MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 19

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(Male announcer) Previously on MasterChef...
(Gordon) You'll face your toughest challenge yet.
(Announcer) The final four faced off in a challenge
judged by three world-renowned chefs.
Mine was perfect. Good look, good taste.
(Announcer) When Frank and Josh lost, they went head to head
in a legendary pressure test.
Honestly, guys, it's almost impossible.
(Announcer) In the end, Josh claimed victory,
and knocked Frank out of the competition.
Oh, God.
(Frank) My arch-Nemesis Josh gets me in the end.
(Announcer) Tonight, three semifinalists, all with one goal...
To win a spot in the finale...
Remember what's at stake!
(Announcer) Familiar faces return...
(Announcer) But only two can advance to compete
for $1/4 million...
I'm about to take these girls down today.
(Announcer) A cookbook...
I am a force to be reckoned with.
(Announcer) And the title of MasterChef.
After weeks of intense culinary competition
in the MasterChef kitchen,
three home cooks remain standing.
Becky, a passionate 27-year-old from Kansas...
(Becky) My soul is consumed
with this love of cooking.
It truly is the only thing that I want to do
for the rest of my life.
Oh... thank you.
(Announcer) From day one in the competition,
Becky established herself as a front-runner.
(Gordon) A record, five times.
Becky... Becky... Becky.
And there's a reason that everybody fears you.
(Gordon) You just get stronger and stronger.
(Becky) This is it. I have to win this competition.
I know it. I feel it in my soul.
This is my path. This is my career.
I have to be the next MasterChef.
(Announcer) Josh, a 24-year-old from Mississippi...
Yeah! What's up?
If I can do what I love
instead of doing what everybody else wants me to do,
I'm gonna do it. That's it.
(Announcer) He immediately made a big impression on the judges.
I see a little smile there.
Yeah, you cook like a pro.
Two words... Slam dunk.
(Announcer) And from there, he showed his fighting spirit...
Until his dream was cut short.
It's raw.
It's disappointing having to leave the MasterChef kitchen,
but I'm never giving up.
(Announcer) He fought his way back into the competition...
(Gordon) Please welcome back... Josh.
(Josh) Y'all done messed up now.
Me going to the semifinals validates
everything that I stand for
and everything that I came to this competition to do.
I feel completely unstoppable. I'm gonna win.
(Announcer) And Christine, a 32-year-old student from Texas.
(Christine) Coming here means realizing a culinary dream
that I thought I could never achieve.
In the history of MasterChef,
we've never had a blind contestant.
Amazing accomplishment.
Thank you, sir.
(Announcer) She was considered the underdog.
(Gordon) Christine, last pick again. Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Even by herself.
Who's going home? It's probably gonna be me.
Stop doubting yourself.
(Gordon) It looks stunning.
(Announcer) But as her confidence grew...
Christine. Christine.
(Announcer) There was no stopping her.
Are you really blind? Yes, chef, I am.
(Christine) I just want to be an inspiration to people
that they can get what they want.
If they really put their mind to it,
they can overcome anything.
I'm definitely here to go all the way and win MasterChef.
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Welcome. Congratulations.
You are the best three home cooks in America.
But only one of you can be the next MasterChef.
(Joe) It's time for your final mystery box challenge.
(Gordon) On the count of three, you'll lift
that final mystery box.
One... two...
[Gasps] Oh, my God!
What? [Chuckles]
Can I touch it?
(Graham) It's a cookbook. Your cookbook.
Oh, my God.
It's my cookbook,
with my big freakin' mug right there on the front.
It says "MasterChef season three winner."
It's almost too much to take in.
(Graham) For two of you, these blank cookbooks
will be a nice souvenir of your time here at MasterChef.
But for one of you, all of those pages
will be filled with your recipes.
And thousands of copies of those books
will be on store shelves across the nation.
(Gordon) Christine, who would you dedicate
your very own cookbook to?
Um, I think to my mom.
Why your mom?
Because she was a really good cook,
and she passed away when I was 14.
And she never left me any recipes.
And I've been trying to recreate them since.
[Laughs and sniffles] (Gordon) Sounds amazing.
Becky, who would you dedicate your cookbook to?
My parents, because they've always inspired me
to follow my dreams, even when other people
didn't think I could do it.
(Gordon) Josh, who would you dedicate your book to?
Without a shadow of a doubt, my mom.
She's a... ama...
