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Sarge! Vehicle approaching.
Sergeant, I'm Major Van Gaartner.
I have to see him immediately.
Thank you.
Just keep working, honey.
I'm sick of this.
Please, just do as you're told.
She's just a girl.
Time for her to grow up.
I'm not a coolie.
What's the problem?
My father owned plantations.
So, I suppose it picked itself?
Girls, please.
Just make like you're working
No one is coming for us.
Of course they are. My Amir...
Your stupid husband sent us here!
He couldn't have known the Dutch were here.
What is going on here?
Sarge. Sarge. Another vehicle.
A truck.
This road is closed. Turn it around.
But Major Van Gaartner sent us to pick up some prisoners.
That may be... What's in the back?
Uh, yeah, but Major Van Gaartner said, uh...
I heard what you said...
Now get your monkey ass. Out here and show me what's in the back!
OK, Sergeant.
OK, go ahead!
If you don't feel like working, I'm sure I can find another use for you.
What's going on here?
I'm not with the rebels. I don't belong here.
Oh, is that right?
Want a piece of this, Frederik?
Please. She's just a girl.
Now, I'm not going to be so nice to you.
Frederik, hold her!
Move along, ladies. Everyone to your bunks!
Hurry up!
Don't worry. They will come.
No one's coming.
They will come.
What do you know, old crone?
What's all this chitchat?
What's going on?
Move and you're dead!
Anyone who wants out, let's get going!
Drop it! Now!
Tomas... The one who executes prisoners?
Dirty bastard!
Three seconds to drop your weapons.
Jump in!
Give my regards to Queen Wilhelmina!
Some of these Dutch are commandos.
The British used to drop them by parachute behind German lines in Holland.
What if they follow on foot? What should we do, Lieutenant?
I know these paths.
We can cross the mountains...
And get to General Sudirman and the Republican army.
They're somewhere on the other side of these rocks.
How about you come over here and let me go?
I promise to take it easy on you when my friends get here.
Hell, we'll all take it easy on you.
Don't listen to him.
Don't worry, missy, you'll get your turn, too.
Let it go.
Maybe just go into the woods and be done with him?
He'll slow us down.
Better to finish him off.
Just kill the monster.
Remember how useful Major Van Gaartner was?
Let me explain it simply.
Why are you following me?
Why are you leaving?
I'm going home.
Back at the plantation...
I didn't know.
It's not my first time.
You know...
Anyway, it means very little.
You're welcome.
Traitors! Dutch lackeys out!
Dutch lackeys out!
It's dangerous!
Oh, you are my protector now?
You bet I am.
Oh, my God!
Mom, everything will be okay. Don't worry.
A mother can't help but worry.
Both of you come inside.
Don't come out, no matter what you see or hear! I love you both.
Burn them out!
Just go inside! Hurry!
Inside, now!
What do you think you're doing?
Shut up, old man!
You and your Dutch cronies don't rule this country any longer.
Let him go!
Let him go!
Halt! Or my next shot blows your heads off!
Don't shoot!
We are Republican soldiers!
Don't shoot!
We're from the cadet school.
I heard you were all wiped out.
Not all.
And how about if I just call out to the fifty men in my platoon...
...and tell them you are spies for the Dutch?
That would be difficult...
with no air in your throat.
We're trying to find Sudirman's camp.
Well, Sir, you found us.
Melati! Senja!
That's your fifty men?
He shoots as straight as any man, Sir.
More than we can say for Marius.
The Dutch massacred a village near here.
His parents were killed, but I saved this one.
Come, I will take you to General Sudirman's camp.
Everyone's getting ready.
General Sudirman is going to launch a counterattack.
Perhaps, you men may join the assault?
Is there someone we can report to? An officer?
Yes, Sir.
Get Major Fadli.
Yes, Sir.
Well? This is all that's left of the cadet school?
Correct, Sir.
Follow me. We need to talk.
