Gönülçelen )) Episode 17 - Part 6/6 [English Subtitles]

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(Cobra tells the group they have a new job but the money will not be a lot)
are you ready for tonight?
what's happening tonight
Oh did I not tell you?
we'll celebrate your success tonight
It won't be a crowded party though
oh Murat Hoca! you're so bad
why didn’t you tell me before? I've to go and get ready
Oh really.. did he find a job.. Oh I'm so happy..
Oh I cannot come
There is a party here tonight.. Murat Hoca arranged it for me
Ok. See you. Say Hi to everyone..
Come in!! See you..
Oh where have you been?
I'm here
so how was it?
how was what?
you know my singing! We never had a chance to talk
oh yes
so was I bad
well.. not bad... are you crazy! You were excellent. Everyone loved it
by the way this is yours
what is it?
It's a bank account book
In your name and we have deposited a small amount of money
Is all this money mine?
yes.. well we are quite generous
this is lots of money
don’t worry. We'll be keeping you busy anyway..
you'll buy me a cup of coffee with your money then huh?
It’s a deal
Gülnaz.. are you having fun? Did you like it here?
Yes. It's very nice
I got so scared we'll split up
no way.. we'll never get separated
We're like a pot and its lid.. we'll always be together
Oh I hope so
me too
One last step.. good. Very little left
I want to open it
no no no no.. we're already here
so many people..
before we start celebrating I've something to say
If it's going to be a long speech we should eat first because we're hungry
no no. I'll keep it short
Of course everyone must guess who this speech is intended for
I just want to say this:
“You must keep on dreaming Hasret,
because you're capable of getting better and succeeding
Even though no one believes you
you can be wherever you want if you try hard
I knew you could succeed from the very beginning
Thank you for proving my trust in you. “
Is it a present?
Is it for me?
I can't take it anymore
where are you going?
give me the mike
what the hell is going on?
dear guests I need 5 min of your time. I've an announcement to make
My Gülnaz..
You're my flower
You're my sunshine
My moonlight
You're my heart ache
The light in my eye
you're my one and only..
you've beautiful eyes.. red cheeks
very beautiful..
thank you...
thank you...
You're my sunflower, you're my crown, you're my pidgeon!
ohhh!! Enough..
you're my pidgeon
My seven coloured flower. You 're Candy!
oh keep it short. People are getting bored.
Gülnaz.. you're the only happiness in my life. You know
Gülnaz will you marry me
she can’t hear you you idiot..
Gülnaz will you marry me?
come here...
give me that..
I bought you a ring..
and it is gold!!
ok... let the fun continue..
Can I have a dance too?
you'll dance with me again though right?
of course
today I spoke to 50 people on the phone
and all of the phone calls were about you
you better believe it
So many interviews.. Radio stations, Tv’s
They all want to see you
are you serious?
are you not aware? You're famous
A star was born in that concert
I was under the influence of what happened after the concert I guess
Oh I see.. about your mom
we stayed in this house for months together
She looked at my face but never told me she was my mom
Maybe everyone thought it's better for you not to know at that time
I mean If you had learned it before the concert
what everyone??
I mean Murat had to keep it a secret too
Murat hoca already knew?
he never told you?
come on up..
I couldn't decide.. Do you like Blues..
You already knew..
knew what?
you knew and you never told me
You kept it a secret
You didn't tell me who my mom was
shut up and don’t say a word
I was going to tell you
but you did not
You knew before the concert
you're going to destroy your own future
It was the right thing to go to that concert
you knew I wouldn't go on stage if I knew she was my mother
You were scared to risk your own career
I wasn't important.. your career was more important
Mrs. Saime..
Mrs. Saime told me she would explain everything after the concert..
But when you were on stage..
I get it. Ok
But never ever say you were doing me a favour for my own good
I yearned for my mother for years and years
Even when I was selling flowers on the street
I used to watch mothers and daughters go by..
I tried to imagined how my mother would've been
I wanted her to give me a kiss.. I wanted her to give me a hug
I was so upset that I was cut to the heart..
that stage was not important for me at that time
Don’t touch me!
Hasret please..
I had trusted you so much. I believed in you
But you were playing a game like she did
She never told me I was her daughter
I ran after her and caught her..
You didn't tell me who my mother was
You could've said Hasret your mother is here
You lied in this house, by the lake, at the concert.. you didn't say a word
I don't give a shit about music when I'm in such a state...
It's over Murat Hoca
It's over..
I’m out! I am going!