She's an amazingly strong woman.
And she's my biggest fan. (Gordon) Wonderful.
Today, there are no twists and no curve balls.
You're going into the pantry and choosing
any ingredient you want to make an entree
worthy of your very own cookbook.
And since there are only three of you left,
we will be tasting each of your dishes,
and the best one will get a huge advantage
in the last elimination test before the grand finale.
(Gordon) You've got five minutes to shop in the amazing pantry
for the ingredients to make your signature dish
absolutely shine.
So knock us out.
Your 60 minutes starts...
Now. Off you go.
Let's go to the proteins. The proteins?
In theory, this seems like a dream.
Go into this beautiful pantry, choose whatever you want,
and make a great meal.
But I'm actually more nervous
than if they would have just given me something.
It's gonna be me and Christine in the final two.
Becky, she doesn't have what it takes
to just take it to the next level.
She's not even cooking from the heart anymore.
We've let them off the leash. Yeah.
We're giving them a chance to really find their voice.
(Joe) We want food that's them on a plate,
and I think that's what we're gonna get today.
Like this? Yes.
Hey, Becky, what are you making?
Hello. I'm making pan-fried loup de mer.
And I'm gonna have a sunchoke puree with that.
So why is this dish gonna be in your cookbook?
Um, I'm just... I'm really a fan of fresh fish.
And I'm also a big fan of just cooking
with beautiful ingredients.
And I think that that's really something
I want to be associated with.
Christine. How you feeling? Hi, chef.
I feel nervous.
The dish today... What is it?
A type of noodle stir-fry with scallops.
Um, Josh, Becky...
Which one would you want to see in the final
alongside you?
I'm gonna have to say Becky
because I think she deserves to be there.
Good luck. Thank you.
What are you making for us?
I'm making an Indian-style chicken curry.
I made a curry blend with some whole spices
and some aromatics.
So this could be a signature recipe for your book? It really could.
That looks good. Yeah, it does. Smells great.
How's the fish coming along?
Uh, it's coming along.
It looks like you're struggling a little bit.
Yeah. Is that all the fish?
Yeah. The other filet
I used in the fish stock...
You put a filet in the fish stock?
It wasn't that pretty because I didn't butcher it very well,
which I'm not proud of, but...
That doesn't look like an entree.
You know it's not an entree.
That's the first time I've ever
seen anyone put a filet in the fish stock.
I'm a little nervous now that you don't think
this is gonna be enough for an entree.
No, I don't think, I know.
(Gordon) 15 minutes to go,
hopefully to woo us with the best dish
you've ever cooked so far in this competition.
There's, like, no room to mess up at all.
It's intense. It's, like, so intense.
The level of concentration on all their faces
is quite extraordinary.
You have each person bringing a unique kind of culinary skill.
Christine, whose cooking vietnamese... her culture.
Josh, who's showing an incredible ability
to build flavors.
And you have Becky, who's gonna be light,
fragrant... elegance and beauty on the plate.
My worry about Becky's dish is I don't think
there's gonna be enough on there.
Not only was she butchering the loup de mer,
but I mean, she was butchering it.
So she's got these two tiny little filets.
I hope there's enough of Becky's dish for me to taste.
(Gordon) Uh, yeah.
I'm completely re-doing my dish.
I'm gonna switch it up, so instead,
I'm gonna make a fish soup,
and I hope that it'll be enough.
I just gotta focus right now. If you have a misstep,
you've just gotta rise above,
and that's exactly what I'm doing right now.
It's not over till it's over.
(Gordon) 30 seconds to go
in your very last mystery box challenge.
One stunning entree that could be the centerfold
of your very own cookbook.
Come on. Ten, nine, eight, seven.
Six, five, four, three,
two, one, and stop... All of you.
Well done. Okay, as you know,
we're gonna be tasting all three dishes.
And the winner of this mystery box challenge,
it comes with a huge advantage.
Let's start with Josh. Let's go.
Okay. What is that?
Curried cornish hen with basmati rice.
And this is a dish that you can see within your book?
Yes, I definitely believe this dish will be in my book.
It's delicious. I mean, it's beyond delicious.
It's phenomenal. It's got that blend,
that fragrance, that ground garam masala.
It's not too spicy. It's got the heat.
The richness as well.
Well done. Thank you.
High five. That is... That is killer.
Thank you. That is so good.
Thank you.
