A Rainbow Over My Homeland

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Tales of Zatoichi
I'm sorry, Brother.
You took good care of us, even though we're not related by blood.
Please forgive me.
Don't worry, Soukichi.
I'm the only one that knows about this.
People soon forget. In 3 years, things will be back to normal.
Come back in 3 years for the Ananuke festival.
Watch out.
That was close.
-Thank you so much. -Be careful.
This is one steep hill.
Hey, watch out.
I'm Heizo from the Onigon family. I'm here to avenge my boss!
A Rainbow Over My Homeland
Hey, kid. Catch any fish?
No, haven't caught any.
Let me try it.
Here's the rod.
Okay. Thanks.
Here we go.
Ow, ouch, ouch. Hey...
I'm really sorry.
I caught a big one.
When you're slicing raw fish, the way you cut it can determine the taste.
Isn't it cruel to cut them up when they're still alive?
It's not like I'm cutting people up.
A fish can rest in peace when it has a home in a person's belly.
Are you a chef?
I've never eaten raw fish this good.
Mister, you got good skills.
Not as good as you, though.
Is there a good place to eat in ltabana?
Try Fukube.
The chef at that place is unbelievable.
You can't even eat anything that good in Edo.
Are you heading to ltabana?
I heard there's a festival tomorrow that takes place every 3 years.
I see.
That's why I came.
They say if you pass through the hole at the festival, you can be reborn.
But is that true?
Yeah, it's true.
Then if I pass through the hole, maybe I'll be able to see.
What about you?
No, listen, I go to Fukube often, but they're not that good.
They charge you a lot too.
You're just not good with the ladies.
You know, I don't really like Fukube, either.
Fukube is too expensive and the women are ugly.
That's not true.
You're happy with just about any woman.
Hey guys.
I'm about to head over to Fukube right now.
So they don't have any good looking women?
Tell me something. Hey, drink up.
If I'm paying good money for it, I should be able to have a good time.
So what do you think? Should I go to Fukube or not?
I can't recommend it.
I see, what about you?
-No, I think it's pretty good. -I see.
Hey, what about you?
What? I don't think you should go.
Fukube is that bad, huh?
Well, thanks for telling me. Here, let's drink some more.
Hey, you idiots!
Did you know that the Yamagoro family is running Fukube?
Say something!
You bunch of bastards! Bastards!
What's your problem?
Listen up.
Fukube is cheap and they got lots of good looking women.
Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.
Which way is the toilet?
Is it this way...
Wait. Just wait a minute.
Sorry for asking, but are you Zatoichi?
Where will you be staying?
Well, it's not like I'll be staying there, but...
I want to head over to a restaurant called Fukube.
Fukube is like our house. We'll take you there.
-Hey, you boys, lead the way! -Yes.
Right this way.
Excuse me!
Young master.
Young master, Young master!
-Otakichi, who is he? -Yes.
Well he's a very important guest. I'll tell you more about him later.
Do you think he can stay here for the night?
Come on in.
Hey, what are you doing to our important guest?
Excuse me, but I'll go get the boss. Please, stay here and relax.
-Hey, lead him into the parlor. -Yes.
Thank you so much.
Father, your meal.
Father, your meal.
I'm not really hungry.
But you should eat.
Eat it, okay?
I'll go take a look.
Anyone out there?
You're waiting for Soukichi, aren't you?
That idiot's not coming back.
Why would he come back?
I don't want to see him. He's an ungrateful child.
I won't let him into my house.
To tell you the truth...
The truth is...
Soukichi didn't kill Chidoriya.
I didn't want to say this until today since I thought his efforts would be wasted.
The person who killed Chidoriya was Seiji.
How do you know?
I saw them.
I saw them arguing in front of mother's grave.
Please understand me, Brother.
I didn't kill Chidoriya for my own interests.
That guy was drunk and said all these nasty things about our family.
He said he'd surpass our long- established Fukube...
...and put us out of business.
That's why I killed him.
Even if I'm gone, you can be in charge of Fukube, can't you?
I'll take the blame for this killing and go on a journey.
We have no choice but to leave the rest to boss lwagoro.
We can't do that.
We don't have any time to argue.
Think about Oshizu.
I want you to take good care of father and Oshizu.
