Google Loves the Grace Hopper Celebration

Uploaded by lifeatgoogle on 12.10.2012

Ok, so I'll engage the system. Beep beep.
And now the car is in control. I didn't even imagine that self-driving cars
would exist in my lifetime. So to know that the technology exists and
I get to work on it firsthand is pretty incredible. At GoogleX, we really take breakthrough technologies
and apply them in areas where we think it could really transform the world.
So part of it is moonshot thinking, setting a really amazing goal that is really inspiring
that could be possible but feels almost like science fiction.
What's special about Google X is first and foremost, the people.
When I first heard about the job I was thinking how would I fit in at GoogleX.
Coming here, I didn't feel odd at all because everybody's odd in their own way.
So I came to GoogleX actually through a bit of a circuitous route.
I went to grad school and got my PhD in a field of netphotonics. So basically I went
from microphotonics to nanophotonics. It's certainly common in companies around
here in Silicon Valley that the engineering workforce is very largely male and maybe they
have, you know, 10% women or 20% or something like that. We'd like to get to 50% women.
If we have just men and not women, if we have just people of a particular race, or just
of a different particular background or from a particular country, that's not going to
be helpful, because we aren't going to think of the breakthrough things.
It's by harnessing all this communal creativity, if you will, that we are able to do what we
do. What we are really looking for is passionate
people who love what they do and love to work on high impact projects that have a technology
angle to them. And, you know, we make a little prototype,
and then we're like, Yes! Then I run around the entire office and show it off to everybody
and I'm like "Cool, look at this, this is so cool".
I'm an optics person. I'm a hardware engineer. If you think that you're in this very narrow
field and there's no opportunity in Google, being mostly a software company, you might
be surprised like I was. I came to Google X fresh out of school. I
have friends that go to work and its just a job, but here this is so much more than
that. This is where we were about one and a half
years ago when I first started. It's literally a phone stuck next to your head. Now, we're
here. Knowing that when I come to work, I'm doing
something that's making history definitely puts a smile on my face and gets me excited
to come to work every single day.