Taking physics to the public

Uploaded by TheNHSP on 16.04.2012

I think through the community of practice, thanks to the community of practice,
I've been able to identify some best practice, or an example of something that could help
me develop within my department and my university, similar outreach activities. So, I think what
is interesting is that we all have lots of ideas, or things at the back of our mind,
or projects, and sometimes it takes just a little example or a little specific practical
bit of evidence to show how it can actually be implemented, or what ways there are to
actually make something happen. So in that sense, of course I've been thinking about
how to get physics out to the public, and there's activities going on and The Institute
of Physics, and Bath taps into science here, so we run a lot of these activities. But then
seeing an example from Matt and noticing how I can actually design something of that kind
was very very helpful, and was very revealing, and I think gave me some guidelines on how
to put something together effectively.