Purple Cloud Qigong: from Wudang to Australia

Uploaded by DanShteFan on 18.04.2009

Wudang Mountain, China: the place of origin of Tai Chi
Here nested in the mountain is the Purple Cloud Temple
And far away, Australia: the land of the red earth
The purple cloud travels high in the sky from Wudang to Australia
1. As you raise your eyes and see the cloud in the sky
2. You open the heart to embrace the rising moon
3. You raise your consciousness
and embrace the setting sun
4. Man circles the Earth
5. Coming back to embrace the moon
6. And again embraces the sun
7. The lotus flower grows and blossoms in spring
8. The Green Dragon opens the heavenly gates
9. As rain falls to the earth,
the dragon swims in the heavenly, spiralling, Yin&Yang waterfall
10. The dragon returns to the shore
and washes its tail
11. You embrace the moon
and nourish elixir
12. You turn left and right to open the palace gates
13. As the sun sets, you embrace the Universe
14. and nourish the elixir
15. Standing tall like the tree,
you commune with the Five Elements:
Water, Metal, Earth, Wood and Fire
and you watch as the purple cloud
returns to Wudang on the wing of thought