Nail art feux d'artifices / How to do Fireworks nails

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 17.10.2011

Hi everyone! Today’s nail art will be colorful
Just like fireworks!
It’s quick and easy to do.
Hope you’ll like this tutorial! Let’s have a look to it.
To make this nail art, you’ll need acrylic paint.
Or nail polish of different colors.
I’ve chosen acrylic paint to try my new paints.
And you’ll need a detail brush.
All you need to do is some drops over three levels.
Make 3 levels of 3 different colors.
It’s really easy to do and it looks great.
You can vary the colors as you want, personnaly I used random colors.
I let you see how I make this nail art.
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When finished, with a doting tool and very diluted white paint to make small dots,
and put it all over my nails.
According to your wishes, you can add more dots, or not.
Then I apply a rhinestone at the middle of the firework
And finally I apply the top coat when it's dry.
I hope you liked this tutorial.
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