How to Make Greeting Cards : Homemade Greeting Cards: Snow Man Cards

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

Hi this is Brenda and today we are working on our pop-up cards. Project today will be
a snowman. We will need our 5 x 8 index cards, some glitter, glue, markers, scissors and
we are ready to begin. We need to fold our 5 x 8 index card in half like this and we
will also have a under liner. It is also a 5 x 8. It can be any color that you like and
it will be covering up our cuttings that we are going to be making on our index cards.
First we will take our marker; any color that you like. Just going to draw a simple little
snowman; two little circles, a little hat like this, some eyes, a little nose and we
will be cutting him out. For times sake, I am going to show you the finished product
like this. Here’s our little snowman. The secret to this project is when you are drawing
on the snowman you need to make some little tabs on his arms like this and those little
tabs are what you are going to glue to the card stock and that is going to be holding
him down to the card stock. You will notice that he’s got a fold also up this half like
this so that when you fold it over, he will pop out at you. This is what it looks like
from the side angle. So those little tabs if you can see underneath are just glued to
the index card like this and folded in so that you can’t really see them but they
hold him into the card. I’ve added some glitter to look like snow. I’ve embellished
it with a few little snowflakes. You can use different colors if you like. We use our under
liner like this to cover up any cuttings so that you can’t see where you cut into the
snowman so that when our recipient opens the card like this, the snowman will pop out at
him like this.