Not only has it got that heat and that spice,
but I mean, the sauce is thick enough
so you get a little bit with each bite.
Really smart cooking.
Great. Thank you. Good job.
This dish shows the best of who you are as a person,
and your ability as a cook.
No doubt. Congratulations.
Thank you, chef.
Well done. Wow. Thanks.
I think Josh definitely can keep his cool in the kitchen.
He's confident, and I think he talks the talk,
and I think he can walk the walk too.
All right, the next dish we'd like to taste belongs
in the cookbook of Christine.
Christine's dish looks great, as usual.
Her scallops are seared beautifully.
I don't even understand how she gets that type
of caramelization being blind.
She's really tough competition.
I love to see that wok come out. Yeah.
So I did a stir-fry with some rice noodles,
shallot, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce.
And then seared scallops that I seasoned
with a little bit of salt and chili oil.
It's really a complete sensation
because it's kind of salty, sweet, rich.
The noodles have a great texture to them.
It's very intense.
How do you know how much of something you put in
when you put it in a bowl?
Um, I kind of measure it out in my hands,
and then I put it in.
How about liquids?
I just kind of guess and adjust.
You taste and then adjust? Yes. Exactly.
Oh, they taste incredible. Thank you.
And the flavor of the scallop shines through.
Good job. Thank you, chef.
I mean, there's two things I can wish right now.
I wish you could see this bowl of food,
and I wish your mother was standing next to me tasting it
because it's a true testament
of where you've come in this competition.
Thank you.
Absolutely delicious. Well done. Thank you.
Step, step.
Okay, Becky, please bring your dish.
Tell me about this dish.
I made pan fried loup de mer fish soup
with sunchoke puree, roasted fennel,
and a vinaigrette with charred jalapeno and scallions.
I mean, it's a pretty small portion for an entree.
Yeah, the filets were gonna be too small,
so I ended up taking the fish
that I used to make the stock,
and I turned that into, like, a fish soup with roasted fennel.
The fish itself, I love the crust on it,
but ultimately, it's a little dry.
Slightly overcooked.
I don't know.
It's seasoned well, but it's not a cohesive dish.
It doesn't scream who you are.
I guess I think that the type of food
that I grew up eating is not very, like, sophisticated,
so I think that, for me, I'm trying to
maybe do too much than I can right now.
And I was just thinking about what I should be doing
to, like, for you guys, and to beat them,
and I just completely lost it, and I don't have a good excuse.
There's a lot riding on your shoulders,
and you've been a frontrunner.
And right now, uh, you're definitely not,
especially with a dish like that.
It was the wrong thing to pick for this challenge.
(Gordon) Doesn't quite make sense, does it?
(Graham) No, and then you look at Christine's scallops.
Josh knew right away he was doing a curry.
(Gordon) He had a blend of spices that were delicious.
We've ranked the dishes from first place,
second, and third.
And that will determine who gets the biggest advantage
in your final elimination test.
The person who cooked the dish at the bottom
of the pile was Becky.
It's down to Christine and Josh.
The person who prepared and cooked the best dish...
(Graham) The person who prepared and cooked the best dish tonight...
Yeah, it's about freakin' time!
That dish was phenomenal.
Thank you. Absolutely mind-blowing.
How do you feel?
Great. I'm glad I won the last mystery box.
I'd be pissed off if this sucker won, man.
(Gordon) Christine, well done. Thank you.
(Becky) Going into this elimination is essentially
the most pressure that I've ever felt.
I have to come back. I have to redeem myself now.
Okay, un next is your final elimination challenge.
Let's all go into the pantry,
and you can find out what the advantages are.
Please, let's go.
(Announcer) In the final elimination challenge,
all three home cooks will each make one dish,
with the best two moving into the grand finale.
You are about to find out the consequences
of winning and losing that final mystery box challenge.
Christine, once you've heard
what the three very different ingredients are,
you'll get to pick which one
you alone will cook with. Okay.
Josh, for coming in second, you get to pick
from those remaining two ingredients.
Of course, that means, Becky, you don't get a choice.
(Gordon) The theme of tonight's final elimination challenge
And the first legs are... Leg of lamb.
A classic cut of meat, but difficult to cook.
The next legs used to belong to...
(Graham) Used in every cuisine and culture around the world.
And the third and final... Personal favorite of mine.
I absolutely love them...
Hello, Kermit.
Frogs legs. Wow.
So, Christine, what legs are you going for?