Sergeant Yanto, find them quarters for the night.
And take their women with you.
Yes, Sir!
I'm not a camp follower.
I stay with them.
And you're not a soldier.
Go ahead.
The rest of you?
After you.
We drove west in the truck.
Then our vehicle ran out of petrol, Sir.
So we were forced to travel by foot through the mountain passes.
Where we ran into Sergeant Yanto.
And we are dog tired, Sir.
And we haven't eaten in days.
It is a blessing you are all still alive.
But what impresses me are the actions you performed after the massacre.
Destroying the petrol convoy was a fine piece of work.
And though you relied more on luck than military strategy...
All in all, most enterprising, really.
Your actions displayed certain... skills.
Skills extremely valuable to a man in my line of work.
What work is that, Sir?
I'm having all of you made conditional officers in the Republican army...
And transferring you to my command.
Amir, you are made acting Captain.
And you all... Lieutenants of some sort, I'd say.
All clear?
Clear, Sir.
Follow me.
Van Mook's attack caught us completely by surprise.
What's left of our troops are scattered all over Java.
There are no radios, no transport, no medicine, nothing.
Now, thanks to your petrol raid, the Dutch are in the same boat.
At least temporarily.
Now, the Dutch are trying to consolidate their gains.
Which is all this territory here.
General Sudirman has no intention of allowing them to complete their victory.
So, he is planning a series of guerrilla raids across the island...
Behind enemy lines.
And our contribution, Sir?
There is an airfield under construction here.
If they succeed in finishing the airbase...
Then Dutch air cover will give them complete control....
... of the skies above Central Java.
Imagine, every time we stage a guerrilla attack...
Dutch planes could respond with bombing raids within hours on our villages.
We must destroy it!
I wish we could take the airbase and use it for ourselves.
But as we lost our entire air force...
And if this airbase is already built by the time we get there?
Then as Tomas said, you must destroy it.
Whatever the cost, whatever the risk.
Yes, Sir.
Though resources are limited...
I am placing a detachment of crack troops, along with Sergeant Yanto...
...under Captain Amir's authority.
Here is the location of a safe house. It belongs to a wealthy banker.
It's near the airfield.
And here is an order for the army depot...
To supply you with the proper vehicles and supplies you will need.
I cannot vouch for their quality, but...
We will manage, thank you, Sir.
Great! We get promoted and then promptly get sent on a suicide mission.
"Whatever the cost, whatever the risk!"
Relax, Marius.
We don't have to fight the whole Dutch army...
Just stop them from building one lousy airfield.
How the hell are we supposed to do that?
Whatever the cost, whatever the risk.
I'm going to fetch some water.
Don't wander far.
Need some help?
You're doing it all wrong.
You play chess?
That damn Amir beat me.
Cheated me, somehow.
Oh, you're drunk.
I make a better bartender than a soldier.
You did pretty well during our escape.
I can drive a truck, read maps, speak Dutch, doctor the wounded...
But do they make me Captain?
No, they go with a damn school teacher.
They probably wanted an older man.
Now your brother Soerono...
That was officer material.
He could have made General.
If we want a country of our own...
We're going to have to fight for it.
Of course, he had a lot to prove.
What do you mean by that?
I know all about it.
Remember what happened to my parents?
There's no place for Dutch sympathizers in the Republic.
You know, it's not the revolution's fault that your parents died.
Just imagine...
You could be a hero, Marius!
Come on!
Marius, help me.
I'm sorry, Soerono.
Don't talk about this with the others.
Don't worry. It will be our little secret.
I won't even tell your precious Manadonese lover-boy.
What do you mean?
Come on, Senja. Do you think I'm blind?
I see how you and Tomas look at each other.
Well, you are completely mistaken.
He's a peasant!
What's going on?
She was trying to help me build my tent, but...
I'm a lost cause.
I'll leave you two lovebirds alone now.
I have something important to tell you.
I overheard Amir and Dayan talking about your mission.
