Interview with Dima Brave @ TECHLABS BY 2012 showmatch

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on May 24, 2012

- Hello, my congrats with the victory!
- Hi! Thank you.
- Tell everybody about
winning the show-match.
You must be glad.
- We overcame Natus Vincere who are world vice-champions.
Moscow_5 are the best.
We have proved that.
Sasha told us that
you were not going to come here.
Was it a surprise for the team?
- Yeah.
I turned to be in St. Petersburg accidently
and I told our curator that M5 were playing in Minsk.
He answered that we had to fly there.
We made a surprise for the guys.
I guess it affected the result.
It was a pleasant surprise for them.
Thank god we got the victory.
Curator had an opportunity to see our power.
- What are the closest plans?
I mean not only CS, maybe LoL…
- DreamHack.
16 players will represent M5 at DreamHack. Three teams and ...
- I got it. Did you have an invitation
to Korean League of Legends League?
- Yes, we did.
- Will you go there?
You can already tell it.
Official announcement will be made toady.
- Unfortunately we won’t go there.
- Why?
- Do you mean 2 months lasting league?
- Yeah. Month and a half actually.
- There are several reasons.
DreamHack, championship in Poland
which hasn’t been announced yet.
The main reason is qualifiers for Season 2 –
$ 5 million.
In Cologne if I’m not mistaken
- Seattle.
- No. LoL finals are in Seattle
- Ahh, I got it.
- Cologne qualifiers are simultaneous
with Koran league.
maybe next time if they invite us.
- Tell a few words about DotA line-up.
Are you satisfied with the results?
- Yes, we gathered strong players-legends.
PGG, Vigos, Admer. Silent and Blood Angel
are in a very good shape as well.
They are very good guys.
We had a party recently.
We made a barbecue.
There are new photos on our website.
Have a look on them.
- We’ll look.
- I’m satisfied.
- I think your main difference
from the other teams
is huge teamwork and interpersonal communication.
- Definitely.
- Is it your ticket to success?
- From the very beginning I’ve chosen
an image of a friend, not owner or director.
I’m glad they all are friends
and we are actually a big family.
- And the last question is about
your new sponsor MSI.
Will you tell us a bit?
- Thanks to CS line-up victory
in the previous year
we could negotiate with the international MSI company.
We offered them to become our sponsor.
We had no answer for a long time
but they finally took the right decision.
Today we brought the 1st victory for them.
We appreciate their support.
- Thank you for the new interview.
I wish you the new victories.
Good luck.
- Bye!