I have to think about do I play to my strength,
or do I pick something that leaves someone else
to get screwed on?
Hopefully I can do both.
Maybe the simplest and the least expensive,
but I think I can do the most with them,
so I'm gonna go with the chicken legs.
Think very carefully.
[Sighs] So essentially,
I am picking for me and for Becky right now.
I mean, this is a huge advantage.
What are you thinking?
Um, I don't think Becky's ever cooked
with frog legs before,
so I'm gonna have to choose the leg of lamb.
Becky, when was the last time you cooked frogs legs?
Um, that would be never, chef.
When was the last time you ate frogs legs?
Again, never.
You all have ten minutes now
to shop for anything else you need
to make a dish that can get you
to the MasterChef finale.
That ten minutes starts now.
(Josh) This is the last dish before the final,
so you have to play to win.
Now is not the time to be [Bleep] around with frog legs.
(Becky) I have to cook something with these frogs legs
that's going to show the judges that I belong in the finale.
And I have no idea how to cook with these things.
Okay, we've got a surprise for you,
and it's waiting back in the MasterChef kitchen.
[Cheers and applause]
Who is that? Who is that?
It's everybody! Come on!
Go stand in front. Are you serious?
Wow. These are the home cooks
that you conquered to get here.
(Gordon) Welcome back, everybody.
Shut up.
They are gonna cheer you on into the finale.
Seeing all these familiar faces cheering us on,
it gives me hope, and it really does
lift me up a little bit.
I was questioning myself, but I know that all these guys
are behind me,
and it really helps with my attitude.
Magnificent monti, who do you think, right now,
has it to win MasterChef?
I think this is a girl's game to lose,
but I think Christine will win.
Frank, who do you think is gonna win this competition?
There's no question in my mind... I want Becky to win
because she has a huge passion for food.
Ryan... how have you been?
I've been very good, thank you.
Who will win MasterChef?
Josh will win MasterChef.
(Joe) Well, it's great to have you all back here
in the MasterChef kitchen.
Please head up to the balcony.
Show your support for the final three.
[Cheers and applause]
You three, on to your stations, please, thank you.
Two of you will be going on
to the MasterChef finale.
Becky, Christine, and Josh,
your time starts... now!
Becky, Christine, and Josh,
your time starts... now.
This is the last dish before the finals.
We're about to start cooking,
and I'm about to take these girls down today.
Where's my chef's knife?
I worked my ass off to get here to top three.
I overcame obstacles that I didn't think I could overcome,
but now I believe in myself.
I definitely deserve to be in top two.
(Becky) Josh and Christine and I...
We're all in the top three for a reason.
But I don't want to just be in the top three.
I came here to leave the winner, with that trophy in my hand.
Christine got the first pick.
She chose chicken. Which one would you have picked?
Definitely, for me, it would have been the chicken.
I think it's the move versatile.
You can use the skin, the bone, the meat.
(Gordon) Joe. I would have definitely done a roasted lamb,
deglazed with anchovies and red wine vinegar.
So good. (Graham) That sounds great.
I would have gone for the frogs' legs.
Dusted with lemon powder, a little bit of cayenne,
and a little touch of paprika.
I think I used the advantage to the best of my ability
because I've never cooked frog legs,
so I wanted to stick with something I know
and can be tasty.
I actually picked lamb legs for myself
because this complements my style of cooking.
I think it's great that Becky got the frog legs
because she's gonna be out of her comfort level.
The pressure right now is on Becky.
She's never tasted a frog's leg.
She's never cooked frog's leg.
Josh was trying to trip me up for sure, you know?
But I've got to believe in myself, and I've gotta
focus right now and not mess up.
We're competing to enter into the final two...
The finale of MasterChef.
I want to see complex dishes, I want to see technique.
I want it all.
All right, Christine, what's the dish?
I want to do just, like, Southern fried chicken.
But how are you gonna refine it in a way
that it stands out and lands that place in the final?
Just fry it to perfection with the right batter,
and then serve it with a cream kale that tastes good.
You know, the balance of the texture
of the two different components together?
Good luck.
(Joe) Josh, what's the dish? What's the dish?
Can you explain what a carimanola is to me?
I'm gonna take a yuca root, boil it, smash it. Yeah.
I'm gonna put some chopped corn in there, and cilantro.
Then I'm gonna stuff it with braised lamb meat.
And you've made this before? I have.