Oh, don't worry.
I'm coming with you.
Wait, you're serious?
You hate the revolution.
This is not your war.
This became my war the minute it killed my brother.
I'm coming with you.
Soldiers in skirts?
That's ridiculous.
Don't forget...
You did all right in a dress.
But that was... that was... Senja!
And I won't be taking orders from big-talking men who think they know it all!
Then how do you expect to be a soldier?
Kiss her?
Shut up!
Squeeze her?
Hey, I put a lot of hard work into this tent.
Go to sleep.
My pretty girl, my dream girl, chase her, kiss her...
Captain Amir.
You told me to wake you at dawn.
Where are your men?
I sent them with Dayan to fetch civilian clothes for you and your men.
Major Fadli would not want you to travel in uniform.
Yes, Major Fadli is right, a very good idea.
Under the Geneva Convention, if you get caught out of uniform...
you will be hanged as a spy.
I didn't realize.
But, if the Dutch catch you in uniform, you will be shot as a traitor.
So it's a choice between the bullet and the rope?
Life is all about choices, no?
Come on. Let me introduce you to my unit.
Officer on the floor!
Who is your best soldier?
Private Budi!
Yes, Sergeant!
Private, tell me General Sudirman's five-points directive.
The revolutionary must have confidence in his own strength.
Every soldier must keep up the struggle, much has been sacrificed already.
Every soldier must defend our motherland.
Every soldier must under no circumstances yield to those who would subjugate us.
Every soldier must uphold the discipline of the armed forces.
Both physically and morally.
Finished, Captain!
Yes, Sir.
At ease.
Have your men ready in two hours.
But Sir, our orders? The plan of action?
Is there a part of, "uphold the discipline of the armed forces,"
that you don't quite understand?
No, Sir. I was just curious what the mission.
Was to better help you execute your plan, Sir.
The plan is...
Two hours. Don't be late.
Yes, Sir.
"Crack unit? " You'd think they would at least be on time.
This is Java, Captain.
They still have a few minutes by your "rubber time."
Isn't that Marius' watch?
Won it from him at chess last night.
While he was drunk?
I could never have beaten him sober.
I consider this a necessary moral lesson to Second Lieutenant Marius.
Maybe he'll think twice next time about getting drunk the night...
...before we leave on a mission.
Besides, I needed a way to tell time.
Senja is gone.
I searched the entire camp for her, but... nothing.
Slow down, honey.
All her things are gone.
Maybe she went back to her family?
She never spoke of her family.
I think she was all alone after her brother died.
We can't worry about her now. I'm sure she is safe.
As for you, I need you to wait with the army until I return.
Dear, I must talk to you.
See, exactly thirty minutes late. Right on time, in Java.
Sir, all present and ready for action. Where we headed, Captain?
Very precise, Sergeant.
We are going to strike a dagger into the heart of the Dutch invaders.
We walk to the main road and look for Marius.
Yes, Sir.
Snap it up, then! Everyone, move out!
"Every soldier must keep up the struggle..."
Let's go!
Move out!
Have you seen Senja?
I guess you scared her off last night.
Hey, we're better off without her.
She would slow us down, Tomas.
Besides, she's really not that attractive. What do you see in her?
I really am sorry to leave you.
It's time for me to go.
Sorry, but...
You really must go. It's time to say goodbye.
I do love you.
You're going to have a son.
Something on your mind, Sergeant?
Permission to speak freely, Sir?
Yes, of course.
Sir, your men. Are they really to be trusted?
Yes, of course, Sergeant.
Oh, of course, Sir, but...
What are you getting at, Sergeant?
Well, when my unit got ambushed,
It was because one of our men sold information to the Dutch.
Many of us died, Sir.
What are you driving at, Sergeant?
Have you ever asked yourself why you and your friends are even here?
Why are they even here, fighting for freedom...
When their hometowns, their families, all they have is in the hands of the Dutch?
