Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey on Combating Childhood Obesity

Uploaded by FitnessGov on 16.11.2011

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Risa Lavizzo-Mourey: If you think
about what are the big things that are potentially making our
people unhealthy, things like smoking and obesity are right up
there, number one and two, so of course we would choose something
as important as childhood obesity to try to tackle.
I get up every morning, have a piece of fruit and exercise
usually on cardio machines because I travel a lot and I
always can get a stairmaster or a treadmill or something like
that and I try to do that for 45 minutes a day.
Then on the weekend I love to hike or take a bike ride,
my favorite -- Oh strawberries, oh I love strawberries,
I wash them off and eat them like an apple.
Push-ups and squats, I think they're the best,
because they help women keep strong backs
and help prevent us from getting osteoporosis.
There's not one solution to this,
it's one of those areas that really takes everyone's
initiative and involvement to fix it and that's again
something that we believe strongly in is getting everyone
involved in being a part of the solution.
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