Got it?
I'm sorry, Brother.
We're not even related by blood but...
Please forgive me!
Soukichi was like that ever since he was a child.
You know what? I'm not here for entertainment.
I came here to eat.
Can you people leave?
Stop messing around.
Hey, thanks for coming, lchi.
I don't know who you are, but I want you all to leave.
I came here to eat.
I see, anyway, thanks for coming to my restaurant.
Then, are you Nihei of Fukube?
No, I'm not him. I'm lwagoro of ltabana.
Iwagoro of ltabana?
I don't know who you think you are, but it's not nice...
...to greet people for the first time by patting them on their shoulder.
Sorry about that.
I tell you what. I'll pay for your meal tonight.
I told you not to pat my shoulder.
I see, then what about here? Can I pat you here?
Wait just a minute.
Whether I stay or leave...
...Iet me do what I feel like.
I was humiliated!
I'm really sorry.
If you let him leave this place, I'll be a laughingstock all over.
You bastard!
Excuse me...
You must be the young master.
Nice to meet you. I came here since I'd heard that Fukube's food was good.
But you don't know how to treat your customers.
Wait a minute, lchi.
Just wait a minute.
I'm really sorry. I don't want to lose face for what happened tonight.
Excuse me, but what does your face look like?
What? Well...
You're very slow to catch on.
If you really need to get in touch with me...
I'll be around here making some money.
So I'll come when you need a massage.
Hey, Chef...
What is it?
What's wrong with that Fukube place?
Are you telling me that the food there is better than in Edo?
They were so rude.
You gotta be kidding me. You have no taste in food.
I honestly didn't know it became that bad.
That place called Fukube used to be my house.
Your house?
Will you listen to what I have to say?
Well, I have ears, so I'll listen.
I'm not easily moved to tears, but...
I've never heard a sad story like this...
I left on a journey thinking...
...if only I became unhappy, then other people who stay would be happy.
But look what happened.
I came back after 3 years...
...both my father and sister hardly have anything to eat.
Why did it turn out like that?
To tell you the truth, Nihei is my father.
But to me, he was more like a master who taught me how to cook.
I also have a half brother and a half sister.
I see.
My younger sister Oshizu...
She was once beautiful.
But because she's so poor...
...she's no different than a farmer's daughter.
She once wore this yellow silk kimono during a festival.
I wish you could've seen her then.
Damn it.
My young brother Seiji is not so bright.
I took the blame for his crime and left on a journey for 3 years.
And now look what happened.
I see.
So let me get this right.
The sad story you're talking about is that...
...since you became unhappy...
...you feel the others around you have to be happy?
Isn't that how life works?
That's just not right.
You become unhappy, so the others have to be happy.
Is that what you promised when you left?
I didn't promise anything.
Then you're just being selfish.
Am I right?
What are you saying? You'll never understand.
But just because you became unhappy...
...doesn't mean that others around you will be happy.
Life just doesn't work that way.
You said it's a sad story but...
...this is some funny story.
You're laughing, huh?
I just wanna be alone. Why don't you just disappear?
Get the hell outta here!
You're telling me to scram?
I shouldn't have talked to you.
I'm surprised.
First you tell me to listen, and now you're telling me to go away.
You're very selfish.
Get outta here.
I've heard the name Zatoichi from time to time, but it was my first time...
...seeing him in person.
He had such a dignified look since he's constantly fighting.
When he stares at me with his white eyes...
...I get chills all the way to my crotch.
Anyway, if I say that Zatoichi came by my place...
...my companions would be proud of me.
Hey, are you sure he said he'll come?
By the way, this is a different matter, but...
If nothing has happened on his road, Soukichi should be back tomorrow.
Ever since the day he left, I've been preparing for his return, you bastard.
We're keeping Seiji alive?
Even if we don't kill him, Soukichi will do it for us.
Things have changed so much after he left.
I'm sure even Buddha would love to kill Seiji as well.
I see.
Whoever survives will get executed in prison. They'll both disappear in the end.
Killing Chidoriya was just a stepping stone, got that, bastard!
In order to take things from others without getting your hands dirty...
...you sometimes gotta plan things 1 0 years ahead.
It's lchi.