A Hindu from Bali.
A Christian from Sulawesi.
The son of a rich merchant from Jakarta...
and a Woman.
People like that can be easily tempted by what the Dutch can do for them...
or threatened by what the Dutch can do to them.
That's enough, Sergeant!
Sorry, Captain. It's just that we have to be careful.
And you... why should I trust that what you say is true?
And why should you trust me?
Major Fadli, my men and my self, we are all Javanese...
...good Muslims, local men.
They are all outsiders.
Is it not a great coincidence...
...that out of forty cadets, all of the Javanese are killed...
and only these survive?
As you said, a coincidence.
Perhaps, I hope so.
May Allah always be with you, Captain.
God willing.
Well, hurry up, Tomas! Do we turn up here or not?
Patience, Marius! I can't make it out exactly.
Just let me have it!
Tomas! Dutch!
Stop, Marius! Turn Left, Marius!
Come on, brother! Let's join the struggle!
What are you doing here?
For my brother!
I think we're done for. You loaded?
Yeah, why?
We're going to charge right at those bastards.
Are you joking?
Follow me!
What, Marius?
Follow me!
Senja? You're not supposed to be here!
Neither are the Dutch!
Sergeant Yanto, Amir, Tomas! Quick, get in!
Hurry! Hurry!
Come on!
Senja, move!
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Wait! Dayan, he's still out there!
Run, man! Run!
Come on, Dayan, get up!
Captain, Dayan? Captain?
Marius! Marius!
You chicken shit!
Tomas, it was my decision! Tomas!
We had no choice.
There's always a choice.
Not when you're an officer!
The Dutch.
What now?
One of us will have to continue in the truck to throw the Dutch off our tracks.
I can drive.
All right.
The rest of us will continue on foot.
Yes, Sir.
Get moving!
Try to give us as much time as you can, but give yourself a chance.
If I can lose them, where should I meet up with you?
We're heading west, to the market. There we meet.
Yes, Captain.
Yanto, if you can't get away...
Good luck, Captain.
Balinese, yes?
What are you doing in Java, Dayan?
Killing Dutchmen.
De Graff?
Dayan, listen to me carefully.
Holland is beautiful, you know?
Crisp. Cool.
And... clean.
Not like this.
Why don't you go home, if it's so beautiful?
We love everything about our country, except you.
Don't you think I would jump at the chance?
I'd love to...
But this place wouldn't last a week without us.
Muslim, Catholic, Protestants, Hindus...
Javanese, Balinese, Batak, Chinese... would all kill each other.
As long as we get to kill you first.
We are soldiers of the Republic of Indonesia.
We are brothers.
Republic of Indonesia? I have never heard of this place.
You walk its soil now.
Sumatra, Java, Celebes, Borneo... these I know.
But where is this Republic of Indonesia?
It is a land of free men...
Where my sons and daughters will not have to bow before any unbeliever.
Have you always been a Dutch lapdog?
I am nobody's slave and nobody's dog!
I bow to no master but Allah.
I do like these clove cigarettes.
Kretek... very addictive.
Like this place, despite all its difficulties...
It has a certain narcotic quality.
All it takes is one tour of duty in Java... turn a civilized man into something else entirely.
Like you?
No, not like me.
Like him... De Graff.
Last week, General Van Mook finally launched the offensive,
...that will win this war.
And I was this close to my Colonel's eagle and a ticket home.
Then you and your friends decided to attack a petrol convoy...
Yeah! On which I had the bad fortune to hitch a ride.
So now, you are the black mark in my copybook.
And now I am stuck here, in this dishonorable war.
In this distasteful place!
You are going to sing like a bird.
And once you see how unpleasant a conversation with De Graff can be...
You are going to wish you had never been born.
Dutch dog, I have been reborn many times...
And I do not fear death.
Peace be upon you, Sir.
And peace be upon you, too.
Halt and kneel!
Peace be upon you, Sir.