This your dad's recipe? Um, well...
My dad made me eat it... We used to go to Panama
when I was younger.
Now you're gonna make us eat it.
Have you got enough time to make it? I do.
You do? You sure. Yes. Yes.
Usually, a leg of lamb braises for seven hours.
My strategy is to braise the lamb
in a pressure cooker.
It's the only way I can get it done in an hour.
I think it's gonna come down to the wire.
All right, guys, let's go. Whoo!
Becky, how you doing? Hello. I'm doing well.
Cooking frogs legs is sometimes more difficult
than cooking fish, as a protein.
It overcooks only seconds, it goes dry.
So it's a very delicate, dainty protein.
Understand it properly. Okay.
What are you doing? I'm gonna do confit potatoes.
Then I'm going to do pan-fried frog legs
with garlic and butter,
and just make a little fresh salad.
Good luck. Thank you, chef.
She's awesome.
(Graham) All right, guys, 15 minutes to go.
[Cheers and applause]
Oh, man, that's good.
Christine, Becky, Josh,
only two of you are going into the MasterChef final.
Come on. All right, guys.
Come on, Christine.
Joe, who's going home tonight?
I think that if Becky can really kind of ramp it up again,
I think Christine might be a bit in jeopardy
because Josh is like a freight train full of speed right now.
[Cheers and applause]
You're all coming into your last ten minutes.
Come on.
The lamb has been cooking for a long time,
and it should be cooked by now.
I'm running out of time.
See if it's ready.
Is that cooked, Josh?
I'm gonna see.
Oh, my goodness.
Yeah it's cooked.
I don't know how that guy pulls it out of the bag.
I won't have time to let it cool and shred it,
so I'm just gonna have to chop it up,
stuff it in the yuca, and fry it.
Come on, Josh.
Snap, this is like my tortellini.
Hurry, Josh, hurry. Every moment counts.
Let's go. Focus.
2 1/2 minutes to go. Come on!
Go, Chris! Come on, guys.
(Gordon) Remember what's at stake.
Oh, wow, Christine... Christine, it looks delicious.
Thanks, guys.
How's Becky doing? She's kicking butt, man.
Come on, Josh.
I'm letting it fry till the last possible moment.
I don't know if I'm gonna make it.
Come on, 59 minutes gone, one minute to go!
Fry [Bleep]! Ugh!
Josh, you've got to plate.
Get 'em out, big man. Get 'em out.
[Cheers and applause]
(Gordon) Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one.
And stop! [Cheering]
(Gordon) Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one.
And stop! Well done! [Cheering]
[Cheers and applause]
Two of you...
Will be going on to the MasterChef finale.
For one of you,
you've just cooked for the very last time
inside the MasterChef kitchen.
We cannot wait to taste these amazing dishes.
Christine, let's go.
Yeah. All right, Christine!
[Cheers and applause]
[Chuckles] Fried chicken?
This [Bleep] better be amazing.
Right. What is it?
Um, I did, like, a Southern-style
buttermilk-battered fried chicken
with creamed kale.
Yeah, what can you do with a drum?
I mean, you can't bone it out, you can't stuff it.
It has to be fried, roasted.
Christine, to get you into the final,
this had better be a bloody good fried chicken,
let me tell you.
So the seasoning around the chicken is what?
Paprika, cayenne, thyme, and sage,
and blood orange.
Christine, it's delicious.
The seasoning is absolutely perfect.
Thank you.
It's got the heat in there. It's crispy.
It's moist inside, and it's cooked perfectly.
I love it. I was a bit nervous
about the blood orange aspect,
especially that sort of fragrant blood orange.
Thank you, chef.
What would I change?
A little less cream in then kale. Okay.
'Cause you've got the tomatoes and the onions,
and with that cream in there, it's almost over-masked.
But the fried chicken was delicious.
Thank you, chef.
Modern home comfort food.
I mean, only you could glamorize a drumstick.
Let me tell you. Thank you.
Christine, how you doing?
I'm nervous.
Smells good. You're making us jealous up here.
That's delicious.
Thank you. It's cooked perfectly.
Being able to use blood orange, buttermilk...
Trying to impart some acidity
that comes from the zest...
It really works with the spices that you chose.
Thank you.
I would say the only thing
that I would do to change the greens is
less of that creaminess.
The chicken is absolutely badass.
Good job. Thank you, chef.
[Cheers and applause]
As far as the fried chicken goes...
