All the Right Moves Performance - Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance & Kyle Robinson

Uploaded by DanceOn on 23.07.2012


TRAVIS WALL: We're at The Grove tonight promoting our
brand new hit reality show, All the Right Moves.
TAJA RILEY: We all did a section excerpt performance
from the Shaping Sound show that we recently did a couple
months back in May.
Had a couple of solos, had a couple of duets, a group piece
that's fiery hot.
TRAVIS WALL: We are so excited for this show to premiere.
It's been a two-year process with the producers.
We've been shooting for five months, and we just flew back
from New York yesterday, which we wrapped our finale.
So, we're so excited this is happening in two weeks, and I
can't wait to sit back and watch it on TV.
JAMIE GOODWIN: After the first couple weeks, we all kind of
were so natural on the cameras.
I don't know what I did on film, to be honest with you.
I think that everything we've done so far has been really
true to us and really realistic.
But it's going to be interesting.
To take that step back and to watch yourself from an outside
perspective is, I think, going to help us to learn a lot
about ourselves.
NOELLE MARSH: It's nerve-wracking and exciting
all at the same time.
Because you want to be able to expose yourself for
all that you are.
But it's kind of scary at the same time because you also
want to be known for your artistry and your talent, and
you don't want that to get lost in the mix of who you are
in your personal life and what goes on there.
So there's a fine line, and it's a little crazy.
TAJA RILEY: You're definitely going to see a lot
of dirt on the show--
not just with the boys but with Jamie and myself.
It's very crazy, because being a part of a reality show, you
never really expect it to, but it opens up sides of you that
you didn't even know you really had.
TRAVIS WALL: I'm not nervous about it.
I definitely feel that there might be times where I come
across bitchy.
But the thing is, I know what I want.
To be the leader of the pack-- as I have been put in this
position-- and the visionary of the group, you have to stay
really strong.
And I'm really opinionated.
So you've get to see me really take charge.
And there's definitely a lot of ego
stroking with the group.
And there's definitely really dramatic moments.
At the same time, there's beautiful, beautiful dancing.
And we do two performances every episode.
So you get to see a lot of dancing, a lot of drama.
And you get to see who we are as people, and you get to take
a little look into our personal lives as well.
And I think it's really inspiring.
NICK LAZZARINI: And the dance numbers I
think are really special.
And I think that's what is going to make our show really
stand out from all the other dance docu-series out there.
It's just the quality of the dancing, and the quality of
the dance performance.
We've seen a couple of them, and they are incredible.
TEDDY FORANCE: When someone has a moment where they get
tired or they just lack that feeling of creativity and
inspiration, that next person is right up and ready to go.
And besides the four of us and Taja and Jamie who are on the
show, we have, like, 15 amazing, amazing dancers that
are working with us and so passionate
about Shaping Sound.
So there is a never-ending, infinite realm of inspiration.
KYLE ROBINSON: Ted's the one that gave
me the call, actually.
I was finishing up my contract with West Side Story.
I was on the national tour at that point.
He was like, listen, we really need you to come out here and
do this thing with us.
We want you to be part of Shaping Sound, our
contemporary dance company.
I know you've been on the fence about moving out to LA.
We have an extra room that's freeing up.
We want you to fill the spot, and we want you to be a part
of this project.
And then he told me he had already
bought my plane ticket.
So at that point, I said, yes, absolutely.
I believe in them 100% artistically.
And I love them.
They're my friends.
So I absolutely wanted to be out here to support them and
make this project the best that it could be.
I'm Kyle Robinson from All the Right Moves, and you are
watching DanceOn.