And peace be upon you, too.
Who is your leader?
Peace be upon you, kyai.
I am Captain Amir, from the National Army of Indonesia.
And these men are under my command...
after the will of Allah, of course, who commands us all.
Indeed, with Allah's will.
Like you, we have no love for the Dutch.
But you...
Your soldiers flee from here.
And leave us defenseless, without enough weapons.
Now, your presence puts us in more danger.
I promise to Allah, kyai, release us...
And we will destroy those white invaders.
Ah, the arrogance of the young.
You would take on an entire army with this handful?
In the Koran, does it not say that...
When the small host of the Jews went forth against Goliath and his powerful army,
David said : "Oh Lord, pour out upon us patience..."
"...and make firm our feet..."
"...and give us aid against the people of the unbelievers."
Chapter AI-Baqarah, Verse 250.
But do you really believe that Allah's will favors the cause of your Republic?
These are heretics!
Look at their brazen woman.
Kyai, does Allah want his faithful ruled by heathen foreigners?
For his sons to be taken to work in the plantations of unbelievers?
For his daughters to be made their prostitutes?
Keep an eye on them.
Yes, Sir.
I must pray on this matter.
Do you like to suffer?
Your pain can end right now, I promise you.
Just tell me...
What are you and your friends really after?
Come on. Sing, my friend.
Come on, you can do it.
Everyone is cheering...
our country is free...
Indonesia is free.
Bring him in.
Lieutenant Dayan, we meet again, brother.
You bastard!
Allah delivered these to us from the Dutch for some purpose.
God willing, I want you to return them to their owners.
Justice, no?
Indeed it is, Kyai.
May peace be upon you.
And may peace be upon you, too.
Sir, why do you trust these people?
I don't.
"Goats may lie down with tigers... but they are wise not to sleep."
Rashid, it is most important that you keep watch on them.
God willing, Sir.
Tell me why Fadli sent you here?
What was too secret for the ears of lowly Sergeant Yanto?
Are you after the airfield?
This headquarters?
The armory?
I came to see you service them...
Like a Kuta sailor's whore.
You can leave this pest hole...
And return to paradise with wealth, power, reputation.
You will be a dung beetle in your next life...
And free Indonesians will tread upon you as they walk this land.
But in this life, I will live like a king of Bali.
I tried...
But now, I think I will let the Dutch do what they do best.
If he doesn't want to talk now, then make sure he can't talk to anyone.
And I mean, to nobody.
You understand?
Last chance.
Where are you going?
Captain Amir said we weren't to leave the safe house.
Captain Amir is not the only one who can scout a town.
I'm sick of sitting around this place.
I had better look out for her.
You stay here.
Yes, Lieutenant!
All the vain promises...
Deeply saddens the heart...
De Graff!
This is Sally, sexy Sally.
Man, this place, it's a big mess...
A real shit place, you know that?
Major, I think you miss your wife?
Hey, I've got the best people, our best people...
I sent them out and up to this moment, nothing.
Nothing at all.
There are only a few of these rebels. I think...
Hey, Sergeant! Let me do the thinking, OK?
Hold this a moment. Hold it!
Wait, hey... hey, wait!
You see that?
Hey, they're here, they're here...
De Graff, they're here. They're... they're everywhere!
They're everywhere, hidden.
At the moment we don't expect it at all...
So we must be ready. We must be ready!
I've... I've... I've spoken with the Colonel.
I told him, "Colonel, we must have more men."
For the airport, De Graff!
More men for the weapon depot.
And... and for the petrol depot.
They are everywhere, hidden like rats.
I can feel them, I smell them...
And we don't see them, you feel... I smell it.
I can smell them, I can smell it all the way.
They are here, they are everywhere.
I smell it... I can... I feel... I can...
What's that?
Who's that guy?
Oh, he's kissing that broad there.
Hey, where is my girl Sally? Sally, Sally, I'm coming!
