#8 Fadiga the Legend - Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

Uploaded by streetsoccertour on 31.05.2010

[heavy, techno beats, upbeat]
Dju Dju: Fadiga is gonna play with Edgar on the Street Legends.
Edgar: Our next game, Fadiga is going to play.
♪ [music playing]
Local Opponent: Yes! I'm ready.
♪ [heavy strings and beats music]
[cheers, applause]
Rocky: Alright, we one ball down,
and time is running out,
so we gotta step our game up,
because we, we can't lose, we can't lose.
♪ [fast-paced rock beat music]
Rocky: Let's get it on.
[engine growling, tires crunching in the dust]
[fast-paced rock beat]
Children: Yea-ee-yeah!
[cheers, "Yeah!" "Whoo-oo!" , applause]
Rocky: One - one, Fadiga just scored for Davids
[heavier, faster rock beats]
[excited cheering]
[heavier, faster rock beats]
[whistle, whistle, whistle]
Rocky: Vaantje just scored the winning goal,
it was like ten seconds ago,
and he just scored, everybody was going wild,
we won again! Yes.
Vaantje: I won, we won again, I scored!
The winning one, it's good,
it's a nice feeling.
Dgar: It was a... very hectic day.
Lot of love, lot of passion.
I feel blessed.
Blessed that people come out and watch us play and having fun.