It's quite good. Thank you.
It's crunchy, it's moist on the inside.
The kale's cooked well.
They way you blanched it, and I saw you put it in ice.
It's got a perfect crunch to it.
It's got a nice consistency.
Um, but it's just too creamy.
Could you taste the ratio when you put it in your mouth
how much... how creamy that kale is?
Actually, I was pulling the kale out,
and when I was plating it,
I was trying to strain the cream out.
So you know there's too much cream in there?
Uh, well, now I know.
But you knew that when you plated it.
Mmm... So you didn't taste it?
So my fried chicken gets pretty rave reviews
from all three judges, so I'm really happy about that.
But my creamed kale, they say, is too creamy,
so I am worried that the creamed kale could send me home.
(Graham) All right, coming up next,
the person that had the second pick of the legs.
That is Josh. [Cheers and applause]
Come on, Josh!
Damn, this is a sexy plate.
This is the kind of dish that Becky should be
taking pictures of.
What did you make?
I made a leg of lamb carimanolas
with mango salsa, tomato salsa,
and a tomatillo salsa.
We're cooking to get into the finale.
You pick a leg of lamb, and then you bring me this.
This is the last recipe in the last page
in the last chapter of the lamb cookbook.
It's so risky.
Yuca, starchy... Difficult to work with.
Braising lamb in under an hour.
Why take all those risks?
I felt like I could do it.
I've never eaten anything quite like this.
It's crispy, without being doughy,
and your lamb is tender,
your sauces are pure.
They scream of their ingredients.
Once again, Josh, you've astounded me.
Because this is really quite delicious.
Thank you. Congratulations. Good job.
Thank you, chef. [Cheers and applause]
Kill it.
Straight off the bat, visually, I think it's beautiful.
Nice crunch on the outside.
They're nice, they're consistent,
and the sauces are rockin',
this is really, really good, Josh.
I'm proud of you for being able to put that up.
Good job. Thank you.
And the three sauces?
Salsa roja with tomatoes, red Chile peppers,
garlic, and curry.
Salsa Verde, tomatillo, poblano, jalapeno,
lime, and cilantro, and mango.
Have you been to Panama?
I have. Yes. You have?
I mean, growing up,
my dad used to take me down there.
He had a house, and he used to make me eat beets.
He used to knock coconuts down from the tree
and make me drink the water, and I hated it.
I was, like, a hot dog and chicken nuggets kinda kid.
Josh, it's delicious.
The three sauces are very clever.
Your father from Panama, right now,
would be incredibly proud. Great job.
Thank you. [Cheers and applause]
Yes. Good job, Josh.
[Chuckles] Damn.
(Joe) And finally...
Becky, step forward, please.
[Cheers and applause]
(Becky) Josh got a really great review, and Christine did okay,
so I'm hoping that mine's better than Christine's.
What did you make?
Garlic-butter fried frogs legs
with confit potatoes, mushrooms,
and a bitter green salad.
I really, really, really want to be in the final two,
and I think I deserve it, and I know that I...
I could create some amazing food in this finale.
And I just want that opportunity so bad.
Had you had the choice, would you have picked frogs' legs?
Um, the frog is... Is good.
It's good. It has nice color,
it's cooked through, it's still moist on the inside,
which is really very easy to overcook these.
The shallots are caramelized perfectly,
the mushrooms are crunchy and good.
Your salad is interesting.
But these potatoes look pretty soggy and greasy.
I deglazed them and let them cook in the oven with wine.
Wine with potatoes?
Well, I thought that it would, like,
kind of add a richness to them.
Something you invented? Um...
Because they're definitely soggy.
It's a tough call
to present a dish worthy of a place in the final
having never cooked it before.
No one can underestimate the pressure involved there,
and you... Yeah, you nailed it.
Visually, it's got that impact.
Love the seasoning.
It's got the perfect amount of acidity.
Yeah, I mean, I love it. Tasty.
But the potatoes, slightly too soggy.
When I taste your frog legs,
it doesn't strike me that you've never cooked them before.
And more importantly, you didn't let
these legs get the better of you, let me tell you.
Good job. Really good job. Thank you.
[Cheers and applause]
The frog legs are good. I like the texture.
You didn't overcook it.
The potato... Doing them too early
and leaving them in that pan, I mean,
literally, if you squeeze and just see...
It's like a sponge. It's, like, really
just kinda greasy and buttery.
