Pretty Little Liars - Funny moments part 4

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You look lovely in both.
You talk like a mom.
Thank you.
Oh, toast's up!
So, how much of a tip should we leave her?
Watch out. I might go for the daughter upgrade.
So, what are you making tomorrow? French toast?
Does your mom like French toast?
It's a joke. Attempted humor.
Well, I figure I can set up a chair and just fan myself while I watch you work.
Or I can mak you a grilled cheese sandwich.
I'd like both.
Oh, and your dad said Mr Fitz can come.
You probably wanna get used to calling him Ezra.
Want you to say my name What is it gonna take
Tonight I'll tear you apart
Hey! Ok, my earbuds were in. You couldn't even hear my music.
That didn't stop you from singing.
How'd I sound?
Do you want me to try?
Yes! You're better at getting people to talk anyway.
- I am? - You are.
Yeah. Tag up later, ok?
- Ok, bye. - Bye.
Em, you don't have to go to the library. I won't bother if you study here.
All due respect, studying here is like studying at the mall.
I study at the mall all the time.
Yeah, well, I'm different.
Is this a gay thing?
No, it's a brain thing.
Did you have Aria?
In any of your classes?
Yes, I did.
- Why would Jenna give him that lantern? - You don't know that she gave it to him.
What do you think? He bought it at the blind artists crafts fair?
Of course she gave it to him. The question is when did they became buddies. And why.
Spencer: they grew up across the street from each other.
His parents still live in that house. Maybe he was just bringing raw meat to Jenna's cat.
Toby lives there too and they don't have a cat.
Then maybe he was bringing over raw meat for Jenna.
Can you walk any softer?
Oh please, Jenna can't hear us. She's blind.
- You... - You know what I mean.
Here I was hoping you’d be at the potter’s wheel so I could wrap my arms around you and hum ‘Unchained Melody'.
I spent a week in this place. And if I see another bowl of green jello, I’m gonna puke on your shoes.
Oh God. I'm gonna walk behind you.
- I don't wanna talk about it. - You have to. You're on an elevator, where else are you gonna go?
So all the muscle spasms and the pain... That's all coming from your stomach?
Yeah, but ulcers can heal. It's not forever, Em.
- Yeah, but she's got like a hole... - Yes, there's a hole in her stomach. Moving on.
Guys, have to deal with this. I can't keep lying to 'em.
- I guess not. Not if it's eating holes in your stomach... - Moving on!
Hey. In here.
- Spencer, what the hell... - Ssshh talk later, you need to change.
Why are you wearing...
What is that? Cookies? How can anybody eat cookies in here?
They stay fresh.
Go in there and tell Spencer to hurry up!
I don't wanna see dead bodies. - Oh come on, Em! You love zombie movies.
I like watching them I don't wanna be in one.
- They're coming over here. What do I do? - Pretend like you were supposed to be here.
So I was telling the patient in 212: "I am not shaving that.".
Wait, so you think that "A" came in here when we weren't home and shot steroids into every cream you own?
Yes, I do.
I'm sorry you're going through this, Em.
- Hey! That's mine! - I'm throwing out your stuff too.
Think about it: there's no way 'A' could know which lotions are mine and which ones are yours.
I guess you're right.
But not that one!
I don't care if I turn into Thor, this soy moisturizer cost me a hundred bucks.
- Okay, you didn't buy it,you stole it. - So what? It's still a hundred bucks.
You know, chin hairs and back pimples are also side effects of taking steroids.
Can't be too safe.
What are we talking about?
They're taking out her eyeballs?
It's already so bad. How can it get worse?
Well, for one, she will be able to aim a gun.
Look, Spencer's right.
Jenna's scary enough with four senses. Can you imagine what she's gonna do to us with all five?
More importantly, I want you to feel comfortable being yourself. Understand?
Yeah, I do.
The same rules for Hanna apply for you. No girlfriends allowed in the bedroom.
Just... Girl... friends...
Wait... How do I know the difference?
I'll let you know.
Why is it so hot in here?
Aren't you hot?
I am now.
You know what?
- I have this huge History test tomorrow, and I... - Tomorrow's Sunday.
Right. I meant Monday.
- I'm really behind and Mr. Banks really piled it on this week. - Doesn't Mr. Banks teach biology?
He does.
That's right! I have a test in biology too. It's a big day on Monday, so... Thanks for stopping by.
You seem tense. Everything okay?
Yeah. No, everything's fine. I just don't want you to be late for dinner.
You know how Melissa gets when her blood sugar drops.
- Come on. - Okay, what's going on?
Do we need to introduce you to decaf?
No, it's too late for that. Just... come with me.
Look, I don't trust Jason either, but I'm not so sure breaking into his shed is a good idea.
It's not breaking in if you have a key.
What, are you Jane Bond now?
Oh! You changed your mind! Come on. The Katy Perry concert's about to start.
- I can't watch that! - So... what? You came here because you missed me?