AT's czech and english gameplay - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer #2

Uploaded by AsasireToyotomi on 27.03.2011

Very well, I'm going to be a Officer.
Welcome in the Seine, we have festival of death today!
Marquis, your death is coming!
GTFO, man!
Marquis, what you doing? You're not a Spiderman!
Zuuuuuum! And he is gone...
Ahh, somebody want to see me dead...
Bang! Oh, we have also some gunners here today.
Nice music, isn't it?
Ha ha! Target has been spotted!
This is renaissance way, how to operate a spine!
Arrrghhh! Deadly Hellequin!
Dammit! Where is that piece of scrap? Man in the steel underpants, too much big tin.... Just the Knight...
Oh shit! Enemy behind my ass want to kill anyone of us! Ohhh, okay, he want to kill only me...
Oh god, I can't catch my target now...
Almost all pursuers on me are losers! Muhaha!
Ohh, not again, Hellequin! This is stalking!
Fuck! I'm in fifth place, I must move my ass...
Come die, Noble! Come on!
Surprise, Motherfucker!
Ah, Hellequin... This will be my revenge!
Someone avenge me, hmmm...
Marquis will be next corpse, un.
OMG! He must be Usain Bolt!
I'll get you, Noble!
So this is contretemps....
That looks like it hurts...
Arrrgggghhh! Headshot...
Totally pierced! Ha ha!
Ohh, damn you, Hellequin!
Halt, bitch!
Ohhhh nooooo! It was trap!
I think this is the end...
Fourth place?! Oh man, this is my worst score ever... X__X
I'm going to upload another Assassin's Creed gameplay videos. Coming soon. ^^