2NE1_TV_Season 2_E02-1_2NE1's filming new MVs

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It's 12 hours before the first TV show but we don't even have time to sleep.
Finally, tomorrow's the first show.
We're doing the first show tomorrow.
The show that will turn the world upside down!
I am excited. But I'm also worried.
I hope it all goes well.
Wait! I'm doing this.
At a hair salon before the show
One, two, three, four.
Strange, it doesn't feel real.
Because we practiced until early in the morning.
I fell down during the fighting scene (of the music video),
and also when we were racing,
when we were shooting the scene...
here, too.
Also because of the dance for Clap Your Hands,
we worked too hard.
The first TV show!
I can't wait any longer to get on the stage.
Can't wait.
Wow! There are so many people.
Waiting room at a music show
She looks a little nervous.
She's nervous?
Master Jae Wook
She's not that nervous.
I wanna eat ribs.
Why are you saying that now...?
We look really pretty because of the lighting
Not because of lighting, we ARE pretty.
You should put arms around each other's shoulders
and look excited,
but you're only busy finding your positions.
In the waiting room, my heart beat was
beating just like this
and now
it's like this.
It's dancing.
I don't usually get nervous, it's weird.
Let's be all excited today.
2NE1 Let's play!
Thank you very much.
We have to go to Gyeongju (right now).
Quick, quick.
Hurry up.
Minzy, bring that.
It's crazy.
This is normal.
Ah, the plane, plane.
Even after the first recorded show we're still busy today.
We were greeting you guys on the stage, but suddenly
brother 678 said we had to hurry or we'd miss the plane.
So we ran like crazy.
Anyway, "let's go" at the next stage in Gyeongju!
This is all so sudden... A little...
All of a sudden... after Los Angeles,
I haven't been to (the airport).
And I'm like this.
what's wrong with me.
Gyeongju Dream Concert rehearsal
2NE1's the best!
CL fell on the stage because of the rain
CL fell so hard on the stage.
We just keep going without any sleep,
and the stage's so slippery.
So I fell.
Where am I going?
I found out that CL is
at the hair salon getting ready.
So I'm gonna sneak in and cheer her up.
Oop! Gotta push the button... It's not going down.
I have to press it.
Have to get a cab.
It won't do without a cab.
Finally a taxi. An empty taxi.
Yes, Cheongdam intersection, please.
Let's go!
I'm here alone 'cause I have a shooting with Lamborghini.
These are fake nails I bought in Japan.
Aren't they cute?
Maybe a little scary?
Arrived! Run.
We've arrived, a little late.
Transformation complete.
CL is...
Why can't I make focus?
Hello. A CL fan, Dara going to cheer her up
Four ice Americanos
and a chicken sandwich to go, please.
I'm lonely.
No one cares about me.
I got a text message.
Now we just have to run.
We have to go in more carefully.
There! There she is, there.
There, green hair! Green hair, where did you go?
Green hair, is that her?
Tell her a fan brought it and give it to her, please.
Can you tape me for a while?
I wrote a message, too.
It's anonymous. I didn't write my name.
So don't tell her I gave it.
But it's your handwriting.
No, you can't tell, can you?
I can.
Oh, well...
So please do it for me.
Can you deliver it?
Thank you.
Someone brought this for you.
How did they know she likes sandwiches?
I guess fans know.
The handwriting is...
Where did she go? The president of CL's fan club.
Hello. Dara perfectly disguised as a customer
I made an appointment...
I have a date.
I made an appointment today...
So shall I have my hair up?
It's CL!
CL! I'm in the same hair salon as CL!
I'm in the same hair salon as CL!
I have to get her autograph.
Ms. CL. You look even prettier in real life.
Thank you.
Anyway, I came in a cab. Sung Eun drove me here.
Did you take a taxi?
I came alone.
Why did you do that?
You're gonna be driving for a long time. Then you should do this.
Doesn't it look like a middle-aged woman?
I'll try it, if I go.
When people drive they do this often.
It keeps coming up because it's comfortable.
That's a little like an old lady...
What is? This is cool...
Thank you.
CL shooting in a sports car
How do you hold the handle right?
Take the handle with your foot.
With a knee, with a knee, CL. Be cool.
Yes, with a knee. There are some people who do that.
Dara, look.
Does look funny?
That's funny.
Let's go!
PD, buy me a car.
CL, it's done.
It's over.
Thank you all for your hard work.
Actually, today was the easiest shooting
but also really hard,
because I had to sit in the same space for the whole time.
Even that gets difficult.
From the next day it'll be shooting in a set and maybe...
It'll be a bit harder but I'll try to have fun.
The next day, 2NE1 practice room
This is Park Bom mic. Please sing.
Can't nobody. Not like this.
No, not that, not that.
I'm trying to do what you taught me.
- I warmed up to do that. - One, two, three, four.
Be exact.
You have to get that right then. And that has to go on.
We'll go as far as it goes. Tonight will be long, too.