With what you were given,
you made something that was rustic and homey.
Good job. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. All right, Becky!
(Gordon) It's a tough call.
Those frog legs were good. They really were.
I mean, the sear... (Joe) She should have done more.
We needed more from that dish.
I mean, if you dissect it, it's like potatoes
with a little bit of salad.
(Joe) The big surprise for me was Josh's dish.
The sauces were delicious. It was really good.
The only thing I didn't like was the lamb...
Could have been a touch more. It should have been shredded.
(Graham) The fried chicken was great.
(Gordon) Do you think that Christine should have played
to her strengths... Vietnamese, or...
(Graham) I like that she went down South.
(Joe) Very simple dish that I surprisingly liked
more than I thought i would have.
Mm-hmm. The chicken... The breading was exquisite.
It was spiced and it was crunchy.
It was really, really good.
(Graham) The kale was too creamy. Too creamy.
It didn't work for me, that last... that didn't work.
We have to judge this challenge
on those dishes alone. (Graham) Yeah.
(Gordon) Christine, Josh, and Becky,
three incredible dishes that have just made
for some very heated discussion.
Well done. All: Thank you.
The first person through to the MasterChef final...
[Cheers and applause]
Good job, Josh.
Me going to the final validates everything
that I came to this competition to do.
I put my whole life on hold to be here,
and I've gotta win.
There's nothing and nobody that can stop me.
Vibrant, delicious, authentic.
You left this competition on a frikkin' boiled egg,
but you won your apron back.
And look at you!
Wow. Wow. Wow.
How do you feel?
It's like a dream come true.
You deserve your place in the final.
Well done. (Joe) Good job.
Good job. Thank you, chef.
It's me and Christine standing here,
and I'm just scared... I'm really, really scared.
Two gifted individuals.
(Christine) Definitely a nervous feeling.
I can hear Becky next to me breathing and sighing.
And I'm sort of the same way. My heart's racing.
Whatever happens from now on in,
you both should feel incredibly proud.
But only one can join Josh in the grand finale.
The person joining Josh...
In the MasterChef finale...
With the potential to publish
your very own cookbook...
The $1/4 million
and the right to call yourself MasterChef...
That person is...
Congratulations, Christine!
Shut the [Bleep] up.
[Cheers and applause]
Oh, Becky.
(Christine) It's really surreal.
I just can't believe I've made it this far.
I've definitely surprised myself
just coming here and being able to kick butt.
Good job, Christine!
Good job, girl.
I'm just completely, completely floored
and, uh, devastated.
Becky, honestly, your frog legs were delicious.
But the plate was somewhat lacking.
Unfortunately, the potatoes got the better of you.
Too soggy and greasy.
What happens next, Becky?
Go home and try to find a restaurant
that I can kind of go sneak in
and hopefully work at for a little while.
I've got a few restaurants.
Trust me, each and every one of those doors are open,
whether it's the center of Europe, Paris, New York,
i don't care.
The door is open.
Anytime you wish.
You have a gift, and you should be in the food industry.
Thank you so much.
Come here, you. Well done.
Thank you.
Come on.
I truly felt like this was my path,
but top three is pretty good.
[Cheers and applause]
All right. Okay.
(Becky) This has definitely been a life-changing experience.
I could serve this as an appetizer
in a restaurant. Thank you, chef.
(Becky) The confidence that was instilled in me...
Oh, my God!
Is priceless. Congratulations, Becky!
This is a confirmation that even though
I am a home cook...
It's restaurant quality.
Thank you.
I have what it takes to be a chef.
See you, guys.
(Becky) I will get back up and I will always keep going
because that's all I know how to do.
(Gordon) Christine and Josh,
our MasterChef finalists... Well done!
[Cheers and applause]
It's an amazing feeling.
I have a lot of strength in me.
No matter what knocks me down in life,
I've overcome it, and Josh is just another hurdle
that's in my way, so I'm gonna go all the way
and win that thing.
Now, you've got one hand on that amazing trophy.
Christine has a hard freakin' battle in front of her.
I feel like I'm a better cook
than I ever even thought I could be.
The MasterChef finale is gonna be the biggest day
in your entire lives.
Good luck and good night. Thank you.
[Cheers and applause] Go, Christine!
(Announcer) Next Monday on MasterChef...
(Gordon) The winner of MasterChef is...
(Announcer) It's the Grand Finale.
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