Christmas Gift Ideas

Uploaded by RhodesBread on 07.12.2010

Hi welcome to Rhodes video recipe box my name is Amy and today I am going to show you guys some great Christmas gift ideas
These ideas are so good you can do them with your family friends and neighbors your kid's teachers everybody.
So i am going to start with this idea over here we have just taken a really fun holiday bag
and then to do this is loaf it is a braided loaf so what you do is you will take a loaf of dough
and you want to let it thaw then cut into three strips and you going to roll your strips out
braid them together bake it on a baking pan and then let cool wrap it up and put in this cute sack
and we put garlic and parsley on this one but you could do cinnamon and sugar to make it sweet
whatever you want we have got these fun tags that are on our website and free printout
you can print as many as you want all different ones so if you want to attach a cute tag
this one has a tag attached and this one says: thought you might need a little extra dough during the holidays
so with this sack we just simply taken a bag of frozen dinner rolls and put it in there
and that one is ready to go or if you want to bake up a loaf of bread we just
found these really fun holiday bags you can get them at a craft store you can get
at the paper supply company put a fun ribbon and a gift tag on it or an embellishment
and that is a really fun gift if you want to give with a jar of jam or some honey
that would be really fun too and then over on this side here is another tag this one says
a frozen treat from our house to yours again another great gift box form the paper supply company
and we have several different products that fit perfectly in this size box
you could either use our frozen cinnamon roll you could bake them if you want and put them in
or you could do them straight from the freezer right inside this box or the dinner rolls
the Warm-N-Serv and neither one of these products have to thaw they can just be right in the oven
so it makes it really simple ok and then a couple other loaf of bread box ideas
Would be this box this laof of bread fits perfectly in there or you could do a variety of boxes
and use this cute gift box tie one of our cute tags on it another cute tag that would be so cute on there
would be either all Rhodes lead home at Christmas or let it dough let it dough let it dough
tie whatever tag on there now this one i am going to do for my kid's teachers becuase i think they are so cute
all it is, is a cinnamon roll we just baked up our cinnamon rolls
and then taken these dowels and put it right up through the cinnamon roll
tied a cute bow on it you could put sprinkles on the cinnamon rolls let your kids decorate it for their teacher
however they want and help you and these dowels you can buy in a package so they are just at the craft store
put your dowels in so fun... then these ideas up here in the front these little
mini loaves of bread i am going to show you how to make them
this is a mini cinnamon roll loaf and this package with the cute star embellishment is two mini loaves
and they have got the double rolls so let me show you how i did those ones
what you will do is your going to take your mini loaf pans and you want to spray them with some nonstick spray
and then for the cinnamon roll bread you will take your cinnamon rolls and you just put them in frozen
just lay them right in there and just them and get your spacing a little better if you want
just like that and then cover them with plastic wrap let them rise and
bake them and we have the baking instructions on the website for you
and then the cinnamon rolls come with a icing so you can drizzle them with icing
and put them in this cutest bag
and that one is ready to go and then for the little mini loaves of bread all we done is taken our dinner rolls
and you will just want to put them back to back like this put right in your pan
and this takes six dinner rolls
so just like that
just like that... so you have them just like that you are going to do the same thing you will cover them with some plastic wrap
let them rise and bake them according to direction on your package or on the website
so all these fun ideas all these cute printable cards are on the website you can go to and
thanks for baking with Rhodes