Daniel Radcliffe on The Woman in Black

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>>DANIEL RADCLIFFE - It was mainly the story the story was so good and so compelling that
I didn't you know often it will be the part or the director or something like that which
all of which was a factor but really the story here was so chilling and so exciting that
yeah I wanted to be a part of telling it.
>>DANIEL RADCLIFFE - The story of The Woman in Black is a story of a haunting it's a ghost
story but it's far more than just spooks and shivers.
>>DANIEL RADCLIFFE - It seems to be a correlation between the people that believe in ghosts
and the people who see them and so as I don't believe in them, I think I'm probably very
unlikely to ever see one.
>>DANIEL RADCLIFFE - It just felt very natural to be stepping onto another set and playing
a different character. It wasn't something I thought a huge amount about to be honest.
I don't choose films and projects based on what I think the fans will like, I mean to
be honest I did Equus and the ones that stuck with me through that are going to stick with
me through most things. Because you that was much more confrontational piece than this
is. So no I think if I make interesting choices, hopefully they will be interested.
>> - You were recently on SNL that must have been an amazing experience .
>>DANIEL RADCLIFFE - It was amazing. I loved it. I had such a good time. I said to them
as I was leaving, I was like ' You can ask me any time, I will run across oceans to be
back here'. Like it's... to have that.. what they do every week from starting from scratch
and suddenly putting on a huge show in one week and seeing it. It's a very fulfilling