GGC Office of Disability Services

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Welcome to the Disability Services office at Georgia Gwinnett College. We
are centrally located in building A,
directly behind the information and security desk
next to the testing center in suite A-1030
I'm Jennifer Arrocena, The Director of Disability Services
The office of Disability Services on a college campus provides support for students with
disabilities and guidance to faculty and staff regarding disability-related
issues. Our main function is to provide reasonable accommodations to students
with documented disabilities
the mission and purpose of the Disability Services office at Georgia
Gwinnett College
is to ensure equal access to all educational opportunities
to promote an inclusive college community
and to help provide a supportive environment for students with
Hello, My name is Shavon Ferrell and I'm the Coordinator of the Office of disability services as here at
Georgia Gwinnett College
If a student is seeking services on the college campus
he or she must self identify to the office of Disability Services
also he or she must
follow the procedures established on that campus for requesting services
At GGC, services are provided on an individual basis
Number 1
You must self-identify to the disability services office
which means you must call email or come by and make an appointment to meet with
a staff member in disability services
Number 2 you must provide documentation of your disability
Number 3 a discussion will follow between you and a disability services
provider at Georgia Gwinnett college about possible services and
accommodations to be provided
Number 4 An intake will be completed with the
coordinator of Disability Services
where you will become aware of policies and procedures. A number of forms will be
explained to you mainly dealing with confidentiality
accommodations and test taking
Number five
Finally, an accommodation letter will be developed with the approved
accommodations on it
to be delivered by you, the student, to each of your instructors
We searve students with a variety of different types of disabilities
We assist people who have Attention Deficit Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder which includes students with Aspergers syndrome
students who are deaf or hard of hearing
students with learning disabilities ranging from dysgraphia to
auditory processing disorders,
students with medical disability such as Cancer or Kidney Disease
to Arthritis are Sickle Cell
people with mental health disorders including students with bipolar disorder
generalized anxiety disorders
depression and post tramatic strss disorder
We also serve students with mobility and visual impairment
accommodations are individualized based on the disability
how it affects you and the academic environment
some examples of accommodations provided at the college level include extended
time on tests
a reader for exams or use of the screen reader
a scribe or use of computer with spell check for exams
a note taker for classes and the use of assistive technology
we also provide books on e-text, sign language interpreters, c-print operators
and lab assistant
as needed and deemed appropriate by one's functional limitations stated
within your documentation.
Documentation requirements may differ slightly from college college
so please make sure to visit the office of disability services early to find out
what is needed
most colleges including Georgia Gwinnett college
requires a current psychological evaluation for students with Attention
Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury and Autism spectrum
Disorders documenting the functional limitations within the last three years
using adult assessments
for mental health and medical conditions, we have forms for the appropriate
physician to complete
Please visit our website at

we have assistive technology located around campus for student use. We have
screen-reading software available such as JAWS. We have MAGic which is a
screen magnification software and we have closed circuit televisions also
known as CCTV's which are used for enlargement of hardcopy materials
educational software that is a reading, writing and studying tool
We also offer INSPIRATION which is a software used for outlining planning and
organizing class papers
We have a limited supply of digital recorders
spell checkers, speaking dictionaries and smart pens for short term checkout. Now
that you have the general idea of what we do in the Office of Disability Services
let's do a couple of short activities
not everyone has a disability that can be seen so you may wonder why certain
people are allowed certain accommodations. Well, often is because
they don't see things, hear things, or process things the same as the general
So, let's take a look at how that might feel.
Please read the COLOR the word is written in
not the word itself
please do this out loud (pause)
so how'd you do?
your brain wants to read the actual word
so even when you want to do something one way
your brain may naturally want to do it a different way
how many F's can you find in this passage
F's as in Fred, Frank
or football (pause)
did anyone find three F's?
four F's? five F's?
Did anyone find more than five f's?
There are actually six F's in the passage. Many of us will not see the F's in the
word "of" because "of" is pronounced o-v not o-f-
our brain is not looking for v's it's looking for f's
that's how powerful our brain is.
I hope this gives you a good overview of the office of Disability Services at Georgia
Gwinnett College
Stop by and say hello or make an appointment for services in suite
A-1030. We look forward to assisting you. Welcome!