Thanks for coming, lchi.
Come on in.
Thanks for coming, lchi.
I'm really sorry for what I said before.
I didn't know you were the boss around here. Please forgive me.
Don't worry about it. Come on and have a drink. Come on.
Bless us. Bless us all.
Bless us. Bless us all.
Okay, go through the hole.
Please form a line here!
All right, I'm going first.
No women, no women.
Don't push, stand in a single line.
Please, I wish I can be reborn... please, I beg you...
I'm only asking for a small favor.
I just want to see the world for a little bit. I'm begging you.
Explain it to me in a way I can understand.
I'm shocked and speechless.
Just what the hell happened?
It's no big deal.
What did you say?
The restaurant went out of business and you're saying it's no big deal?
You're jumping to the wrong conclusion, Brother.
I'm saying the reason the restaurant went out of business is not a big deal.
So explain that reason.
I gambled and lost.
You gambled?
That's right!
After you left, father got ill.
With my cooking, customers won't come. That's why I turned to gambling.
Then the restaurant belongs to boss lwagoro?
That's right!
How are father and Oshizu?
I'm taking care of them!
I better get going.
We'll talk some other time.
Soukichi and Seiji met near the shrine, but they didn't try to kill each other.
Tell Seiji to come to my place immediately.
Where's lchi?
Well, the thing is...
He's been going through the hole many times saying he can't see.
He just won't give up.
If the hole could cure blindness, we wouldn't need doctors.
What an idiot.
You wrote quite a lot.
That's a...
...promissory note of the restaurant I wrote...
...in order to get money from your father.
Throw it out, burn it, do whatever you like.
But do you remember our deadline?
It's today.
If you don't pay your dues, you know what you have to give me, don't you?
I have to give you Oshizu, right?
To you, it might seem like giving away a kitten.
But I hear Soukichi came back. He won't let that happen.
-Boss, Oshizu is my sister. -I see.
Then I don't have to deal with Soukichi.
You'll take care of him, right?
Well, if you can take care of my brother, it'll save me some trouble.
It seems like you don't know what's most important in the yakuza business!
Listen up!
No matter what happens, you have to stick to your principles.
Depending on how things go with Oshizu, I might make you my successor.
Don't you forget that.
I understand, I'll take care of my brother.
You know...
If Soukichi is gone, you won't have to worry about killing Chidoriya.
It's not like I'll just watch and do nothing.
I'll back you up, so do a good job.
-Oshizu. -Yes?
The festival happens once every 3 years.
You should take a break and go.
Don't worry, Father.
I'm no longer a child that enjoys festivals.
Don't do me any favors.
What the hell is Soukichi doing?
What's taking him so long to come back?
Brother came back.
He wants to see you.
You're lying.
What's the point of lying to you?
Should I tell him that you don't want to see him?
Father, Soukichi came back.
I'll go get him for you.
Since we're not related to him by blood, you can't hold your head up high, right?
Not really.
I guess men and women think differently.
You're just making things worse by yourself.
It's not fair to associate your problems with how you were raised.
It's me.
I don't know any Soukichi.
Don't say that.
I want you to be like you were in the past and hit me in the face real hard!
When did you become so timid?
Of course I'll hit you.
Just like old times.
I'm sorry for leaving without saying a word.
Hey, where's Oshizu?
She said she was going to see you and left with Seiji.
You're gonna give your body away anyway. Might as well give it to the boss!
Brother, wait!
Why are you resisting?
I'm trying to give you lots of fun.
Hey, Oshizu.
Don't worry about it, Oshizu.
You must be Oshizu.
Grab onto my back tightly.
Hey, kill him!
Come here.
What's wrong? Are you afraid to see your mother?
I'm not a kid, you know.
You asshole!
You cried in front of your mother's grave 3 years ago.
Were those crocodile tears?
You can't go through life by being a good-hearted person.
It hurts!
Don't act like you're my brother! We're complete strangers!
We're not related by blood!
If you kill me now, nobody's gonna be your scapegoat.
Stop! Stop it!
Watch out!
Stop it, Oshizu!
Let go.
Let him be alone with his mother.
It's a fresh new start for us three beginning tomorrow.
I'm sure Fukube will be busy like before.
To Be Continued...
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