What if we do it like this?
- Can you please wear it? - OK.
I like it because
my head looks small because of this.
That's really funny.
Just hurry up and do it.
I don't think it works. Try something else...
For instance you need to get the same feeling as this.
YG design center
The concept of lyrics, this time, is post cards.
This is our regular album so we can include "Thanks To"...
2NE1 participating in their first regular album jacket
The lyrics will be printed in our handwritings.
I've never done it before.
I have to do it well.
I can't get my unique handwriting out.
This is not it.
Park Bom got a corn again
This is butter-roasted!
This is refreshing.
Eating, and this is great
the corns,
this lady in front of my house sells them.
And she has delicious ingredients.
When I went to get it.
they were sold out.
So I couldn't eat it.
These days I'm into eating corns again. Oh, no.
What should I do?
I even eat corn-flavored ice cream.
This is serious.
I have to do this, and I have to do that.
I’m so distracted. I should work hard.
From long time ago
becoming a singer was my dream, so when I became one
I was going to write all the people that I'm grateful to.
But now that it's time to do it,
I'm so busy practicing, and I have to do it suddenly,
I should have done it before hand.
It was a bit like my dream to write "Thanks To."
So I achieved another dream of mine.
I can't write it.
You can't feel it by just saying it.
I should just stamp how I feel...
And I actually don't have friends.
The lyrics...
Are you going? Bad Minzy.
I'm going to think more about "Thanks To"
and finish it by tomorrow,
because I have to do it more carefully.
It's my first "Thanks To."
Anyway, thanks for your hard work today.
Good night! Go, go, go!
Can't nobody Music Video set
What was your grade in art class.
I had a good imagination so I did pretty well.
How am I gonna walk around like this?
We're going to ride a UFO.
Going to the space.
You have to synch like that.
Teddy taking up the camera
Can you greet me one by one?
That's so fake.
We always greet like this.
Park Bom! Come here quickly.
- Teddy-ism. - What's that...?
I registered in the church of Teddy.
What is this for?
Just for fun.
What's that?
Cute gestures.
How did it go today?
I worked hard.
I worked hard.
Not that, but did it go well?
Yesterday was... Last night my face was...
Why are you so conscious of the camera?
Do it naturally.
How did you know?
It's not the way you speak normally.
I see.
Ah, I'm embarrassed. I'm gonna run away.
Yang Jong Cheol style.
Show us Yang Jong Cheol just once, Jae Wook.
The real Yang Jong Cheol.
Ah, it's embarrassing.
Thought my arms would fall off doing this.
- Really? - Yeah.
It's over.
How did it go?
I don't know.
They were saying you did well today.
That's a lie! That's a lie!
I heard you did well today.
I can't think of anything to do.
Seo Hyun Seoung, the director of the music video
Where are all the (members)?
They're hiding there!
They're caught.
Teddy caught!
Dara bursts out crying unable to do as intended
I fell asleep today.
After the camera started rolling were you suddenly frustrated?
Rather, a little bit of ... fear.
- Fear? - Yes.
- They didn't tell you what to do. - Without choreography...
So I felt maybe it didn't come out right because of me.
Dara, what's wrong? Did you cry?
Why did you cry again?
What's going on? What happened to Dara?
Why did she cry?
Why, was she not satisfied with herself?
Well, she has her standard.
I feel there are somethings I just can't do well,
so I get very worried about shooting
music video on the set.
Things like acting and stuff, it's all OK...
Do you know how I did it?
At the part "Can't no~"
I didn't practice, but they told me to do it,
so I just kept doing this.
Free performance...
Yeah, that one. Doing free, yesterday.
I wanted to cry yesterday.
Dara, don't cry. Do well.
Why do you cry like a silly.
You should cry, you.
No, sir.
Bom comforting Dara
Dara is now, in order to grow bigger,
is in the process of breaking out of the egg.
Isn't that right, Dara?
Messing up everything...
No, if you're not with us, what are we going to do?
Then we're... we're...
Oh my, why are you...
Our faces are monsters.
Is that a criticism or a compliment...?
Black 2NE1.
What is that?
I mean, and you're good posing.
You can finish it all with just one glance of your eyes.
Do I have to spell it out for you?
She wants to hear it.
You have a lot of things that I don't have,
and I have to spell it out for you.
She wants it. She wants to hear it.
Do you want me to be a loser?
No, then all four of us will be together
and be 2NE1, right?
That's right.
Therefore we should be together.
Ah, my nose is running.
Stop making a fool of yourself, come on.
It's gangster Dara!
Well, that's a little...
There's a time you hit a slump.
Then I just sing thinking like this.
I lost in the battle with myself today.
No, you won. You broke out of the egg.
You just broke it.
But I lost just a while ago.
That's OK.
It's done.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Finally, the CD is...
Has the CD come?
It's out.
No, not the one for publicity but the real CD.
For publicity.
OK, the song...
We enjoy something like this.