Come on, we've got to get back and tell Amir.
Tell him what? I don't understand a word they said.
I do.
And Tomas?
That's for kissing me without permission.
Now, come, let's go tell Amir the good news.
What good news?
I will find... that dream girl of mine...
Where have you been?
I'm sorry, it's my fault.
But we found some good information.
We saw Major Van Gaartner, in the street...
And overheard him talking.
He has sent every Dutch soldier in the city to defend the weapons depot...
...the armory and the airfield.
Priceless information, duchess.
If Van Gaartner has the Dutch troops spread out all over the valley...
...and up into the mountains protecting those three installations...
Then I wonder how many they have guarding Dutch headquarters.
Fresh vegetables, Sir? The bananas are really good...
No, ma'am.
Here, stay here.
Arms up!
OK, inside.
Excuse me.
Yeah, peanut, what is it?
I want to see Van Gaartner.
He's not here.
He's busy right now. So am I.
You can wait there.
I have information for Mr. Van Gaartner.
Please tell him I will wait in the market across the street.
All right, calm down, chief.
I will tell him, but right now, he has other things on his mind.
I wait outside.
De Graff.
What those terrible men did to you, I was their prisoner once, too.
Forget about the outside world.
We've sacrificed enough.
I hope you don't make me come here for nothing, Sergeant.
I wouldn't like that.
Sorry, Major, but he said he had some information.
So where is this guy? Do you see him or not?
Hey! Hey!
Get out of here.
Please, Sir, we're very hungry.
Cool down, behave normal, we're in the market.
This is a market, Sergeant.
OK, is he here or not?
No? OK.
You go back to headquarters.
I'm going to the airport. I need to meet Colonel DeKoening.
Hey, stop!
I thought you didn't care about the infidel Republic?
Infidel Indonesians are better than infidel foreigners.
Do you know where you're going?
I've been a guest of this prison before.
Follow me!
Budi, you watch the door.
Tomas! Tomas!
You know him?
Keys... keys on the table, Tomas!
This way.
Use this.
Which way?
This way, quickly.
Rashid, Yanto, they are down there! Budi!
Go up!
Yanto! Rashid!
You go first.
In the name of Allah.
Brother Rashid? Sergeant, how could you?
Sorry to disappoint you, boy. You will see someday.
He will see that you're a traitor!
I'm an entrepreneur, Tomas!
Where is Dayan?
That fool? I asked him if he wanted to be rich,
And you know how he answered me?
That's exactly what Dayan said!
You're a dead man, Yanto!
You're a dead man!
Remember that!
Don't shoot, they're gone.
I'm Yanto.
Easy... easy.
I need to call Major Van Gaartner.
I need to get in there.
I need to get in there.
Your friends, those upper-class soldiers?
People like that, they don't care about us.
Did they stay and help you?
You made it.
Worried about me?
Yeah... worried you wouldn't get the job done.
Silence! Come on, let's go!
Senja! Marius!
At least four soldiers of Her Majesty's Army are dead...
In a terrorist bombing of the Royal Army headquarters in West Java.
The attack is suspected to be the work of....
Cover me!
Hey! Hey!
Budi! Senja! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
To the left!
Come on!
We're in here!
Allah, the greatest.
There is no other God than Allah...
It's Dayan!
OK, flaps good, propellers are rolling...
Marius, of course propellers are rolling, the engine is on.
OK, every thing's under control.
Hey, Marius has a plane!
Hey, Marius has a plane!
Quick, let's get out!
Hurry! Hurry!
There goes my air traffic control.
Come on!
Move it!
Quick, jump in, Tomas!
Hurry up! Dayan!
We did it!
We made it!
I never knew you could fly.
I dropped out of flight school, Tomas.
I bet there was an incident with a flight attendant?
Not this time.
Just never could figure out how to land.
Better put this on. Quick!
Let's fly away and be free!
Well, at least they didn't get the fuel dump, Sir.