the door?
The door of my fortune is opening, that’s why.
I was waiting for this moment since so long.
Where are you going?!
When I see fear in the prey’s eyes, I am very amused!
Come near me.. come near me!
Come near me.. come near me!
Please.. please Mahima!
-Father! -Mahima.. no one will listen to your screams.
Don’t scream!
Don’t scream! Don’t scream, Mahima!
The entire household is busy making preparations..
..for your concluding ceremony.
-Father! -Look Mahima.. don’t push me away!
Santoshi Ma.. Mother, please help me! Please help me!
-You can’t escape me, Mahima.. -Santoshi Ma..
Help me Santoshi Ma! Help me Santoshi Ma!
You can’t escape..
Santoshi Ma!
Santoshi Ma!
Santoshi Ma!
No dear! No dear.. don’t cry. Be quiet.
-No Mother! -Calm down.
Suman.. tell your ruffian brother to get out of this house!
Tell him not to show me his face!
Mother, before cursing my brother, at least ask this flirt once..
..that why she had gone to the room.
Have you forgotten her deeds?
Surely she must have called my brother!
Mother, she is a big flirt. She keeps hunting men here and there.
What condition have you reduced yourself to! Why?
What have you all done to my Mahi!?
Why are you chanting Mahi, Mahi!
Are you even aware what fun she was having with other men while you were gone?
Suman, stop this nonsense!
-Mother! -Son!
Father.. how are you father?
Father, how did this happen?
Anuraag, take your Mahi and get out of this hell. Yes.
Come on Mahi.
I won’t let you stay here even for one more moment.
I can’t go, Anuraag.. till my concluding ceremony isn’t done.
I’ll not go anywhere.
I’ll complete your concluding ceremony right now itself, Mahima!
Your ceremony is finished!
Father.. father.. the shop has caught fire!
Santoshi Ma, protect my family!
Where is brother?
He has been caught in the fire.
Get me a blanket.. quickly!
Brother Shripal!
By saving our lives, you’ve done us a great favor.
Younger one.. not only the shop, but this fire has burned our..
..arrogance, hatred and everything to ashes.
Look Anuraag, the Mother gave us punishment for our sins.
Forgive us, Anuraag.
Anuraag.. Mahima..
The fire of hatred in which we burned all our lives..
..the same fire turned both of you to gold.
Whatever punishment we get is less!
No brother.. don’t say that.
I knew that one day, the Mother would surely bless us.
Father, just see. I got both my brothers today.
Mahima, your heart is very big.
We’re not even worthy of asking for your forgivance.
No sister. You are elder to me. Don’t say that, sister!
No Mahima. It’s you who are big.
All of us are very small compared to you. Very small!
-Please forgive us, Mahima! -No sister!
Sister! No!
No need to worry. If you wish you can take them home today itself.
Thank you doctor. Thank you very much.
Mahima dear..
Now, all of us together will perform the concluding ceremony for the Mother.
Now, all of us together will complete the concluding ceremony for Santoshi Ma.
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“I’ll always be at your mercy.”
“You accepted my fasting!”
“You accepted my fasting!”
“And filled my life with happiness!”
“You gave me more than what I asked.”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“I’ll always be at your mercy.”
“I was so alone in this world..”
“But what miracle you performed!”
“You gave me a new life!”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“A dark night had befallen, Mother.”
“You came as light!”
“My paths were confused like a maze.”
“You got me home.”
“Mother, what a game you played..
..that my ties with sorrow were broken and happiness came!”
“You’re a statue of compassion and kindness, mother.”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“I’ll always be at your mercy.”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“Those who take on the fast of 16 Fridays..
..all their desires will be fulfilled.”
“The Mother showers like rain in monsoon..
..and happiness will shower similarly too!”
“May we face no obstacles while worshipping you..”
“May I remember you in my happiness!”
“Always keep me at your feet.”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“I’ll always be at your mercy.”
“You accepted my fasting!”
“And filled my life with happiness!”
“You gave me more than what I asked.”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“I’ll always be at your mercy.”
“Ma Santoshi.
“Anyone who comes to your doorstep won’t return empty handed!”
“All desires will be fulfilled..
..whatever you ask, you’ll get!”
“Ma.. Santoshi Ma!”
“If you’re poor, you’ll get wealth..
..if you’re thirsty you’ll find water..
..the weak will find strength..
..barren woman will get a child..”
“Ma.. Santoshi Ma!”
“All of us are bowing before you..
..we’re all at your mercy.”
“We’ll light lamps of devotion..
..and always sing praises of you.”
“You’re Amba, Jagdamba..
..Goddess of Satiety, Ma Santoshi.!”
“Ma.. Santoshi Ma!”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“I’ll always be at your mercy.”
“You accepted my fasting!”
“You accepted my fasting!”
“And filled my life with happiness!”
“You gave me more than what I asked.”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
“Ma.. Santoshi Ma!”
“Ma.. Santoshi Ma!”
“Ma Santoshi.. Hail Mother!”
Get up my children!
Selfishness, greed and jealousy..
..are the root causes of humankind’s sorrow.
Remember that in the entire world..
..there is no greater wealth that satisfaction.
If it’s your right to expect luxury and wealth..
..then working hard to achieve it is your topmost duty.
Remember, your happiness is in others’ happiness.
Always be happy. Flourish well. My blessings are always with you.
In this way, Mahima’s devotion and her unbreakable faith in the Mother..
..united a scattered family.
She had to face so many difficulties, but no one could..
..diminish her faith in the Mother.
Ok. Allow me to leave. Bye.
I wished that you could stay for some more time.
I’ll come back.
He is just like my Kunal. God bless you!
Say bye to aunty, son.
-Sister.. -Yes.
Always keep this with you.
Ma Santoshi will always protect you.
Thank you.
Madam, you can request the Judge.
-Is your decision final? -Yes.
I’ve taken my decision..
-Kunal! -Mummy!
Mummy, where did you go leaving me alone?
Son.. I won’t leave you and go anywhere now!
Mummy, I’ll go with you.
Priti, I have realized my mistake.
I harassed you a lot.
I’m really very sorry for that.
I can’t live without you.
I’ve taken back the divorce case.
What did you say?!
I said lets go home.
Always keep this with you.
Ma Santoshi will always protect you.
What are you thinking, Priti?
-So shall we go? -Yes.
Hey Kunal!
yes papa!