The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 1

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 17, 2012


FELICIA DAY: Hey, Everybody.
Felicia Day here.
I am playing Codex for our sixth season.
It is so weird to be back in this room.
This is Codex's bedroom.
Ironically, the one set that is actually not at my house.
Anyway, so you'll see me actually
cheat things like this.
Like, the computer's never on when we're actually filming.
This is my old mic that I actually played WoW on for
five years.
The actual mic.
It smells like fear.
I don't know what--
no, it doesn't.
True story.
This is when we visited Blizzard during season, I
think two or three, they invited us down for a tour,
and this was a picture of as ourselves visiting Blizzard.
But then they Photoshopped Vork in a suit because, like,
we can't have a picture of The Guild with Vork out of his
suit, because that doesn't exist.
There you go.
That is the set.
So we're going to be here for a while.
So if you will notice, this is a garage.
And this garage is not really Bladezz' garage.
I actually renovated my whole garage.
I saved up for years and years, and I renovated it into
an office slash studio.
That's where I shoot the vlog entries.
And we had to cheat this garage from my garage.
It's great, because a garage can look whatever, like
whatever, right?
So we could have whatever in the background, and it's
totally fine.
Hopefully people will not comment, hey, that doesn't
look like Bladezz' garage.
Well, no it isn't.
Because this is a web series, and we don't
actually have sets.
We are kind of "jhetto."
KIM EVERY: Well, somebody--
Sophia and I knew that this was broken.
But somebody else didn't so they put it sideways in their
refrigerator, and it just decided to leak everywhere.

So we're cleaning this out.
This is the life of a web series producer.
Sometimes you've got to clean the milk out
of the produce bin.
That's just how it is.

MALE SPEAKER: Who are you?
What are you doing here?
My name's Chris Preksta, the director of
season six of The Guild.
So Felicia and Kim emailed me just a couple weeks ago,
actually, saying that they needed a director for this
season of The Guild.
So I was happy to oblige.
I've been friends with Felicia and Kim for a while now, so I
was glad to come out and film.
Because I'm originally from Pittsburgh, so it's like,
cross country for this.
This is where we shot our first scene.
This is Bladezz' garage.
So we had Bladezz kind of over here in his Cheesybeard's
pirate gear for the first scene.
Felicia and Kim have built such an amazing team of
people, so it's so seamless to kind of step in.
And Sean Becker, who directed many of the previous, the last
couple seasons has done such a great job.
So it's kind of stepping into to an easy role, you know?
Or not easy role, but it's not a difficult
place to step into.
It's not a difficult environment, or a difficult
job to step into.
Second sequence we've been shooting is Codex's webcam and
her vlog stuff, which is like, the iconic
shots from The Guild.
You know, when you think of The Guild, you think of Codex
sitting here at her computer.
So we've been doing a lot of that today.
I also, since I'm from out of town, I actually spent a
couple nights.
I actually had to sleep in this room.
This is actually just an actual guest room.
So I can boast and say I slept in Codex's
bed with Fluffy Panda.
It's actually really tiny.
Like, on screen it looks larger than it actually is.
It's really tiny.
Like, look at this desk.
This is nothing.
This is like, practically an end table.
So it's a very tiny room.
Unfortunately, we did not get all the shots that we wanted
to in here, but just so we don't delay ourselves even
further, we're going to swap over and get a
lot of Clara's house.
So I'm excited, because Clara's one of my favorite
But don't tell the other characters that.